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First visit to Detroit!

28 December 2011 - 06:53 AM

Alright friends, I tend to lurk here a lot more than I post but I have enjoyed my time here a lot and I'm hoping you guys can help me plan my trip to Detroit and make it amazing-er (that should be a word btw). I'll be visiting a friend of mine in Toronto in February and I'll want to rent a car for a couple days and go to Detroit for at least one game, hopefully two.

If it's only one game then the plan is simple. Rent a car for one day and simply drive to Detroit, do some shopping, watch the game and drive back.

But if it's a visit for two games then:

1. What to do except going to the games? The more Wings-oriented the better of course but if it's something else that's fun then alright. Will also do some shopping as prices compared to Sweden are ridiculously low so a tip on a nice mall or something would be good.

2. Where to sleep? The cheaper the better of course but not a park bench please :P.

If I can plan a great trip then I'll probably do a 2-game visit because I'm leaning towards that anyway but I'll want everything to be kick-ass!

PS. Also thinking about an outfit... A jersey is a must of course and probably a blue-and-yellow clown wig. Perhaps a Swedish flag to top it off?