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    Merry Christmas LGW!

    Good Jule!
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    Get f***ed everybody!
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    If this was "least amount of trades in 500 years" "Wait n see" "Closed system" Holland and the team was better I would be a lot more ticked by the uselessness of this trade. But it's wheel n deal Yzerman with a crap team. I applaud his willingness to try things and not sit on his hands.
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    This is making me eager for draft day moms.
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    mfw I will never have a cute shufflin gf
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    Seider for Captain

    Hiter andddd Trump memes This thread is off to a promising start
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    Would love it if they played "Baby Shark" before every faceoff, after SJ penalties, and when the Sharks celebrate a goal. Fake news. Not possible.
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    Have a great new years eve, folks!
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    SHut out for BERNIE!!! Well deserved, he's been a total star for us, bad as the Wings are. Bert and Hronek, total studs.
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    General Rebuild Discussion Thread

    z a g i n a ™
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    Merry Christmas LGW!

    Merry Christmas!!! s***ter was full!!!
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    Merry Christmas LGW!

    Merry Christmas LGW! I hope Santa brings us a No.1 pick at the end of the season.
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    Merry Christmas LGW!

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    You've had some dumb posts here man, but this one is definitely up there...
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    ---------- Welcome to my GDT ---------- DETROIT RED WINGS @ DALLAS STARS -------------------------- FRIDAY NIGHT HYPE -------------------------- ******* New Decade ******* ******* New Wings ******* Last time these two teams met the Wings won 4-3 in the Wings home opener Roope Hintz led Stars with 2 goals Mantha had ******* 4 Stars are starting their Winter Classic hangover as well Recent News: Yzerman, Cleary, Horcoff seen scouting SWE/CZE WJ game "Damn millennials and their flip phones" - Yzerman LGRW
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    I hope fabbri stays healthy and stays on this team for a long time.
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    I predict we allow 5!!!! but who knows... we might score 6
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    ely s

    World Juniors

    really good first 40 of Germany, Seider played more than 25 min and the US scored only one goal(PP) with him on the ice. He made his presence felt.
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    Fabbri or Zadina?

    Sure. I don't really disagree with any of this. I'm just saying "If he's truly That Player, why am I not seeing him doing galaxy brain things?" strikes me as kind of a nitpicky take. I would say he *is* displaying a worthy-of-6th-overall hockey brain. Even if he's not, he's still putting up points and being defensively responsible and showing well in the possession metrics -- and he's doing all this as a just-turned-20 kid on a horribad team that can't do anything right. All this while being a smallish guy who doesn't skate like the wind. He'll continue to get stronger, his skating will continue to improve, the NHL game will continue to slow down for him. I'm expecting really good things from him. bruh c'mon
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    The 91 of Ryans

    World Juniors

    Incorrect. He was hoping he could get his BPA and cash in on another dum dum GM who was willing to cough up extra assets to move into the 6 position and take a player (Cozens, Zegras) not as good as Seider.
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    Jimmy, please don't get hurt again. That is all.