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#2108232 Jo. Staal punch, Prust gets shot

Posted by IceMunkee on 01 February 2011 - 10:48 PM

Prust got away with the league under debate about head... Anything?

Eager? I have been youtubing Probie and Kocer fights. I think that is a punk move to the way the fella's used to square up. In my opinion Eager pulls a bertuzzi without the injury.

#2102406 Nabokov claimed by NYI, refuses to report, suspended

Posted by IceMunkee on 21 January 2011 - 11:27 PM

Wait all the claims of claims came from Eklund??? Oh my, we shall see Nabokov in the Red and White soon enough! YES!!!!! Nabby will be a Wing!

#2102402 Nabokov claimed by NYI, refuses to report, suspended

Posted by IceMunkee on 21 January 2011 - 11:24 PM

This thread is about Nabokov - please keep it to that particular subject. No beers, no goalie wars, and if you "report" someone has made a claim, please cite a source.
I'd hate to have to pull this thread, but I will if I have to delete another 3 pages of irrelevant posts.


I have figured it out, Kenny has thought of every angle and has let out little trendils of rumors to the teams that may want to claim him. IE; fact blackhawk insider calls real shark insider and says hey we made a claim. Shark insider tells the brass not to make a claim cuz it is a waste of time. Kenny has had this done for everyone and shows us once again why he is a super genius. :cool:

#2102268 Nabokov claimed by NYI, refuses to report, suspended

Posted by IceMunkee on 21 January 2011 - 08:10 PM

Wasn't one of the major knocks on Howard when he was in GR was that he would become complacent? Maybe management feels he's showing signs of that.

No doubt Jimmy gets complacent but that is not the reason the Brass is making this move. They are not signing him to shine Jimmy's shoes, dance for him or do backflips, well maybe the last just in net. The move is not for Jimmy and his entertainment. This is a team move. Nabs is a great... okay really good goaltender. That has been the winningest goalie in the regular season, sometimes starting 70ish games a season and a "shakey" playoff past. This move is not for Jimmy. It is because of Jimmy. All goes well we can have a once overworked goalie and Jimmy splitting time and the possibilities of a once great goalie could be the answer.

#2102220 Nabokov claimed by NYI, refuses to report, suspended

Posted by IceMunkee on 21 January 2011 - 06:43 PM

Asked about the Nabokov signing, Howard said: "That's out of my hands. That's up to management and what they think. If he can help us, he can help us."
Asked whether he thought Nabokov, 35, was signed as insurance or to push him, Howard said: "I don't need anyone to push me. I push myself. I work hard in practice every single day, and I just go out there and try to win games for the guys."

Read more: Wings know Nabokov a long way from joining team | freep.com | Detroit Free Press http://www.freep.com/article/20110121/SPORTS05/101210437/Wings-know-Nabokov-a-long-way-from-joining-team#ixzz1BiEnTq2D

This is why I called this a bulls*** move earlier. I don't think it's fair to Howard and I don't like the way he's been set up. I'm not angry at Howard for his play this year, though it's frustrating. And while I don't hate Babcock, you could say it angers me to consider the manner in which he's dealt with Howard. I've said all along that he's being set up to be run down and I didn't like it. I think he's got a load of potential and I feel like they've squandered it, and any way you shake it, to me this move feels like they've given up on Howard.

And I don't like it one damn bit.

Howard's the first guy to come through the organization that I think has the attitude and skill to be the long-term goalie since the last long-term goalie, Chris Osgood. I think it's total bulls*** that Babcock tried to fast track his development at the risk of him crashing, when he really should know better. Countless other young goalies who burn out fast tell the tale. As the pressure mounts and they're not mentally acclimated enough to the NHL game to deal with it, things fall apart. I don't think it was fair to Howard at all and I don't like it one bit.

Whether he moves to another team or never returns to a consistent form, I think it will be an absolute shame.

And the only animosity I will have towards anyone involved in the matter will be Mike Babco

It makes little differance that he came through our system. There is no way he was rushed and Babcock is the last to blame. We spent a ton of time pampering Jimmy and it is time. He has to be better and this will push him. Push him by motivation or push him right out on his butt. I just think it would be silly to stay with Jimmy and an injuried Ozzy becauuse they came through our system or they are swell guys!

#2048143 We need...

Posted by IceMunkee on 16 October 2010 - 09:19 PM

Great post OP. The wings are far from finished. I agree on with points on both sides of the argument here. I agree that the Wings have only played 4 games thus far and two were fantastic, one rougher for some, and one terrible game. But the real debate surfacing from this topic is the "real fan" debate.

Doc you make some great points. Why do the doom and glooms get pinned as "stupid", "unfaithful", or even "fake"? Why is it that the "homer" fans are the ones doing the pinning? If any fan to me is under the light it would be the homer's. Saying the Wings are perfect and nothing should ever be said differently is just denial. Consider a wife that gets beat or a friend that has a friend with a drug problem but says nothing because neither wants to rock the boat. It is disaster waiting to happen. Any fan that comes on to forum and takes the time to write has got to be a fan. One poster said that the nastiness is not heard at work and the reason is because the are faceless on the Internet. I could not agree more. The two types of people you will talk to about the wings face to face are fans that watch the team and follow it and have intelligent conversations and the ones that listened to their local sports talk radio and the news and just simply regurgitating the venom of headline grabbers. The intelligent ones may be some that come on her and say Ozzy retire because they feel stupid saying it in person.

As far as the Wings and Brass deserving things from us. Doc hits it on the head. The Wings do not wake up at six in the morning after a west coast swing. They do not pay us to come watch our days at work. They don't send money to us when we struggle to pay the bills. The get our hard earned money on apparel, games, center ice packages, and our admiration. They earned those things but the don't deserve them. With out the Wings our life's will start with work in the morning and continue on as normal, we would just find something different to occupy or minds and wallets. Without us, though, the Wings learn what it is like to be normal. The get a 9-5 in ordinary jobs and have a Ford Focus instead of a Benz. If you ask me we deserve to have them play 100% and give us what we love. Skilled, hard-nosed hockey and the Lord Stanley.

No matter what, Go Wings! Keep supporting the Red and White because we are few.

#2032157 All-time favorite Wings roster

Posted by IceMunkee on 09 September 2010 - 08:24 PM

My Team: LW C RW

Line 1: Howe, Yzerman, Datsyuk
Line 2: Zetterberg, Lindsay, Shanahan
Line 3: Probert, McCarty, Kocur
Line 4: Mule, Modano, Hull

D: Lids, Konstantinov
Cheli, Murphy
Kelly, Fisher


All in thier prime please!!

#2025420 Your Favorite Player on Each Team?

Posted by IceMunkee on 12 August 2010 - 03:54 AM

why ask this question if you only answer 80% of it?

I don't have favorite players on those teams. Why respond if your response is only to trash the thread? It is all in the name of boredom and fun.

#2025406 Your Favorite Player on Each Team?

Posted by IceMunkee on 12 August 2010 - 01:19 AM

Bruins - Timmy (Michigan Boy!)
Sabres - Ryan Miller
Canadiens - Michael Cammalleri
Senators - Jason Spezza
Leafs - Phil Kessel

Devils - Martin Broduer
Isles - John Tavares
Rangers - Boogard
Flyers - Carcillo
Penguins - ....

Thrashers - Byfuglien
Hurricanes - ....
Panthers - ....
Lightning - Martin St. Louis
Capitals - Ovie

Flames - Iggy
Avalanche - I got sick in my mouth
Oilers - Penner
Wild - Clutterbuck
Canucks - Kesler!!!

Blackhawks - Hossa
Blue Jackets - Nash
Red Wings - Datsyuk.... So, so, so many
Predators - Weber
Blues - Jackman

Ducks - Thats like saying whats your favorite crabs or herpes
Stars - I got nothing
Kings - Kopitar
Coyotes - Doan
Sharks - Clowe

#2023704 Would You Buy A Modano Jersey?

Posted by IceMunkee on 07 August 2010 - 03:03 PM

I have a bad reputation for buying non-perminant Jersey's. I own a Bertuzzi (From the Trade Deadline) and I own a Cujo. I like the idea of a Modano Jersey. I have also considered a throwback USA jersey. I do love throw backs.

#2014512 Dan Carcillo re-signs with Philly 1 yr $1.075

Posted by IceMunkee on 13 July 2010 - 03:13 PM

Solid deal. Seems like Carcillo could have recieved another million or so on the open market. I heart Carcillo!

#2012053 Nabokov leaves the NHL, signs with KHL

Posted by IceMunkee on 07 July 2010 - 01:48 PM

Wow! I did not this coming. So long Nabs. Have fun never winning the most covenent trophy in the world.

#2010791 Bob Probert passes away at 45

Posted by IceMunkee on 05 July 2010 - 09:31 PM

Rest in peace Probie. Thank you for all the good times.

#2004002 Jason Spezza...

Posted by IceMunkee on 24 June 2010 - 12:13 PM

Ha! No way is he worth any money, just because that luagh. I would junk punch myself just to rid of that awful luagh.