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25 January 2016 - 01:09 PM

Has anything creepy or unexplained ever happened to you?  Do people give you weird looks when you try to explain what you saw?  Does any of the following apply to you?

-Experienced things that move on their own

-Saw silhouette or out of focus entity in a place where no entity should be

-Got the heebyjeebies 


OR perhaps you simply enjoy the catecholamine release, the feel of your heart racing, the piloerection, and the sense of impending doom reaching out for your soul when you read about these experiences and stories.


If any of the above apply, THEN THIS THREAD IS FOR YOU


:clown:  :clown:     :alien1:  :alien1:    :crazy:  :crazy:   


Here we will share scary and unexplained things that have happened to us or our loved ones, or creepy stories exclusively in the realm of fiction if we prefer.  All are welcome!  



note: because there are only 3 people in the water cooler, multiple entries are encouraged.

note: this thread was inspired in part by a previous scary story thread that was posted in the water cooler years ago.  I will share my story that I posted in that thread, but I will spice it up a bit to add to the story-telling.

note: as mentioned above, you don't have to necessarily have experienced anything yourself to participate.  The story could be something that a friend or family member experienced, or even just a made up scary story that has stuck with you through the years!  The point of this thread is to DELIVER THE SPOOKY


:clown:  :clown:    :alien1:  :alien1:    :crazy:  :crazy:

ROY according to LGW

22 January 2016 - 11:34 PM

The NHL Rookie of the Year according to LGW

Because we're less biased than the NHL


Here are some of the candidates:


Artemi Panarin


Like the on-ice version of the date-rape drug, Panarin has quickly made a name for himself helping Kane score.  He currently leads NHL rookies in GOALS, ASSISTS, and POINTS.  And while he's only one goal ahead of Larkin for the rookie lead, he's about a mile ahead of the competition in assists and also points.  He's also leading the league in power play points.  In short, the guy puts up numbers.  Including age numbers!  At 50 years old, he just barely made the rookie cut-off.








Harry Potter Dylan Larkin


At 19 years old, Larkin somehow convinced Holland that dropped balls weren't necessary to play in the NHL and hasn't looked back.  He's been consistently among the top rookie goal scorers in the league, and locked up the rookie +/- back in November.  In a season where the Wings' production has been down across the board, Larkin has also made a strong case for team MVP now that Drew Miller's season is effectively over.








Max Domi 



Sufferer of perpetual forehead acne and being the son of "that one guy" as they say in Phoenix Las Vegas Portland Arizona, Max Domi has been a large reason why the Coyotes are still in the playoff hunt despite featuring on ice talent such as Shane Doan, Kyle Chupacabra, Oliver Ekman-Larsson, Hanzal, and literally nobody else you've ever heard of before.  He's also consistently in the running for "runner up behind Panarin" for ROY.  Probably would win bro of the year award based on some of his pics.







Jack Eichel


Everyone's favorite rookie ginger got off to a slow start compared to those rookies who weren't supposed to win the Calder this year (see: anyone not named McDavid or Eichel) but has been as hot as that hair more recently.  In fact, he and Larkin were tied for points going into the Wings/Buffalo game.  However as the final buzzer went off, Larkin skated away up two more points, while Eichel skated away up one tooth.  As far as draft consolation prizes go, Eichel has been solid, and more importantly, not injured.








Colton Parayko


At 6'6", 226lbs, this hulking defensman has made his presence known.  However, in the year of the rookie, Parayko has gone largely unnoticed.  He's second in +/-, leads all defensman in points, and is logging some solid minutes for the St. Louis Blues.  But because defense isn't really a thing with NHL awards, he'll probably be left off the ballot.





Conner McDavid!

Shayne Goatheistberry or something

Anthony Duclair

Landon Ferraro



Who will win this year???  ITS ANYONES GUESS

Over The Garden Wall

16 January 2016 - 06:07 PM

Over the Garden Wall




The wonderfully whimsical, yet haunting tale of two brothers who find themselves lost in a mysterious wood.


Elijah Wood as WIRT



Collin Dean as GREG




Christopher Lloyd as THE WOODSMAN



And others!  Including Tim Curry!  John Cleese!  and more!


The show is a 10 part miniseries, with each episode chapter at approximately 12 minutes long.  SO ITS NOT A LONG INVESTMENT LIKE BREAKING BAD OR WALKING DEAD!   You can crunch this one out in a couple hours and come out on the other side in time for dinner!


It has spectacular animation and beautifully crafted landscapes reminiscent of a Miyazaki film, so if you're into artistic design its worth the two hour investment in that alone.  BUT WAIT!  The story is excellent also!  At first glance it seems like a simple children's tale of two boys trying to make their way home after getting lost in the woods.  But its so much deeper than that!  The writing is clever, managing to be simultaneously charming and horrifying, again the comparison to Miyazaki is warranted here.  Except there's elements of Tim Burton as well, without being so over the top about it (a plus!)  As it was initially aired on Cartoon Network and the target audience at first glance appears to be kids, you may think this isn't going to be very interesting.  But you couldn't be more wrong.  While the story caters to kids there's also plenty here for adults as well (in fact much of the story's deeper stuff will go over most kids' heads).  Symbolism like whoa!  Literary references!  Existentialism!  Metaphors!  What are you waiting for!


PLUS THERES MUSIC!  Who can forget that classic hit POTATOES AND MOLASSES??  Or my personal favorite A COURTING SONG!  Yes there's a song for everyone in this gem!



And the best part?  Chapter 1 is on YOUTUBE for free!  


SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??  Over the Garden Wall is an EMMY AWARD WINNING classic worth watching!  AND THATS A ROCK FACT!



Echolalia gives 5 stars, recommended for all ages 


05 December 2015 - 07:06 PM

There's a game on. Let's talk about it!

Wings vs Preds

Jimmyemeryhunter please keep this place tidy I've worked all day to make it presentable.

2015-2016 expectations

10 September 2015 - 03:16 PM

The 2015-2016 Wings should look quite a bit different.  Holland only made a few moves, but they were each pretty significant in their own right, and as a result, a lot of the things that we've grown used to seeing (or not seeing) from the Wings may very well be changed.  We now have a right-handed defensman, who also happens to be known more for offense than defense.  We have a veteran center who isn't Stephen Weiss.  We have a head coach who isn't Mike Babcock. The youth movement is one year older and more experienced, and we have guys like Pulkkinen, Mantha, Larkin, Callahan, Ferraro doing what they can to earn a roster spot.  Our core is also one year older, and as of right now not expected to be in the lineup in its entirety until November.  There is no clear number 1 goalie.

So I guess my question to everyone is what are your expectations for this team?  Last year the Wings ended up as the third seed in the Atlantic, and lost in the first round to the Eastern Conference Champions in seven games.  Do you look at the makeup of this team on paper and believe it should be the top team in the Eastern Conference, or Atlantic Division?  Do you think they're a third seed team?  Wildcard team?  Do you expect this team to make a deep playoff run, or even make the playoffs?

I ask because I feel like I don't have a solid handle on where I see this team.  In the past, at the very least I had an opinion that I felt I could at least comfortably defend, but right now I can just as easily see this squad being the Stanley Cup champs as I can see them missing the playoffs entirely.  So what are your expectations for this upcoming season?