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    TOR vs. BOS - Series Thread

    We can now shower, drink moonshine or blueberry shakes, whatever our preferred method of cleansing is and collectively forget we supported Boston. Blue Jackets, you have my allegiance.
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    From the Athletic article about Holland stepping aside for Yzerman With all the Yzerman hype, appreciation for Holland kinda got lost in the shuffle. Thanks for stepping aside for Stevie Ken, and for the last 20+ years of Wings hockey. I get the feeling Ken isn't going to Seattle after reading this bit from the Athletic...
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    He grew up in New York. Played his college hockey at NYU. Makes sense. Worth noting: Datsyuk's mother is Mike Richter. You've gotta think that'll be a factor.
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    CAR vs WSH - Series Thread

    Don't worry, it looks like Amazon has us all covered. Looks like they also included some Dashboard Confessional for those that needed it. Big Brother is definitely watching.
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    Some of the bigger moves Yzerman made rebuilding the bolts: To PHI: Gudas, 1st, 3rd -------------- Bad. Coburn isn't a big enough upgrade to justify this. Gave away solid picks. To TBL: Coburn To BOS: Brett Connolly -------------- Possible example of what could become of Svechnikov? To TBL: 2nd, 2nd To ARI: DeAngelo --------------------- Bad. Poor return for a possibly very good young Dman. To TBL: 2nd To LAK: Bishop, 5th ------------------ Cernak was a great pickup, but Bishop may end up the superior G to Vasi To TBL: Budaj, Cernak, 7th To PHI: Filppula, 4th, 7th ------------ Gave away Fil and a 7th, but it saved cap space. Should never gave Fil that contract. To TBL: Streit To PIT: Streit To TBL: 4th To MTL: Drouin ----------------------- Good. Got rid of problem child and Serg is more valuable. To TBL: Sergachev To VGK: Gusev, 2nd, 4th ----------- Bad. Gave up a lot in picks and Gusev. Should never have acquired Garrison. To TBL: Vegas selects Garrison To NYR: Namesnikov, Howden, Hajek, 1st, 2nd ------ Good (so far) To TBL: McDonagh, Miller To PHI: Meszaros --------------------- Good. Meszaros turned out to be poop To TBL: 2nd To NYI: Wishart ----------------------- Good. Wishart ended up being nothing and Roloson was crucial to early TBL success To TBL: Roloson To COL: Downie ---------------------- Good. Turned Downie into a 1st. To TBL: Quincey To DET: Quincey To TBL: 1st To NSH: Caron, 2nd, 2nd, 3rd ---- Bad. Lindback ended up being worthless. Gave away Picks. To TBL: Lindback, Wilson, 7th To OTT: Conacher, 4th ------------- Good. Bishop is now one of the best and Conacher is AHL. To TBL: Bishop To NYR: St. Louis, 2nd -------------- Good. Great return for a player he couldn't keep. To TBL: Callahan, 1st, 1st, 7th To CBJ: Taormina, Tyrell ------------ Could have been a steal for Yzerman, but he let Marchessault walk after this trade To TBL: Marchessault, Smith To NYI: 1st ----------------------------- 1st ended up being Ho-Sang, the two 2nds ended up being forgettable (so far) To TBL: 2nd, 2nd He's acquired most of his players through draft and/or trades, and doesn't really have too many homeruns from the UFA market besides Stralman. He's passed out some suspect contracts to the likes of Callahan, Carle, and Filppula, but then he's also found unknown players like Johnson and Gourde who've contributed a lot. IMO it doesn't seem to me like Yzerman is overly good at trades or contracts... His real talent looks to be recognizing potential where others may not see it. This has led him to get Jon Cooper, Kucherov, Point, Palat, Roloson, Stralman, Johnson, Gourde, Bishop. Most of those names have been absolutely crucial to the Bolts success. However its burned him too on Carle, Filppula, Garrison, and Lindback, and not seeing it in Gudas, Marchessault, and DeAngelo. I think the difference has been Yzerman actively seeks to solve the problems when they arise. Carle bought out, Filppula dumped, Garrison dumped, Drouin stonewalled then traded. That's what I like about him, Holland has been content to just leave bad contracts on the books and wait them out.
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    TOR vs. BOS - Series Thread

    Is it autumn? Because I see the Leafs have fallen.
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    The 91 of Ryans

    RIP Leonard 'Red' Kelly

    Beat me to it. Cool that he got to see his # retired. He and Gordie and Ted, kicking butt in Valhalla.
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    Yes, that's exactly it. A junior player is eligible to play in the AHL if they will be 20 years old by December 31st of that season OR has already played 4 seasons in the CHL. Because Veleno was granted exceptional status, he's already played his 4 years of junior and can play in Grand Rapids next season. I think he has a real shot to make the Red Wings roster out of camp next season, but wouldn't be surprised to see him start with in GR. I think he'll get a good look in Detroit at some point next season though.
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    I don't want to see this old man taking away from Glendenning's minutes.
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    Poll: Datsyuk on the team at 41?

    Deep down I dont want him coming back, but with that said. if I am Yzerman and Datsyuk asks to return, I probably bring him back as long as its not stupid money. He can help with the kids, and I'd like to see him have a proper send off. Maybe we can trade Nielen to Arizona and give Datsyuk his spot lol.
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    TOR vs. BOS - Series Thread

    I'm way more emotionally invested in this than I should be. F*** both these teams, but f*** the Leafs more.
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    Of course i leave for vacation on Thursday and Yzerman is named GM on Friday. Ive been sippin mai tais on the beach like a fool with no clue whats been going guys. Finally turned my phone on. Obviouslly Im thrilled. I also see that there is a rumor that Yzerman is attempting to bring Fedorov back to the wings in an assistant position. Holy s***. The gangs gettin back together for real. Feds was just GM of champion CSKA Moscow. He could be a serious assest luring over more Russian players like Podkolzin. Russian 5 2.0. Also that 91 would fersure get retired. Also Holland rejected the Edmonton job apparently? He's either gonna remain a Wing the next few years and then jet to join me in Seattle or he's gonna retire a wing. I really feel like we are not just turning the page here and entering a new chapter. We are throwing out the whole book and starting a new one. The possibility of Stevie bringing Feds and Verbeek and Murray with him should have u diamond hard. This franchise has seemingly modernized almost overnight. We will be competitive in 5 years. Mark it. Love u losers. Rejoice. *tips pina colada* Ill return to my regularly scheduled posting Thursday morning
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    The 91 of Ryans

    2019 Draft

    I'd trust Yzerman. The same way I trusted Holland. It's always nice to remind yourself which one of these guys was, you know, an actual scout n' stuff
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    I changed my mind.
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    Bet he'll be full time with the Wings at some point in 19-20 season.
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    @Dabura He'll come back and sign with NYR
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    BOS vs. CBJ - Round 2

    That's a good thing!
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    CAR vs WSH - Series Thread

    I still think we should’ve kept Mrazek... Bring it motha uckas!!!
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    CAR vs WSH - Series Thread

    Except for the one he lost when he was at Washington. Those are the players you hate. They always hurt your team but blow it when they play for you. You better have some good hand lotion if you're going to enjoy a series between the Hurricanes and the Islanders.
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    As my friends that are Hawks fans and those that are Pens (I know why have those kinds of friends) when I say we have 11 they say the 50s and 60s don't count. So therefore any championships the Leafs have from that era are summarily dismissed. Therefore we have more done
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    I think you left out Canada.
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    TOR vs. BOS - Series Thread

    Man I hope the Leafs get knocked out!
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    News From Around the NHL

    While looking up Rasmus Dahlin's career stats I accidentally stumbled across the reason why the Buffalo Sabres continue to suck despite having good talent...because they're a team full of ginger dorks. How the hell are you going to win with these dweebs?