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In Topic: 10/29 GDT - Red Wings 4 @ Capitals 2

Yesterday, 09:48 PM

Apparently Nestrasil's role is to be the struggling, nearly invisible rookie. He does play that role quite well.


So far this year, Franzen has been good defensively, energetic, more physical. You are are going to bee alone in your opinion here, LeftWinger


I'll give Nestrasil the props I can give him....


He's not slow.


He's not small.


He doesn't make really stupid mistakes.


.. but it doesn't look, at this point, like he brings ANYTHING else to the table.  So, I guess I'd rather have him in than a slower/smaller guy that also does nothing or a guy that makes really stupid mistakes.  But, play him instead of a guy that has scored .77 points per game over the last 6+ seasons?  Hell no.  Franzen definitely disappears at times, but he reappears.  Nestrasil hasn't even really ever appeared for the first time, let alone reappeared from his current state of invisibility.

In Topic: 10/29 GDT - Red Wings 4 @ Capitals 2

Yesterday, 09:34 PM

Jurco and Nesty have100X more energy than Franzen and actually have the other team turning around to watch them scrambling all over the ice.  Franzen one dimensional and ALL teams know his inconsistencies... I am not denying the fact that before his well expected injury, he was playing good. I did praise him by saying one game "Who is this Franzen guy and what did he do with my Francine..." but that doesn't mean that he is going to bring anything more to the table that he doesn't normally bring.  I guess I should have used the term IMO, he is replaceable. I happen to think that the chemistry that Jurco brings to this team with Tatar and Sheahan, is better than throwing Franzen in there to float around and put up 5 points in 4 games every couple of months...then get injured again.  The team is cruising along no worse now than what it was with him in the lineup, and its not like he is going to return and put up 40 goals this season, he is not a difference maker. That is the tell-tale right there.


Dastyuk was out of the lineup when Franzen was in it.  So, since the team was cruising along no worse then than what it is now with Datsyuk in the lineup... is Pavel not a difference maker either?  Or is that not actually the tell-tale right there?

In Topic: Halloween pic!

27 October 2014 - 06:47 PM

It's a bit of an unusual background for a hocker player for sure.


So then, what would qualify as 'usual?'

In Topic: 10/25 GDT - Red Wings 2 at Flyers 4

25 October 2014 - 10:11 PM

Top three pk teams in the league right now have the worst pp. Maybe a coincidence. Maybe not. Either way get Smith in the pp, get nestrasil off, get helm off, get Weiss in, and get Franzen in when he's healthy again.


I agree.  Franzen, obviously.  Smith needs to be on the PP and would provide more value on either unit than the 4th forward.  Nestrasil and Helm have no business on the PP.  I'd rather have Kindl or Quincey even out there than either one of them.  I agree about Weiss as well.  He needs to be in the lineup and put into offensive situations.


I almost feel like they should implement some sort of rule for forwards that are expected to score or regularly put into offensive situations, etc.... like the two forwards with the longest goalless droughts are the ones that sit.  I don't even care if that means Cleary plays.  Right now it doesn't seem like there is much urgency among guys that I think should feel somewhat urgent, and I think the fact that it is a given that Weiss and Cleary will sit is a contributing factor to that lack of urgency.  Produce like you're supposed to or you'll sit in favor of Dan F-ing Cleary.

In Topic: 10/25 GDT - Red Wings 2 at Flyers 4

25 October 2014 - 09:45 PM

That game was lost because the Wings allowed the Flyers to stay in the game despite being dominated. 


This team has GOT to find a way to score more than two goals in a game on a consistent basis. 


Score more than two goals.  Score more than two goals. Score more than two goals. Score more than two goals.


Two goals is not enough to win hockey games.  Every other possible complaint about this team pales in comparison.  Eight games in - two goals scored or less in six.  75% of the time not scoring enough.

Also, how long is it going to take before something significantly different is implemented on the power play?


Chances are any change can't cause them to score fewer power play goals.