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In Topic: Official - Little Caesars Arena

03 May 2016 - 10:10 PM

I just want to chime in and say this Joe Louis history is all genuinely interesting and I didn't know some of this stuff

In Topic: Marquette's Lakeview Arena named Kraft Hockeyville winner!

03 May 2016 - 10:08 PM

The UP is America's best kept secret

In Topic: Official - Little Caesars Arena

02 May 2016 - 10:56 AM

Holy f*** that guy about blew his load announcing they would have the biggest little Caesars logo on the roof. Look, I get the whole keep it in the company and the city and glad it was someone that helps in the community blah blah blah. I appreciate that, I really do. But the name is STUPID. The logo is STUPID. And they drliberately gave a false sense of excitement about the structure to get people on board and then said oh yeah this CARTOON is going to be on the roof. What a ff***ing joke.


I don't get that at all.  Like, due to the image being a registered trademark and the amount of restriction that places on the use of their logo, you would think he would have a little less awe about the fact that it will be the biggest logo out there.  Its kinda like winning a contest where you're the only contestant and then creaming yourself over it.

In Topic: Official - Little Caesars Arena

29 April 2016 - 10:41 PM

You honestly think Illitch isn't gonna gain anything out of this? lol.
I guess Staples Center is seen as such a big joke to right? With the logo being on the roof and all. Terrible. Amirite?

I honestly think he will gain something. I thought my post made that clear, but apparently not. What he's getting is advertising. What he's not getting is the additionally 125 million dollars from selling naming rights to a company that he doesn't own.

In Topic: Official - Little Caesars Arena

29 April 2016 - 10:27 PM

In Canada we have arenas named after monopolistic cable companies, a s***ty airline, a bank (because we all know what stand up companies banks are). Wanna know what these buildings have in common besides being named after s***ty corporations? They are all awesome places to catch a game. 
At least the Wings new arena is being named after a business based out of the city and not simply sold to the highest bidder. Does it sound a little silly? Perhaps. But so does half of the other arenas out there. It will be called by its abbreviation more than anything. The name of these buildings is literally the least important thing about them this day and age. 
But oh wait, I live in Newfoundland so what the f*** do I know, right?

Id almost rather it have gone to the highest bidder. At least then I could understand that the Illitches are further lining their pockets by selling out. But he's paying for the name with his own company, which is essentially shifting his own money from one pocket to another and not actually getting any monetary gain out of it other than what advertising his company might bring in. He could have literally named it whatever he wanted and be in the same place he's in now financially. It makes the name seem that much more slimy.