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In Topic: Franzen back on ice

Today, 05:16 PM

I know bossman, you didn't say anything other than a counterpoint to a small part of the argument, about his family supporting his decision.
I just thought the six year old thing was funny.

I didn't necessarily think you were lopping me in with one group or another, I more just wanted to make my stance on the matter clear in general.

In Topic: Franzen back on ice

Today, 03:52 PM

The three or four people arguing that he needs to retire aren't saying it because of his health.
They just dont want him on the team.

The reason it looks like were calling them "doodoo heads" is because irrational hatred for someone is easy to mock.

To be clear I'm not calling for his retirement, nor was I one of the plethora of members who irrationally hated the guy leading up to this point. But I am concerned about his health, especially because it sounds like he's working out ama.

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Today, 03:47 PM


My first thought too

In Topic: Franzen back on ice

Yesterday, 09:10 PM


I can't speak for the rest of the "Franzen police" (baiting?), but I'll tell you exactly what's annoying about this whole discussion IMO.  The fact that Franzen wants to come back, his family supports the decision, the organization supports the decision, and fans are still bemoaning the comeback attempt makes me question people's motives.  It's ok to say "he should think about his family".  That's reasonable.  After all, this whole debate really started with the article detailing how he couldn't play with his kids.  But once we find out that  his family is on board, it's basically invalidated. 


All of the principle entities involved in this decision support his comeback attempt.  While we haven't heard from any doctors yet (and I don't suspect we will) it seems absolutely insane to think that he hasn't consulted any.  Or that all the doctors all saying "don't do it" and yet his family, himself, and the team are just willfully ignoring them.  So basically, everyone who knows more  than the casual fan is either on board with, or at least hasn't outright rejected, a comeback.  And yet we've still got fans who think he shouldn't, and who are predicating that thought on A) details of his health they aren't privy to, or B) general considerations about quality of life that his, and his family's, preferences seem to invalidate. 


Which makes these fans motives seem dishonest. 


I disagree with the bolded.  People aren't always motivated by sound judgment, and that's not limited to just the players.  I'm sure right now all his family and friends want Franzen to be happy, and if that means playing hockey then awesome.  But that doesn't mean that they're necessarily better off supporting whatever Franzen wants.  If he suffers a career-ending and life-altering concussion in the coming months, was is still in the best interest of his family that he played, even if his family supported his decision?  Besides, I don't know if Franzen's 6 year old child is soundly capable of weighing the risks and rewards associated with playing.

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Yesterday, 05:09 PM