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In Topic: Dreger: Ryan Johanson is in play

Yesterday, 08:12 AM

And Kindl


If we're giving up Howard + Kindl, throw in Callahan and Smith for Malkin/Toews three way trade where we get both. Maybe throw in a 2019 7th to sweeten the deal

In Topic: Dreger: Ryan Johanson is in play

Yesterday, 12:59 AM

Apparently he has been recently diagnosed with a disease where he gets fatigued very quickly. This happened early on this season shortly after Tortorella called him out of shape. 


I have to feel like this is a factor for Columbus looking to move him, would make sense.

In Topic: Ferraro on waivers

22 November 2015 - 11:15 PM

Yah, if you dont like someone else's opinion, then it's trolling. I get your game. Instead of debating with facts and reason, just use insults and call people trolls. Real fun.

Ferraro had value. We let him go for nothing. That's not good player management.


Who would you compare Ferarro to in order to equate his value?

In Topic: Ferraro on waivers

22 November 2015 - 10:14 PM

We have trouble landing spots for prospects on our club in any role, that includes all of the top 12. Callahan, Mantha, Athanasiou, Callahan, and Jurco could all play in the NHL. Same with our D we have 3 guys ready to go but we have no need for more bottom pairing Dmen. Only type of player I can see jumping right on right away is a legit top 4 prospect on D.


What's to think that other NHL teams don't have this problem as well? Would they rather give a home-grown player a shot or make a trade for someone like Ferarro? The only way these guys are going to move around is waiver claims and free agent signings.


Imagine we traded for someone like Tangradi last year? I mean, he was drafted 42nd overall in 2007...

In Topic: Ferraro on waivers

22 November 2015 - 08:23 PM

You have a reading and comprehension issue. Probably too fixated on searching for trolls. I was pointing out that Holland shouldnt be giving away our prospects for free. Trade them for ANYTHING. A 32nd overall pick is close to a 1st round draft choice. We just gave up an NHL calibur player for no reason. That's bad management. We could have placed 2 other players on waivers that wouldnt have been claimed (Andersson and Miller), and we could have received future considerations in a trade for Ferraro. Instead, Holland did NOTHING and let him go to Boston for free. Stupid.


Just because he was drafted high doesn't make him an NHL caliber player. If his last name wasn't Ferarro and he was still eligible, he'd be in the minors for a long time. 


Noone wouldve traded for Ferarro, but what does Boston have to lose by taking him for free when they need to replace Chris Kelly


Players get lost on waivers all the time, its a numbers game. Some players fit where others don't. See your boy, Miller. TB was horrible when we picked him up.