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#1994844 Bertuzzi states he will either stay with wings or retire

Posted by Buppy on 05 June 2010 - 01:16 PM

...In other news, how in God's name is Alligator due for a raise? The guy led (and still does) the playoffs in penalty minutes, is a minus player, and contributed a measly 6 points. I never understood the love for this guy. Oh, I'm sorry, he "sometimes tries to hit things". We might as well have kept Downey then and gave him a raise....at least Downey freakin fought. Man o man I scratch my head at this stuff sometimes. ...

I'm fairly sure that under the terms of the CBA, he's due a small increase up to roughly 890k. Hopefully that would be the extent of it, for now.

Automatic raises are for qualifying offers, but we could sign him for less if he agreed to it. Also, I believe the raise is based off actual salary from the last year ($710k in this case). That would mean a 5% raise to ~$745.

That said, he's a good young player that should develop into a solid 3rd liner. Good defensively, decent offensive potential, pretty good size, not slow, likes to hit, will drop the gloves on occasion. (Funny that you complain about his penalties, then praise Downey for fighting. 26 of Abby's penalty minutes were either fights or scrums sticking up for teammates. Only one of those penalties resulted in an opposing PP. And that was late in a game we were losing 5-1.)

$900k-1M would be a good price for him.

#1994195 Holmstrom signs 2 year extension

Posted by Mors on 04 June 2010 - 08:41 AM

Really dont understand why people are fixated on signing that ***** Tanguay, aside from being an ex-Avs ******, he made $2.5 million last season and put up 37 points. What a bargain? :rolleyes:

#1994194 Holmstrom signs 2 year extension

Posted by Guest on 04 June 2010 - 08:39 AM

And why do you have Lilja in your estimations? He's done, yeah you made your comeback but you're done... thanks lilja move on. (or hang them up)

#1994161 Holmstrom signs 2 year extension

Posted by Guest on 04 June 2010 - 05:20 AM

Use around 2M for Alex Tanguay please... bertuzzi thanks for your services but move on

#1994220 Holmstrom signs 2 year extension

Posted by VM1138 on 04 June 2010 - 09:52 AM

Tanguay is a joke. I can't believe hockey fans actually want him on this team.

I like Bertuzzi, but like many of you if we can find a player that will have more impact for between 2-3 mil, it's a move that has to be made. Tanguay is not that move.

#1993754 draft pick

Posted by Z Winged Dangler on 03 June 2010 - 12:45 PM

I'm saying Mcilrath. He is projected to go right around where we pick, he fills a serious need in our system and Kenny had him on that list earlier this year.

agreed. he could play on a line with adam almqvist in a couple years. 5"10 meet 6"5...your new D partner. :yowza: that would be cool to have brendan smith, adam almqvist and dylan mcilrath up around the same time.

that kid's already like 235 pounds too i think at 17 years old!

#1993666 draft pick

Posted by newfy on 03 June 2010 - 08:49 AM

I'm saying Mcilrath. He is projected to go right around where we pick, he fills a serious need in our system and Kenny had him on that list earlier this year.

#1993722 Yzerman also wanting Pat Verbeek

Posted by soultrain on 03 June 2010 - 11:09 AM

he should take mccrimmon.

#1989980 Yzerman Likely to Target Wings Players

Posted by LeftWinger on 26 May 2010 - 12:28 PM

What about a nice combo of Stamkos and Kovalchuk down in Tampa? Hmmmmmmm, interesting to see how Steve handles his first ever UFA season! Bet he outshines Holland! Think we could dump Hudler off on him?

#1989939 Red Wings patiently waiting for Lidstrom's decision

Posted by eva unit zero on 26 May 2010 - 11:01 AM

Hudler is above average defensively? Hudler works hard? I'm sure you'll provide some miraculous stats to prove these opinions. Hudler is not a two-way player in any shape or form, and he disappears against bigger, faster teams (because he absolutely cannot out-muscle anyone in this league).

Hudler is not above average defensively when compared to the Wings' roster of the past few years, no. But compared to the LEAGUE? Yes. And as for hard work? I guess I don't see how whether he can outmuscle a guy in the corner determines whether he works hard. Despite his size, Hudler goes into the corners and fights for pucks, and he is always willing to crash the net. He puts out a full effort every s*** and does what he can to try and help the team. He's not perfect, but he has definitely improved since he has started with the team (making the team out of camp as a 19 year old despite Holland's standard "bury them in the minors" process due to his impressive skill, BTW)

There are a lot of guys who are 5 inches and 25 lbs heavier than Hudler who aren't nearly as willing to go into the corners or crash the net. But they can probably outmuscle Hudler, so they work harder, right?

#1989928 History Will be Made

Posted by stevkrause on 26 May 2010 - 10:37 AM

You are bold to make predictions like that, but it's not the way I do things. The thing is I HOPE Leino does well. I can for example say that he will be an NHLer IF he continues working hard like has he's done now in the Flyers. Only he can decide it, so I'm not gonna make predictions like that. I never make predictions - whether it's the final score of the game or someone winning something etc.

You see, I don't make predictions about Red Wings at the start of the season either. The thing is I hope they'll do well, but I don't need to predict anything. But I can say however that IF they do "this" they're gonna win "that". Same thing with Leino and everything else.

That's why I think your prediction is not only bold but a little stupid as well. It's basically only a prediction without anything more to explain why it's going to happen.

I'm not saying you're trying to make ME look bad. You're trying to make Leino look bad with all those comments even while he's doing quite well. And I know for sure that there is much bitterness and hate behind those comments. That's why only Red Wings fans make these comments. As I said, I doubt for example Montreal fans would agree with you on that.

I only make predictions when I genuinely believe something... the same way I predicted that Flip will be a 70 pt scorer in this league...

fans in Montreal have never seen him until now and their glimpse would be based off of a hot streak, so of course he's going to look better from an outsider's perspective...

As I have said all along, he is playing well right now, but I look at it as a hot streak and anomaly and think water will find it's level and he will return to what he was here - a 20 or less point a season player who gets those points in bunches when he has talent around him, but takes shifts off and plays when he wants to, eventually getting him relegated to 3rd or 4th line minutes, then the press box after several games of lackluster play... what I really think is going to happen, is that he will put up a lackluster season next year, eventually being scratched and then waived and will go back overseas by 2012... and like I said then - I will GLADLY stand up and admit if I was wrong - I firmly believe in voicing what I believe and standing by it, not just over ridiculous message boards and a game, but in life as a whole - If you can't stand for something, you'll fall for nothing.