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anyone know the exact amount of contracts we got ?

03 June 2007 - 05:26 PM

the reason im bringing this up is cause i read that we didnt sign more prospects on june 1st cause of this rule that says a team cant have more then 50 contracts nhl/ahl and prospects combined , so im just curious to know how much space we got left , cause next season we got 6 prospects i believe , who at first glance id sign all of them personally ....from what i saw this is who we have signed if im missing someone please be free to let me know

1 lidstrom
2 zetterberg
3 datsyuk
4 ozzie
5 lilja
6 lebda
7 kronwall
8 holmstrom
9 draper
10 maltby
11 cleary
12 kopecky
13 filppula
14 samuelsson
15 franzen


16 matt ellis
17 bootland
18 meech
19 ericsson
20 himelfarb
21 oulahen
22 quincey
23 mcgrath
24 howard
25 hussey
26 langfeld
27 norton


28 grigorenko
29 ryno
30 ritola
31 mursak
32 kindl
33 helm
34 emmerton

35 logan koopman ( echl)

+ chelios and hudler that should be automatic = 37

if we sign 2 defensemen + 2 forwards and hasek = 42 contracts ..........does that make any sense to anyone here ??? did i miss someone ?? sounds to me like we could of kept jeff may at least

Pronger at it again: elbow to McAmmond's head

02 June 2007 - 09:30 PM

can someone pls break prongers legs already ?? i cant stand that punk , i really want a fighter next season just to kick his ass

and now .....ottawa's losing their cool , all players on the ice except for 2 are going at it

Ritola, Ryno sign 3-year entry-level contracts

01 June 2007 - 12:22 PM

i heard we signed ritola although i havent seen the news on any other site , any news on ryno and the rest ????

Joakim Anderson our 2007 1st rd pick ?

25 May 2007 - 03:35 PM

i went looking around for some information on this years draft and i came across this site ......


its a 2007 mock draft lol and surprise surprise a swedish player is our 1st round pick lol , hes the 2nd rated swedish player in the draft ....i know its not real and we probably wont end up with him but has anyone heard about him ?? i think theres a few wings fans here from sweden so maybe you guys heard of him .........and regarding this years draft what should be our number 1 priority ?? with liv likely gone , should we draft a goalie ?? or should we go for a defensemen ??

Joakim Anderson
Ht/Wt: 6-2/200 lbs
Drafted From:Frolunda (Swe.Jr)

Should the Wings target UFA-to-be Giguere?

25 May 2007 - 12:38 PM

just read an article here ........ http://www.freep.com.....P7ifUOtpfNr8=

and it talks about how giguere and not dominik for another year should be our number 1 priority this summer , this idiot seems to think we can get giguere signed for 5 million per year on a long term deal .......more like 6 to 7 per year

anyways what do you guys think we should do ?? id personally rather keep hasek for one more year or get another veteran goalie and split time with osgood , and then bring in howard next season. Also signing giguere makes no sense .....we will have 3 players locked up at 21 million on the team ( lidstrom datsyuk giguere ) .......and then in 2 yrs if lidstrom is still around and producing he can get at least 5 mill per .....so that will leave us 4 players around 27 million (lidstrom datsyuk zetterberg giguere) .......that will totally screw us long term and players who will be seeking raises down the line such as franzen,cleary,filppula,hudler,lebda,quincey and if guys like grigorenko,kindl,abdelkader,helm and other prospects pan out and play well for us then we will be really screwed and have to trade away some of our younger guys ....getting giguere makes absolutely no sense when we got a solid young promising goalie just one year away from coming up

what are your thoughts?????