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#2641366 Hey!

Posted by DatsyukianDekes on 05 December 2015 - 07:21 PM

Greatest GDT thread ever.

#2641201 12/3 GDT : Arizona Coyotes at Red Wings, 7:30 EST

Posted by LeftWinger on 04 December 2015 - 12:14 AM

great game by the Wings!



:ranting: I  f***in HATE when a team gets screwed out of a win by refs, and the Lions got f***in screwed!!! No way that was a facemask, f***in refs suck in all leagues, but damn are they blowing s*** left and right in the NFL!!!! That play  should've been able to be challenged! :furious:


Ok, back to the NHL. Thank you for letting me rant...

#2640838 Wings Need on D and Glaring Inconsistencies

Posted by e_prime on 02 December 2015 - 10:51 AM

Why does it have to "problem" defensemen?
Why does everything have to be so negative all of the time?
...and why pick on Ericsson? Sure, you might see it as him having an off game last night, but it wasn't as if Kronner played a stellar game either?
Also, why do Red Wings fans think that our defensemen are more prone to defensive gaffes than any other team? I sometimes wonder if you guys regularly watch any other games or follow any other teams than the Wings.
I'll be honest. I never "played the game" so I don't have a great understanding of defensive systems, etc. but feel like I watch enough games around the league to know that the Wings aren't too far off from other teams defensive play. Certainly, there are teams in the league that outshine us on defense, but we're not as terrible as imagined by some.

As far as "problem" defensemen, go I will say this:
When Quincey is ready to return, one of Kindl or Smith are in trouble.
Marchenko is far and away a more solid defenseman and than either and has earned that seventh sixth spot! (thanks Zombo)
Younger, cheaper, and more reliable.

Kronner - Green
DeKeyser - Quincey
Machenko - Ericsson

OMG. I just claimed "Ye Olde Eyeball Test" for myself.

#2637986 11/18 GDT : Washington Capitals at Red Wings, 8:00 EST

Posted by number9 on 18 November 2015 - 09:03 PM

If only Tatar would learn to forecheck we might be winning this game right now

#2633400 10/27/15 - Carolina Hurricanes vs. Detroit Red Wings - TACKY Mad Libs

Posted by BottleOfSmoke on 27 October 2015 - 11:37 AM

Tuesday Night, October 27th, Dana Carvey watched as the Detroit Red Wings slowly slid out of the dressing room and harshly stepped onto the ice for their pregame skate.  Niklas Kronwall fired pucks at the tape dispenser while Santa Fe fans watched in envy.  You could tell that the slippery referees were going to have to keep an eye on the spork, as it was going to be a fast game due to the green skating abilities of both teams.  Eric Staal's dusty hair was flowing ala 90's Fedorov style, and Henrik Zetterberg's hard beard could have scared a Flying Spaghetti Monster.  The Red Wings line-up was depleted due to a severe case of erectile dysfunction, while the Hurricanes were sporting a fairly bloody team full of beautiful youngsters and feathered veterans.  Jeff Blashill's high school principal needed no adjusting, and Nick Kronwall's preparation was nothing short of odiferous. Instead of Jouney's "Don't Stop Believing", the music selector was going to play Too Drunk to F**ck if the Red Wings prevailed.  The starting line-ups were announced, but Echolalia couldn't believe Blashill was going to start Justin Abdelkader. jimmyemeryhunter tripped Brendan Smith while number9 encouraged Henrik Zetterberg.  The ref finally shaved the puck, and everyone could, at last, start calling out Drew Miller as the lemur.


#2632406 Jeff Blashill = Dave Lewis 2.0 / Coaching Change

Posted by rick zombo on 23 October 2015 - 12:01 PM

I know... I know.. It is way too early to tell if the Jeff Blashill experience will be celebrated or despised.

#2632377 10/21 GDT : Red Wings at Edmonton Oilers, 9:30 EST

Posted by kipwinger on 23 October 2015 - 08:53 AM

I actually agree with a few others that we need one more big bodied, digger.  Either that or we need Jurco to step up in a hurry.  I've said before that I don't like any line that has two of Tatar, Nyquist, or Pulkkinen on it.  You can now add Larkin to that mix as well.  I just don't like two small wingers.  I don't think we need some superstar power foward or anything.  But with Franzen hurt, and Jurco still struggling, we need another Abby for the second line. 

#2631957 10/17 GDT: Detroit Red Wings @ Montreal Canadiens, 7:00 EST

Posted by Buppy on 20 October 2015 - 09:45 AM


I really don't know how to make this more clear. Our team's goals against average is slightly above average (statistically).  And it's negatively skewed by our bad penalty kill (30% of the goals scored against us have been powerplay goals).  So our PK is bad.  Not our defense.  30% is terrible. 


For context, 13% of the goals we've scored have been on the PP.  30% for them.  13% for us. 


We also have the tenth most penalty minutes per game (most of which were taken by forwards). 


If you're shorthanded all the time, and you're not very good at killing penalties, you A) Don't get shots, B) Get shot on more often, C) Get scored on more (remember that 30%). 


Through 5 games, we've been abysmal offensively and on special teams.  Our goaltending and defense have both been decent to above average.  And that's why we're 3-2.  Any attempt to paint some "the defense is just as bad as the offense and special teams" argument is completely ignoring reality. 


Through 5 games, the defense is the least of our concerns. 

Over the last 3 years around 22% of all goals scored have been on the PP. 30% may look "terrible", and would be if it stayed that way for the whole year, but given it's so early in the year it's meaningless. It's one goal. If your stats can so easily be skewed by just one or two goals, you need to take them with a grain of salt. Shot attempts are a much better indicator at this point since they are much more frequent events. Even that, given how little time we've spent on special teams, isn't very good. 


I said in the other thread; pretty much everything has been bad this year. That includes the defense. Maybe not as inept statistically as the offense, but just as bad as special teams, and much worse than the goaltending.


Furthermore, I think most people would include the PK in the broader "defense" category. Certainly possible to be good on one but poor on the other, but they're not exactly separate.


Further-furthermore, there's "defense" in the sense of our ability to prevent goals, which is a product of both our defensemen and forwards (most people I think exclude the goalie from team defense). But I think when it was initially brought up, "defense" was meant in the sense of our group of defensemen, and includes both the defensive and offensive contributions.


Bottom line is we can't hold on to the puck. When we lose it, we have trouble getting it back. We have the same problem at every strength. It means we generate few shots, allow a lot, and take more penalties. 

#2631764 10/17 GDT: Detroit Red Wings @ Montreal Canadiens, 7:00 EST

Posted by chicagooverrated on 17 October 2015 - 09:17 PM

Will the red wings bounce back from the 2 game losing streak?

Will Larkin get another point?

Will Jimmy Howard be in goal

Find out next time on DRAGON BALL Z

#2628262 Roster Moves by the Wings

Posted by Jesusberg on 04 October 2015 - 01:59 PM

You know what? f*** it, I like it. Larkin showed this preseason that MAYBE, just maybe, he's NHL ready. Slap him in the top six until Dats gets back.


You Owe Larkin One?

#2624954 Kane case headed to grand jury

Posted by 55fan on 08 September 2015 - 05:38 PM

I would think a settlement is likely.  If he's not guilty, she's going to take the settlement and run.  If he's guilty, she may well rather end it with something than face a jury and have to recount the most horrific thing that's ever happened to her, knowing that in such a high-profile case people will be glued to every word.


If I were in her shoes (assuming he's guilty), I'd take the money.  Justice would not be served, but if you find yourself in that situation, sometimes your own peace comes before the greater good.  At least he's been exposed and other women will be warned.

#2619630 Wings‬ sign left wing Eric Tangradi

Posted by kipwinger on 08 July 2015 - 01:33 PM

This guy was a second round pick.  I wonder if that's because he was any good at hockey in lesser leagues, or if it's because he's a really huge guy. 

#2613647 2015 SCF : Chicago Blackhawks vs. Tampa Bay Lightning

Posted by rick zombo on 09 June 2015 - 11:58 AM

Oh. My. God.  That was not personal at all.  It was a guess based on your perceptions.  Apparently I was wrong.  That's not even in the ballpark of being a personal attack and certainly wasn't meant to insult you.

And I have to ask, what does you playing hockey have to do with anything I said?


It has as much to do with anything as my age, family hockey orientation, favourite brand of bell-bottom jeans, the amount of Kiss records I have stashed under my coffee table, or whatever else you seem to think applies to my qualifications to speak substaintially about hockey rivalries.


I didn't say it was an attack. But you defintely tried to make your point my including assumptions about my age and up-bringing. Both of which are personal things.


It would be like me saying this: "you must be like 60 if you remember the last time Toronto and Detroit played for anything more important than that one series in 1992". But I don't assume this.

#2613677 2015 Draft

Posted by number9 on 09 June 2015 - 12:48 PM

I don't know. I'm no psychic. I returned my necklace to Wal-Mart.

Helmet head, I switched out ur necklace with a fake one days ago. You never needed that necklace to begin with. Your powers were inside u all along.

#2607985 Prospect Tourney in Traverse City renamed after Matt Wuest

Posted by kipwinger on 15 May 2015 - 01:30 PM

Very classy move. This speaks volumes about the decency of the organization, but also about the profound impact that social media, the internet, non-traditional information outlets, and data oriented analysis have had on the sports landscape.  Only a short time ago, a guy like Matt would have been considered a diehard fan, and nothing more.  Naming the Cup after him seems to suggest that someone like Matt can have a substantive impact on sports decision-makers, not because of his position within an organization, but because the quality of his work and his commitment to transparency and objectivity change the way average fans access and interpret information about their team. 


I don't think you can stress enough the importance that Matt had on our own organization.  I remember when Datsyuk and Zetterberg entered the league, nobody knew a thing about them.  Coming off years with the same core of guys, and suddenly we had these two new guys who really looked like they could play, and who came out of nowhere.  That could never happen now.  There's just too much demand for information about our drafting, prospects, and development.  Today Red Wings fans demand as much information about their team, at every single level, as any of the Canadian teams despite huge differences in the attention the sport in given in each country in traditional media outlets. That level of expectation, knowledge, and attention is the direct result of all the hard work Matt Wuest put into making a good product.


The name of the Matt Wuest Cup is well deserved.  Kudos.