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#2662802 2016 Playoffs % chances (part II)

Posted by Echolalia on 29 March 2016 - 07:04 AM

If our playoff hopes depends of unsucces of other teams then we don't deserve playoff spot.

And the teams that ultimately were unsuccessful down the stretch and ended he season with less points than the Wings overall would deserve that playoff spot?

Either way, the Wings still control their own destiny. At least right now we aren't reliant on others to lose.

#2661737 Looking ahead at expansion draft

Posted by Echolalia on 24 March 2016 - 11:57 AM

Smith is definitely better than the forums generally believe. Overall this has been a pretty good year for him so far.

#2661259 Marchenko vs. Smith

Posted by Echolalia on 21 March 2016 - 01:06 PM

Difference is, Smith has peaked, Marchenko has that "potential" tag still.  To me, deciding which one to keep all depends on what happens on July 1st and/or which one would bring you more in return.  One thing for sure is, Smith won't hanfg the KHL over your head if he doesn't get to play.  Remember last summer when he said that if he goes back to GR he may as well go to the KHL.  Other than being right handed, I don't see a reason right now that he could've had any advantage in that negotiation, he is not that good. BUT, Smith has peaked, makes tons of bonehead errors. From a business standpoint, I'd stay with Smith, because since he has peaked, he really won't be holding out for more money on his next contract.  You will always have the threat of Marchenko bolting to the KHL if he doesn't get what he wants.  Having that over your head ties your hands a bit.  That being said, I'd keep both of them over Erection, but nobody is going to take his contract from us and both Smith AND Marchenko would be easier to move, with a higher return value. Not much higher, but a bit.
It all depends on the draft and July 1st.  If they sign a top guy and feel confindent enough in XO, then one of Smith/Marchy becomes expendable. Also Sproul and Jensen need to be dealt with, I know they aren't top 4 guys, but I am really tired of losing players for nothing.  We were able to get a 6th for Kindl, it'd be nice, if Sproul/Jensen are not in the plans to get a couple of picks for them, or maybe something in a package.  KFQ can go and I hope and pray Holland doesn't re-sign him using the whole "he knows the system" garbage, because the system sucks and along with personel, system changes are needed as well. May as well start fresh with a new system and new components.
But, in regard to to original question, if I have to choose between Smith and Marchy, I guess I am picking Marchy because of his age, and potential.  Smith had that once and has disappointed us, Marchy could do the same, but I'd take the gamble.....again.

I personally don't think the potential for Marchenko is there. I think right now Smith is a better player than Marchenko will ever be. But who knows for sure.

#2657234 3/2 GDT : Chicago Blackhawks at Red Wings, 8:00 EST

Posted by Echolalia on 02 March 2016 - 10:20 PM

Bold move by Blash to put Glendening on the power play and it pays off

#2657042 3/2 GDT : Chicago Blackhawks at Red Wings, 8:00 EST

Posted by Echolalia on 02 March 2016 - 06:42 PM

Larkin is due for a big game. Facing off against Panarin should be motivation enough.

#2656763 2/29 GDT : Detroit Red Wings at Dallas Stars, 8:30PM EST

Posted by Echolalia on 29 February 2016 - 11:18 PM

Lol Nyquist is such a diver. At least it got Jimmy his win.

#2656672 2/29 GDT : Detroit Red Wings at Dallas Stars, 8:30PM EST

Posted by Echolalia on 29 February 2016 - 10:30 PM

Just chiming in to comment on the torrid pace of this one. It's like a playoff game.

#2654842 Datsyuk Now 7th in All-Time Wings Goals

Posted by Echolalia on 24 February 2016 - 11:13 AM

Are you serious? You honestly value points more than Stanley Cups? There's a reason Toews makes 10.5 million a year and Datsyuk makes 7. Chicago isnt asking their captain to win art ross trophies. They just want Stanley Cups. And Toews is delivering them.

When determining who is a better individual player?  Absolutely I value individual stats over team stats.  That's common sense.  

#2654833 Datsyuk Now 7th in All-Time Wings Goals

Posted by Echolalia on 24 February 2016 - 10:56 AM

Sorry. I realize it skews the argument, but how else are we going to do it? Someone said "in their primes", so i figured all we could use as comparisons for that measure are stats up to age 27. If we go with total careers, Toews might end up with 5 or 6 more cups, 1 or 2 more selkes, 100-200 more points, 3 or 4 more gold medals, etc etc etc than Datsyuk. I'm not Nostradomus, but it's looking like Toews is a sure fire Hall of Famer much like Stevie Y. Datsyuk is probably going to have to play a few more years to solidify his case for the HHOF.


If you want to look at comparing their primes take the best statistical season from each player and compare it.  Their best season is by definition "their prime".  If that's too small of a sample size take their top 3 or even top 5 statistical seasons. 

And you keep going back to Stanley Cups, Gold metals and these other parameters that in no way measure an individual's talent, which has been demonstrated multiple times in this thread to be a silly way to approach the problem.  I don't know why you keep having to rely on that.

#2654830 Datsyuk Now 7th in All-Time Wings Goals

Posted by Echolalia on 24 February 2016 - 10:40 AM

So the stats Bill posted are correct? Doesn't Datsyuk has 2 cups ('02, '08)? If you want to take cups into account... I wouldn't diminish Datsyuk to only dangles when he showcases great skill and hockey iq, either cleanly stealing the puck while defending, those awesome saucer or no look passes, I was hoping he wore the C when Lids retired, but then understood why Z got it. I feel Dats does more for hockey, not only on but off the ice as well. Anyways I know y'all know all that better than me.

Billyboy was only comparing stats up to age 27 for each player. So Datsyuk only had a few season in the NHL and Toews had like 8. That conveniently excludes Datsyuk's other cup, selke trophies, and half of his statistical output, and compares it to Toews' entire NHL career. Thus Toews is clearly the best player.  What Billyboy failed to do is include Emdog in the competition, and when we look at his stats, its clear Emdog is truly the best:


Taking both players stats from December 17th 2011 we have: 

2 goals             

1 assist

3 points


2 faceoffs won

0 goals

0 assists

0 points


0 faceoffs won


Emdog is clearly better in every statistical category.  THE STATS DONT LIE

#2654166 Datsyuk Now 7th in All-Time Wings Goals

Posted by Echolalia on 21 February 2016 - 05:39 PM

[quote name="kickazz" post="2654120" timestamp="1456028976"]

Toews is better than Datsyuk in his prime? Prove it. 

By age 27, here are the hardware counts:

Stanleys = 3 to 1 Toews
Selkes = 1 to 0 Toews
Conn Smythes = 1 to 0 Toews

And point counts:

548 to 241 Toews

And +/- counts:

190 to 50 Toews

More everything for Toews at equal stages of their lives/careers.

Datsyuk has a higher points per game average, so if you only use ppg for your "better" argument, then you are right.

Otherwise, total fail.


What's the significance of going by their career successes only up to age 27?  I'm failing to see how that is a necessity to determine who is the better player. What it does do is skew the numbers horribly in Toews' favor.  You're essentially comparing what Datsyuk was able to do in 3 years to what Toews was able to do in 8 years, and then arguing that because Toews did more in those 8 years hes the better player.

Also, regardless of how you want to cut the seasons to try to argue your case, Stanely Cup count is a horrible indicator to determine who is better because its a function of team skill, not individual skill, and also has a lot to do with luck, health, and relative quality of opposition during the cup run.  Case in point: you know who has more Stanley Cups than Toews?  Jeff Beukeboom.  Going by your criteria that would make him a better player.  We both know that's absurd. 

Conn Smyth: Also a problem.  Based on relative quality of teammates (and opponents during the SCF) during stanley cup run which makes it a flawed stat to use for a couple reasons.  One is that the Blackhawks have won the cup more times than the Wings have during their respective careers (and particularly during your little age restriction), so Toews has had a way better opportunity presented to him to win it than Datsyuk. In addition to that, the winner of this award is measured as a comparison of players in that particular final, and not throughout the rest of the league.  Toews winning the Conn Smyth means he was better than his teammates in that particular cup run and thats about it.  It doesn't assess how he compares to people on other teams (maybe with the exception of whoever lost in the finals that year), nor does it assess how he compares to players in different years.  Mike Vernon has more Conn Smyth trophies than Dominic Hasek and Brodeur (and that's without putting a cute age restriction on the criteria).  It clearly doesn't mean he was the best goalie of the three.

#2653926 The Petr Mrazek Appreciation Thread

Posted by Echolalia on 20 February 2016 - 12:10 PM

The fact that this is even a discussion is downright insane. Are there people who really think that the greats never had a bad two game stretch in their careers?

to be fair i don't think anyone actually is having this discussion.  At least in this thread, everyone seems to be in agreement that Mrazek had a couple bad games, and those two games shouldn't represent his status to the team or his overall ability to be a goalie.

#2652904 2/14 GDT - Bruins at Red Wings - 3:30 PM EST

Posted by Echolalia on 14 February 2016 - 06:02 PM

Mrz will get his day off tommorow, just need to gut this one out fir us today buddy!
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I thought he took today off

#2652890 2/14 GDT - Bruins at Red Wings - 3:30 PM EST

Posted by Echolalia on 14 February 2016 - 05:56 PM

The thing is, if you put in Howard then suddenly the questions start again: Who is the Detroit goalie? Is this a timeshare? Is it a 1a, 1b situation or is Howard still the backup? I think Blashill is showing great poise and judgment in allowing his goalie to work through a bad day. He knows what the consequences would be of throwing the goalie situation back into doubt; instead, he's making a statement about who our #1 goalie is and that he has confidence in his ability to figure it out. I like it. It's a bold move.
Was that Pasha's goal? 

I disagree. Standard protocol for as long as I can remember was if a goalie is playing poorly, he gets yanked. The only time that it stirs up controversy is if the goalie getting yanked gets yanked regularly and there's reason to suspect his job is on the line. I can't imagine letting in 6 goals is much better for his confidence than letting in 3 and getting pulled anyway.

#2652822 2/14 GDT - Bruins at Red Wings - 3:30 PM EST

Posted by Echolalia on 14 February 2016 - 05:36 PM

Why is Mrazek still in