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In Topic: Calder finalists

03 May 2016 - 04:13 PM

Gostisbehere is Larkin in reverse, but his quality play came in the 2ND half and was top of mind... That Eichel wasn't nominated is borderline insanity.


Wouldn't label is as insanity just due to the fact that this was an amazing class of rookies. Any of the top 5 could have potentially won or been nominated in years past. 


What Gostisbehere did as a defenceman is the reason he was a finalist. He isn't a complete liability in his own end either, although he has made a few rookie mistakes. 10th in the NHL for Dmen for PPG is a pretty decent stat for a rookie. Developing a steady NHL defenceman is one of the hardest things to do in sports.

In Topic: Calder finalists

03 May 2016 - 03:44 PM

Panarin (should win too), Gostisbehere, Eichel


Over course of season there's no guarantee that a player will maintain his PPG ratio. McDavid had a nice 3 month rest the way I see it. I know I'm being picky but so much could be argued against his case. A  45 game sample for rookie of the year is just too small when comparing to others who played 80+ games. 80 games is an insane grind for a rookie and 45 games is much, much easier to shine in. 


Larkin had 30 points in 43 games but ended up at 45 point in 80 games played. See how dramatically his PPG changed? 



Anyway, I'm pretty sure Panarin will win it. But I really won't be surprised if McDavid got it. Cuz it's McJesus. 


I can respect the idea about thriving halfway through a season, while others tend to be injured/wear down. 


I really don't think Mcdavid would have dropped dramatically like Larkin did but yeah thats something we can never really determine. 


I'd still think the most likely winner is Panarin followed by Gostisbehere and then Mcdavid. I really don't see the NHL giving the award to Mcd, that would actually be flat out ridiculous. He deserves a nomination but not the actual trophy.


If I had it my way I would vote for Gostisbehere, its so much harder to produce as a Defenceman, let alone a rookie one.

In Topic: Calder finalists

03 May 2016 - 03:08 PM

Neuther should have nominated imo


Curious to know who the third candidate should have been and I'm open to your opinion, who were your three nominations?


I think Mcdavid at PPG for half a season is worthy of a nomination. In a full season he probably would have still had 80 points which is awesome for a rookie in this NHL especially on the Oilers. Sucks that he only played 45 games but he still deserves a nomination.


Gostisbehere is probably the reason PHI made it to the playoffs. A rookie dman getting 47 points in 64 games is unheard of now. He is easily my pick.


Panarin is probably the most controversial pick because of his age, but we were all lobbying for Nyquist in his rookie year when he was 25. You still can't deny the factor that Panarin was, because Kane was not the best offensive player in the NHL last year but is now. He still got 77 points in 80 games as a rookie. If Larkin kept up with him he probably would have won it but he was a literal ghost in the second half of the season.


In summary, I think the 3 nominations are all justified for theyre own unique reasons. I really don't see a 4th option personally. Eichel could be argued but these 3 guys were by far the most noticable players and had the greatest impact one the ice when they were playing.

In Topic: Calder finalists

03 May 2016 - 02:54 PM

People are actually upset that Mcdavid was a finalist instead of Larkin?


Mcdavid has just as many points in half the amount of games....


edit: Mcdavid had more points in half the amount of games

In Topic: Alexander Radulov: Wings on short-list of desired teams

03 May 2016 - 01:12 PM

Putting aside whether he's worth it or not, has anyone thought about why the Wings are on of the teams on his short list? I think It's awesome, but with all the negativity I hear people say about players not wanting to come here it makes me wonder. I assume It's not the opportunity to play with Datsyuk, seeing as how he's leaving.


He clearly hasn't seen the Red Wings play since he took off from the NHL.


Probably still thinks we're good...jokes on him!!!