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    "wow the wings had a pretty great draft, huh?......." *steps down as lightning GM*
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    If anything can bring me out of the woodwork, it’s news of My Lord and Savior Stevesus Yzermanchrist making his long overdue return to the Motherland to (not) strap on his skates and lead us to a threepeat, a super bowl win, and the end of the Flint water crisis. The part of my brain that’s not having a fever dream hopes that all is well with his family, has tempered expectations that he will ever return to the Wings franchise in any official capacity, and will wait and see how this pans out like a normal-functioning human being. But I’d be lying if I said my initial reaction to the original tweets wasn’t to aggressively hump the nearest inanimate (or not—sorry Lesley) object whilst scream-singing Don’t Stop Believing. Whatevs.
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    All realistic, unrealistic, and dream scenarios aside, please, please, PLEASE be our next GM. Please.
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    *grabs zadinas hand* "I'll make sure ken doesnt screw this up "
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    I caught @krsmith17 's so I had to call.
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    Rumors Thread

    I didn't know you worked for 'Highlights'?
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    Another draft like this last one and the team is ready to push for the playoffs. The prospects are good as is but the Wings would still need a bit of luck developing for me to feel this team will really compete in the future
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    Rumors Thread

    [Checks if Detroit is in Canada] Good news gang
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    Not sure how I feel about Holland moving on to Seattle and taking Tyler Wright with him. His staff has done a pretty excellent job of drafting going all the way back to Larkin.
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    Most shocking news of the off season??? One more year on his deal with Tampa... one more year until Kenny is ready for an advisory role???
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    Rejoice friends, the Captain may be returning.
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    not sure if you guys realize the puns you are using! @krsmith17 said he refuses to "bet" against Vegas @e_prime said they're still rather "flush" intentional or not, its pretty funny!
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    Wonder how Datsyuk’s hockey career is going. Pretty good looks like. Wonder if Zetterberg can actually lift his kid up and play with him. Guess we’ll find out eventually. In the mean time he’s back in Detroit, putting his health on the line still trying to make it back on the roster. All for a team that has absolutely zero chance of winning the cup and hasn’t had a chance since his back surgery 4 years sgo. Could have quit 2-3 years ago when we sucked. Instead continued playing and the “best prognosis” for him is spinal fusion surgery when he’s around 50 years old. What great prospects knowing you have about 10 more years before they operate on you again and make you less mobile. Zetterberg = True Red Wing and Detroiter. Dedicated and loyal till the end. Not to mention he’s done more charity work for the community than anyone in recent years. I’ll be sure to be at the game where they lift his jersey up in the rafters.
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    You^ vs the guy she tells you not to worry about
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    No more people in the seats.
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    Dominik Hasek

    LGW.com YouTube channel plz.
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    I'm terrified of soccer. At first it's just a few pick up games at the park down the road, but then pretty soon they're playing it in the street in front of your house, and well - as they say - there goes the neighborhood. So you move across town, but it doesn't make a difference, because it's already in the schools and now your own kids have learned it. "it's just a harmless game between friends" your daughter says. Then one day she brings a soccer ball home with her... How could this happen? You never raised her like this. So you argue, but it's too late, even your wife is taking your daughters side now, urging YOU, the man of the house, to keep an open mind... So you reluctantly agree to, but deep down you feel the embarrassment. The shame. Your family will never be the same. You know what must be done. After they fall asleep you grab what lil hockey equipment you have left in the house and slip on out the backdoor... With a tear in your eye you stare back over your shoulder one last time wondering how it all went so wrong... Then you ramble on down the road. I've seen it a hundred times. It's a tragedy as old as time.
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    Why? Hockeytown is about the fans. Hockeytown moniker is about the fans. It pisses me off that they are removing it. Mr. I had it trademarked because it's about the city and the fans not about the team. The fans are not just in Detroit...