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    Glad I'm not the first to mention this. Should Holland have started the rebuild sooner instead of holding on to the playoff streak? Sure, I won't disagree with anyone who wants to argue that point. However, all of you who see Hollands name and automatically scream about the sky falling, cannot claim these last 2 seasons of rebuilding haven't been wildly successful on his part. Tatar = 1st, 2nd, 3rd (fantastic haul for a middle 6 forward) Mrazek = 3rd, 3rd (great haul for a backup goalie that could be in Europe next year) Sheahan = 3rd (sucks we couldn't get more, but his value was at an all time low and we needed the cap for AA) Ott = 6th (fair) Vanek = 3rd (fair) Smith = 2nd, 3rd (highway robbery with Smith in the minors screwing up NYR's books) Jurco = 3rd (fantastic haul for an AHL/NHL tweener) Datsyuk = 2nd (between a rock n a hard place, traded out Chychrun for Cholo and got the cap space, fair) Kindl = 6th (thrilled just to get anything) I'm not at all mad about a single trade he's done since the rebuild started. And the Mrazek, Tatar, and Smith trades have me particularly happy. For a man who's never had to rebuild before he's doing grade A quality work so far. If you need every roster player to be traded in order to be happy, I think you're being a bit unrealistic with your expectations. Where I do draw issue, and where I think most of this boards frustrations truly lie, is with Blashill coming back. The whole "fresh voice" thing hasn't worked at all. Young players who had bright futures under Babs almost immediately regressed, and he's getting subpar performances from our vets as well (though aging plays a role with some). If we should damn anyone right now it's Blash, and if you wanna put Holland on blast, blast him for keeping Blash, otherwise Holland has been fantastic the last 2 seasons.
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    No. What has turned this franchise into what it is is having sustained long term success in a league designed to prevent it. Implementation of a salary cap without even a luxury tax preventing signing of meaningful free agents, and then overpaying pending ones. Going long periods of time without high end draft picks, and missing on the lower ones that were awarded based on the way the draft is set up (punishing success, rewarding failure). No longer having the best scouting staff and pulling gems out of later rounds. Being incredibly unlucky in drafting defenseman and getting duds (Kindl, Smith), as well as fluke injuries/medical issues regarding defensemen who were actually very good (Vladi, Fischer, Kronwall). This team would not be any better today bringing up any of its past prospects sooner than it did. Blaming this team's current state of affairs on how it has handled its prospects in the past is quite irrelevant IMO. It's like that person you work with who blames all of their problems on whoever the President is. In reality, this has very little to do with their personal issues, but they don't like him, so he's a convenient scapegoat. In summary, this team's issues are multifaceted (as mentioned above). It's handling of prospects has never been one of them that i can recall. But it's easy to blame our downfall on that perception for those that didn't agree with it. It's just human nature I suppose.
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    At this point, I don't care who wins the Cup, just someone please knock off the Penguins!
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    Whipping Boy

    I thought this thread was gonna be about LeftWinger
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    Hicketts with his first NHL point
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    You need to repair your sarcasm sensor
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    I'm pretty sure the Wings will be looking to take a defenseman with the first pick, but it's entirely possible that they decide an available forward is better than the available defensemen. Taking Svechnikov over anyone not named Dahlin is, to me, a no-brainer, but you could also make a case for Zadina or Tkachuk being every bit as appealing as any of Hughes, Boqvist, Bouchard, Dobson. I might be a little disappointed if we take Wahlstrom in the 6-8 range, but on the other hand, we're talking about arguably the top centerman in this draft class. Taking Veleno 8th overall? Could be a reach, but I'm not sure he's any less promising than Larkin was in his draft year. I'm so pumped for this draft. Lottery's only 12 days away! http://www.tankathon.com/nhl/mock_draft
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    Since Ras plays in my area and I've gotten to watch him a few times, I posted earlier this season that I thought the kid really had the potential to be a beastly dominant player but the points weren't showing that. He really knows how to use his size and reach to his advantage. I didn't know why the points weren't coming in even stronger for him, but I guess now we can probably chalk it up to his injury and him most likely rehabbing it and looking out for his health all season. Now that he's in the playoffs he's absolutely flipped the switch and gone full Franzen-postseason beast mode. Super happy for him, I knew he could turn it on. He may really be on this team next year.
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    What a tragic story. As hard to read as that was, thanks for sharing. Here’s to hoping everyone involved in profiting off of preventing people from getting clean gets caught and locked up for a long time. I have so much respect for Ken for using this story to try to help as many people as possible; it can’t be an easy thing to talk about.
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    100% of the reason for the decline is the decades success and lack of any high draft picks. It's like you're blaming the pilot for eventually having to land to refuel. We simply can't trade for or get in FA the impact players we need anymore in today's NHL. No GM or front office could have kept us contending or going deep into the playoffs. People need to cool off.
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    didn't know where to post this/didn't think it needed it's own post. but here's a good article... a little praise for a couple of our top prospects. enjoy. https://www.freep.com/story/sports/nhl/red-wings/2018/03/31/red-wings-prospects-michael-rasmussen-dennis-cholowski/475487002/ Maybe the most exciting note is Rasmussen's playoff so far:
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    Holland and Blashill expected to return

    Ultimately, it's all going to come down to drafting. My biggest gripe with Holland is that his scouting and drafting machinery hasn't produced a single high-end NHL defenseman since Niklas Kronwall, who was drafted 18 years ago. My second-biggest gripe with Holland is that his scouting and drafting machinery hasn't produced a cornerstone player since the Datsyuk and Zetterberg home run picks of 1998 and 1999, respectively. That, more than anything else, is what concerns me about Holland handling a rebuild, where scouting and drafting is everything. For years now we've heard Holland say that "there's no hockey store" and that "this is a draft-and-develop league." Well, money-where-your-mouth-is time is here. The good news: our five most recent first selections -- Mantha, Larkin, Svechnikov, Cholowski, Rasmussen -- were decent-to-excellent choices, Athanasiou was a steal, Bertuzzi's looking like he was worth that 2nd-round pick, and Hronek has been awesome for two straight seasons now. Also: 11(+?) picks in the upcoming draft and 10(+?) picks in the 2019 draft is huge. But, as Holland and Draper and everyone has said, this organization needs home run selections. If we get a couple over the next couple of drafts, Holland is golden. If we don't, then four years is probably the upper limit on how much time Holland has left as GM of the Red Wings.
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    Whipping Boy

    I think the optics/feelings that he's disappointing, once again stem back to the Wings "hype" train that we often fall victim (me included). The early articles about how we were so lucky to get DD. Kenny really pulled all of the strings to get the home town boy to come play for the Wings. The words "coveted" and "sweepstakes" were being throw around. Blah, blah, blah. Another guy that we put up on a pedestal for no performance based reason, overpay, and expect them to be good/great NHL players. Granted every young player comes with some risk, but if DD were not from Detroit, not played at WMU, his dad had not been friends with Kenny, then I don't think he'd ever have been on our team. Both by his choice and ours. He's okay. Average. Overpaid. Looking at history, probably won't develop further into the player of the hype he was receiving. Our organization just has issues recognizing this, putting fair market-value offers out to these players even at the risk of losing them. This systemic hype/loyalty "thing" the Wings organization consistently falls prey to is becoming a character flaw.
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    What business do they have winning? That's not helping out the future at all. Need to see a better effort next game.
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    if they're back get ready for another top 5 draft pick. Blashill isn't an NHL coach.
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    After tonight's game vs the Pens, we have a relatively "easy" schedule. No more back-to-backs, 3 out of 5 at home, 4 out of 5 against none playoff teams... Thursday and Sunday games are huge against Buffalo and Ottawa... We could very easily have the 2nd (maybe even 1st) best odds at winning the Dahlin lottery... We should play Coreau 4 of the remaining 6 games to "see what we have in him"...
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    2018 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs Thread

    Is this the year that Ovi finally beats Sid? ...lets hope so!
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    Our draft position

    This guy gets it.
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    Our draft position

    This idea is simply wrong. The vets are not guaranteed anything nor preventing any kids from making the team. We could bring them all back, plus resign Green, plus sign Beauchemin, strap Vladdy to a sled and sign him to a 3 year deal, and if we go to TC and find 6 copies of prime Bobby Orr our defense next year would be 6 copies of prime Bobby Orr. In the whole of the cap era, the best young defenseman to lose out to a vet would be a toss-up between Ericsson and Quincey. How many Quincey-Ericsson-Kindl-Smith-Lashoff-Dekeyser-Almqvist-Marchenko-Ouellet-Sproul-Jensens will we go through before you start to consider the possibility that the next in line is not necessarily the next big thing, and that the reason they're getting passed over isn't because of vets or contracts or UFA signings, but rather because they just aren't that good? It's already been said that the Wings defense is a pretty low bar. If a Hicketts/Hronek/Cholowski/potential 2018 pick can't make it over that bar, we should probably temper our excitement for them.
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    Question for KRS

    Cholowski and Sambrook haven't even played for the Griffs yet but should both be NHLers one day. Sambrook will likely be a Dekeyser type (limited offensively but ok defensively). Cholowski should at least project as a second pair guy but may have first pair upside. He's a great passer, so maybe in the Brian Rafalski mold? Russo and Renouf/Lashoff/McIlrath (not mentioned above) are career AHLers. Hronek needs to get stronger but is a very good offensive defenseman. Very dynamic and creative player with plenty of offensive upside. Saarijarvi is too early to tell. He's a good skater, passer, and is pretty tough despite his size. He reminds me a bit of Ryan Ellis for the Predators. He's currently blocked by Hronek because they're both competing for PP time and to be the primary offensive d-man. Once Hronek gets promoted to the big club Ville will get those bigger minutes and powerplay time and we'll see what he does with them, but he's scored decently well given how few minutes he plays currently. Hicketts (I'm sure KRS will disagree) is nothing special. He's not overly fast, he's not overly skilled, he's small, but he's got gumption. He looked decent in his call up to Detroit, but that's misleading. He was gifted powerplay time and offensive zone starts and he had a very long rope. Had some brutal pinches and giveaways that, had the Wings been in the playoff hunt, would have had him benched (Blashill acknowledged as much). Finally, Libor Sulak is a bit of a darkhorse on the defense. He's older, just came over from Finland (where he toasted the Finnish pro league), and has 2 assists in 2 games for the Griffs. Excellent skater, decent size, offensize d-man, who's still learning the North American game and ice. Might be a decent find but hard to tell with such a small sample size. The big problem in Grand Rapids is that Lashoff, McIlrath, Renouf, and Russo are in the lineup every night so it's going to be hard for these young guys to get ice time to prove themselves. It's been discussed that one problem with the Griffs is that they play to win the Calder Cup, which means having a veteran heavy team, which means young prospects who have NHL upside don't have as many spots to take. Supposedly that's going to change after this season according to Griffs GM Ryan Martin. Anyway, just my two cents.
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    Ken Kal liked this on twitter today (Ken Kal f***s) HYPE
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    That was a super d*ck move/hit it had intent to injure written all over it. But will Kadri drop the gloves? Beat down in Boston or Toronto? Based on last night it might only go 4 What about Prince Phillip's(reference from the Foxsports South feed of Preds cast) 3rd period. The dude basically put that team on his back and along with Rinne made it happen. It got a bit feisty at the end also so game 2 should be fun. Sometimes watching games with no dog in the hunt is fun but not a situation I want to keep doing year after year. Hear me Kenny fix my team!!
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    Kadri's a f***ing dirtbag...
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    Our draft position

    I think you're missing the point. Ericsson and Daley play the hard minutes. We don't have any defenceman who are anywhere near ready to take on those responsibilities. You don't just throw prospects into the deep end and hope they swim. That's how you ruin a prospect's confidence and development.
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    He signs an illegally front-loaded contract with NJ. Bolts back for Russia as soon as he's collected 90% of the money because "family" (I'm sure becoming by far the highest paid player in the KHL had nothing to do with it) Now he wants to rejoin the NHL to finally get that elusive Stanley Cup.. but he plans on signing with the richest team in the league that just initiated a full rebuild and fired their coach. Yes Ilya, I'm sure it's not about the money anymore...
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    I actually like what I've seen from Holland over the past couple years. I've been happy (or wrongfully unhappy) with most moves he's made in that time. This is a big off-season for him. I don't expect any huge moves, but it'll be interesting to see what he does. If he can make one or two trades to offload some dead weight (Ouellet) / bad contract (Nielsen) and continues the youth movement (Rasmussen), I'll be happy. I'd also like to see him make a good hockey trade to acquire a young potential top end defenseman, but not holding my breath on that one... If you asked me last year, or even a few months ago, I would have said no way to bringing Holland back. I'm okay with it though. Show us what you got Kenny!
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    It's remarkable how much Larkin has grown as a player this season and, in contrast, how little AA has grown as a player this season. Is Larkin any more naturally talented than AA? Not really. Is Larkin ten times more self-driven to be the best player he can possibly be? Seems to be the case. Last year, someone high up -- I think it was Holland -- said the organization will be putting a lot of emphasis on "character" in their amateur scouting and drafting. Maybe those guys actually know what they're doing!
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    How do we feel about AA? I've gotta be honest: even if he wants to stay and is willing to sign a reasonable extension, I might look to move him at the draft if I'm Holland. I reached a point during last night's game, seeing him try to "I'm hot s***" deke past a defenseman for the 48,000th time this season and fail for the 47,997th time this season, where I just kind of threw my hands up in the air and really started to wonder if he isn't in fact a "problem kid." I'm sure Blashill and other players have told him he needs to grow his game. ("Maybe don't go for the low-percentage deke every. single. time.") I'm sure Blashill and other players have told him he needs to get much stronger, as the lightest breeze can easily separate him from the puck. That he apparently hasn't taken this advice to heart is not encouraging. He plays like a bottom-six winger. He plays bad possession hockey. He plays dumb hockey. For me, it's getting kind of old. Problem is, everyone else in the league can see this, so I doubt his trade value is especially high. I don't think he gets us a Justin Faulk. I'm not sure he could even get us a late 1st.
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    Unless we're picking 2nd overall (Svechnikov), I think it's almost a given that we'll be taking a defenseman with our first pick. The consensus top defensemen not named Dahlin are pretty much set: Hughes, Boqvist, Bouchard, Dobson. Maybe also Ty Smith, depending on who you ask. For what it's worth (not much), Draper didn't mention Hughes when he rattled off names in his recent interview with HSJ: HSJ: Is the defense position a priority? KD: “A major priority. You have Dahlin. You have Boqvist, you have Evan Bouchard playing in London, you have Noah Dobson in Acadie-Bathurst. You have Ty Smith playing out west. There’s a pretty good crew of defensemen that are going to be available in the top 20. Our second 1st, I don't know, because Vegas's postseason fate is totally up in the air at this time and, as far as I'm concerned, there really isn't a whole lot of separation in the rough consensus 16-31 range anyway. I assume the Wings would like a defenseman or centerman as opposed to a winger, but there should be some pretty sexy wingers available in that range, e.g. Joel Farabee (not sure he slides that far, but we'll see), Serron Noel, Dominik Bokk. I agree with @LeftWinger that having those two early 2nds is a really big deal. People are focused on our first 1st, and rightfully so, but that cluster of picks -- Vegas's 1st and the two early 2nds -- could be where we really make bank.
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    Big games today...

    A lot of crucial games today to keep an eye on... Rangers vs Flyers @ 3:00 - We need the Flyers to get at least a point in this game to guarantee the pick from the Mrazek trade moves from a 4th to a 3rd. Lightning vs Hurricanes @ 7:00 - Lightning need to win this game to guarantee top spot in the East and a first round matchup vs the Devils, Flyers, or Panthers. Senators vs Bruins @ 7:00 - Bruins need to win this game to have a chance at top spot in the East. They would also have to gain another point on Tampa (either Lighning loss or Bruins win vs Panthers tomorrow). Canadiens vs Maple Leafs @ 7:00 - We need the Habs to get at least one point in this game to (temporarily) jump us in the standings. Sabres vs Panthers @ 7:00 - Panthers need to win this game to have a shot at making the playoffs. They would also need the Flyers to lose their afternoon game today in regulation and win their game tomorrow vs the Bruins. Devils vs Capitals @ 7:00 / Blue Jackets vs Predators @ 8:00 - These two games will determine which team plays the Caps or Pens in the first round. If the Jackets win, they're guaranteed to play 2nd seed Pens rather than top seed Caps. Probably not a good thing... Blues vs Avalanche @ 9:00 - This is probably the biggest game tonight. Whoever wins gets in (Avs must win in regulation). Ducks vs Coyotes @ 9:00 / Stars vs Kings @ 10:30 / Wild vs Sharks @ 10:30 - These three games determine who plays who first round. All three California teams can end up anywhere from 2nd seed, 3rd seed to wild card. Islanders vs Red Wings @ 7:00 - Wings need to lose in regulation, Habs to gain a point and Yotes to gain two to move down to 29th overall (3rd best lottery odds)...
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    I'd completely forgotten that Draper won the Selke. (2003-04.) Isles look totally flat. Think they know Tavares is leaving? Pretty cool that Tavares gets to play his last game as an Isle against his new team -- and in their shiny new arena.
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    Big games today...

    Good news...
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    Our draft position

    One point gained by the Flyers or one point lost by the Panthers and the 4th becomes a 3rd. Florida play the Sabres at home tomorrow, and the Bruins in Boston on Sunday. I really hope the Flyers beat the Rangers tomorrow though, so we don't have to worry about the last game on Sunday (assuming Florida beat Buffalo)...
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    The team is not going to go into next season trying to lose in purpose. This is what you need to realize. The youth on this roster aren't gonna develop getting scored on 5 or 6 times every game. They develop by playing competitive hockey. Being competitive = confidence.
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    Saying that you were right about Hudler not leading our team, would be like me saying now that Nyquist will never win a Hart and DD will never win a Norris, not exactly a "bold prediction". Agreed @krsmith17 had Franzen never suffered all those concussions, I have no doubt that he would still be a great player.
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    It's inevitable (unfortunately)

    How can you hate so many teams and so many players? I don't get it... For me, the team I hate the most (the Hawks) are out, which is great, as long as they don't win the draft lottery. The only other teams I do not want to see win it this year, are the Pens and Leafs. F*** No! to the Pens because the thought of a team (besides the Wings) making a three-peat makes me sick, and F*** No! to the Leafs because I would never hear the end of it... I want Vegas bounced first round, because like others mentioned, we need that pick to be as high as possible. I'd like to see Philly go deep, in hopes that they can somehow make the ECF and Mrazek win 6 games, to turn that 3rd (assuming they make the playoffs) into a 2nd. Highly unlikely, but I'll be rooting for them for sure. The only team I really like in the East is Tampa, in the West, I love Winnipeg and like Nashville as well. I'm hoping for a Lightning vs Jets final. Would be an epic series in my opinion. We really need to get lucky on draft lottery day, which is April 28th. I'll be in Alberta visiting my sister and brother-in-law at the end of the month. He's a huge Habs fan, so I'm hoping Detroit move up to 1 and Montreal drop back 2 or 3 spots...
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    Wings haven't won a Cup since Brett Lebda left. Wings haven't made the playoffs since Joakim Andersson left. You can keep all your fancypants Fedorovs and Datsyuks and Bill Ranfords and Robert Langs. I know who the real MVPs are.
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    I'm not even pissed at the Wings. They aren't really playing any different than they have all season long. I'm pissed at the Penguins for gifting us two points. I'm pissed at the Sabres and Senators for being tire fires. I'm pissed at Bobrovsky and the Jackets for letting us score four goals on them instead of the usual one or two or zero. I'm pissed at the Habs for being the Habs. I'm pissed at the Blackhawks for being the Blackhawks. I'm pissed at the Oilers for being the Oilers. I'm pissed at the Islanders for being the Islanders. It's the Wings versus the world and the world has chosen to throw the damn match.
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    It would probably be Holland as Vice President at that point. And I don't think Yzerman would fail. Without the whole "streak" thing anymore, he could pretty much do what he did in Tampa.
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    Whipping Boy

    I kind of feel sorry for Nielsen. Blashill has anchored him with grinders all year and fans are ripping on him for not scoring more. He's doing the job the coach has assigned him, I think if he was given an offensive role he'd be better. Still shouldn't have signed him, but his point totals aren't his fault
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    I Love Larkin

    First off with you it's hard to tell if you're serious or if this some April Fool's joke but in any context Larkin couldn't hold Stevie Y's jockstrap. I will give Larkin credit for his increased role this year but at the end of the day 15-16 goals isnt good enough. He should be a 30 goal scorer. End or story.
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    I was a Mrazek over Howard guy the entire time, in the end, I didn't care which one got traded (preferred Howard) just whichever one brought us the best return. I admit, I was deeply disappointed and WRONG about Mrazek being our future All-Star, Stanley Cup Goalie. Once you get past the Denial, Anger and acceptance of being wrong, you can admit it! Plus, that gives you a bit of gloat time when you are right about a thing or two! The last step is moving forward! After Jimmy is gone, who do we moved forward with? Perhaps this is best discussed in the other thread!
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    Whipping Boy

    My 'personal whipping boy' - Gus - unfortunately was not moved at the deadline. While DD has been nothing special - he's a 'reasonable' 2nd pairing Dman playing more minutes than he should.
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    I'm okay with a top 5 pick again next season. Bring it on.
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