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#2122135 Jimmy Howard watch thread

Posted by ethier_marc on 25 February 2011 - 05:07 PM

I like Jimmy Howard. A lot. He seems like a solid guy. But "Three-goal Jimmy" has been showing up far too often, and in the games that give you a peak at what the playoffs would look like (past two Chicago game, San Jose this week).

Look, I have eyes. I've watched every single regular season game this year, and I know that this defense has not performed to it's capability (looking at you, McCrimmon). But there's too much frustration there, not enough focus. Too much defeatism and not enough determination. Tell me you guys don't see it, too.

I know he's young-ish. And he may, probably will, get better. I just don't see the fire OR the calm...I just see a guy who looks to be in disbelief when he gives up a goal, and you can't be that if you're going anywhere in the playoffs.

So this will be it for Jimmy Howard, I'm betting. One last chance to find it. We're not able to get a name goalie with our cap situation (despite a strange, confidence-crushing attempt at Evgeni Nabokov), so it's all up to you, Jimmy. Unless you want to shock us one last time, Mr. Osgood.

I like Three-goal Jimmy better than Four-goal Joey any day