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  1. http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/nhl-puck-daddy/hbo-24-7-returning-season-3-red-wings-180321428.html
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    2012 Stanley Cup Bracket Wallpaper Now Available!

    The bracket can be a little confusing. If one didn't know better, the wallpaper implies that the winner of the 1 vs. 8 series will automatically play the winner of the 2 vs. 7 series. This isn't necessarily true - the surviving teams are re-seeded for round 2. I guess I don't understand why you would even need to show the empty bracket spaces for rounds 2 and 3 in a round 1 wallpaper? It looks great, just might be confusing to somebody who doesn't know how it really works.
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    Post-TDT: Red Wings stand pat, no additions

    If we didn't have the cap space, I don't think I would be so disappointed, but here's what upsets me: Holland made few moves in the offseason after Rafalski's retirement , because he looked forward to today. He kept that $5 million in cap space all season. And for what? By not adding any players today, the Red Wings basically sat on $5 million all season for no reason at all. It's not like we can keep that $5 million and add it to next year's cap space. We could have definitely used a rental player and given up picks for him.
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    Zetterberg Playoff Suite Contest MISCOUNT!

    I didn't call with the intention of asking for help or did I even notify him that they were wrong. I just wanted to see if they did indeed submit that it was called 20 times as Zetterberg said, and not 21. That's all. I just congratulated them on winning, and said "enjoy the game." In no way am I suggesting that the Detroit Red Wings should take back the prize they've already awarded the Hickmotts. That would be a terrible move on their part. At the same time, I do think they need to do something for the people who did actually qualify for the contest by submitting an entry with the # of times being 21. I don't think it is fair for myself and others who took the time to take part, watch, and re-watch, and pay attention to not even have a chance of winning anything because of somebody else's mistake. Maybe they should do a re-drawing out of the "21" entries for another prize. I don't think that is too much to ask, considering the Detroit Red Wings are the ones who screwed up, not us.
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    Zetterberg Playoff Suite Contest MISCOUNT!

    I called the winner, and he verified that he entered 20. So there was a miscount. I have emailed them and tried calling, but so far have received no answer from either.
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    Zetterberg Playoff Suite Contest MISCOUNT!

    Since the winner lives just down the road, I hoped it wouldn't be too creepy to call and ask. I talked to her husband, who actually entered the contest , he said he put 20 times. http://www.mediafire.com/?lacjj3vnlrt 041010_02.wav
  7. If you head over to DetroitRedWings.com or just watch the video below, you will see that the Detroit Red Wings have really screwed up on a contest they were doing. During Sunday's game against the Philadelphia Flyers that was broadcast on NBC, you were supposed to count the number of times Doc Emerick, Ed Olczyk, and Pierre Mcguire said the name "Zetterberg." You could then enter your count on a form and if you were correct, you would qualify for a chance to win a luxury suite at Game 3 (first home game) of the Western Conference Quarterfinals. Well they MISCOUNTED! I have the proof too. They say "Zetterberg" 21 times in the third period, so that's what I entered multiple times with, then award a woman (Wendy) and you can hear Zetterberg say "You counted 20 times, you're the winner". This upsets me. I watched the game and listened intently for every time they called Zetterberg , and I counted 21 times. But just for good measure, I also had it recorded on the DVR so I went back and watched the third period again, pausing after every one and writing down what was said and how much time was left. Again, I reached 21, so that's what I submitted ... multiple times. I spent a lot of time and a lot of work making sure I had counted correctly. Sadly, the Detroit Red Wings did not do the same. Because of their mistake, I didn't even stand a chance of winning. Does this seem right to anybody else? I believe I'm at the least entitled to a re-drawing out of all the "21" entries for an equal value prize , maybe a game 4 suite? It doesn't seem fair that I shouldn't have a chance to win because somebody else miscounted. I've posted this link on their official Facebook as a comment, but I doubt anything will happen. I wish they would make it right somehow.
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    Puck passing the goal line detection

    The official dimensions of an NHL hockey puck are 1" thick and 3" in diameter. Simple solution: Stick an RFID directly in the center of the puck. Rig every net with an RFID sensor at 0.5 inches past the back edge of the red line for vertical-oriented pucks - this RFID sensor would have to be at all 4 corners. Then, place a second set of sensors 1.5 inches past the back edge of the red line for horizontal-oriented pucks. How difficult is that? Edit: the only problem would be if the sensors were placed on the net and the net moved at the same time there was a close play.
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    10/15 GDT: Kings, 2 at Red Wings, 5

    That is the second power play tonight where the Wings have started with a faceoff in the neutral zone (the first one was after the bench minor for too many men). Why aren't these faceoffs starting in the offensive zone when starting the power play?
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    Preseason Television Coverage

    Yes, same guy. I saw that phillyslimm is covering the first game on the 16th, so if I can't catch it anywhere I will definitely be getting it from him. It would have to be a local Philly station. What I don't understand is why some games aren't being broadcast on FSN Plus when there is nothing else being broadcast that day. For example, on the 16th there is nothing on FSN Plus .. why not show the Wings? Doesn't make sense, the cameras are already there and obviously somebody has to be working them if the rival TV market is getting the feed , might as well show it here too if nothing else is on.
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    Preseason Television Coverage

    If there is already a thread for this and I didn't see it, I apologize. I'm trying to figure out what the preseason television coverage looks like. With just some quick google work, the only results I came up with was this for FSN Plus: http://msn.foxsports.com/id/6447224 The only other information I found was from the Red Wings site. http://redwings.nhl.com/club/schedule.htm This says the game in Toronto on September 26th is broadcast on CBC. Does anybody have more information? Thanks.
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    March 26, 1997 was an epic night. I have the entire game in a digital file that I can watch whenever I want. I watch that game and I think about the Red Wings of now. I cannot name a single game in over 12 years that has been as entertaining as that one. It really is simple for me, in what year was it just all-around better to be a Red Wings fan? 1997 or 2008? To me, it's not even close. While I thought the Red Wings would win in 2008 it did not mean as much as it did in 1997. To me, to the state, to the team itself. I'm also not stupid enough to say that the Red Wings need enforcers / tough guys / goons to win games. They don't. They have proven that. Enforcers / tough guys / goons are better for entertainment though. I do value the entertainment aspect of hockey. Last year's regular season was boring. Detroit winning the game is not the be all, end all for me. For some people on here, it seems like it is. Win at all costs , even if that means making it the most boring game to watch. I can't handle that. I would take the Red Wings of '97 in a heart beat. They were never boring.
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    Cleary = Maltby 2.0 ?

    I've been disappointed with Cleary this year. Last season, prior to his jaw injury, he was putting up points and making things happen in the offensive zone. Ever since then, he has not been the same. Cleary's offensive game has pulled a Houdini, so why is he on the second line? This is a line that, like the first line, should be focused on scoring. In my opinion, Cleary this year has been what Kirk Maltby has been. I have no knocks against him defensively, I just can't see why he is on the second line. Our second line currently consists of Franzen and Zetterberg - Franzen provides the big body. While our third line is Filpula, Hudler, and Samuelsson (no big bodies). It makes sense to me to take somebody from the third line and put them on the second. The second line gets a better offensively-minded player while the third line gets a little more size. That's a win-win in my eyes. As a side note, try to count how many times Cleary is on the ice. You won't be able to do it with just one hand - the guy is always falling. Yes, he made a great pass from his knees in game 2, but he didn't even need to if he would have stayed on his skates - it's unbelievable sometimes. Before everybody comes in with their replies, this is not a gripe or a groan, merely my opinion and observation - I simply think somebody else on the second line would be better. Filpula had a mediocre regular season, definitely under expectations, and while he's not putting up a lot of points in the playoffs either, he has looked good out there. I wouldn't mind seeing him on the second line. Your thoughts?
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    World Junior Championship

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    Wings RBK Jersey from China

    This thread needs a BUMP! Zetterberg and Chelios Red Jerseys are back in stock at http://www.lightinthebox.com/wholesale-NHL-Jersey_c1595