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    Rumors Thread

    Seasons greetings everyone! Its that time of year again. Everyone's favorite holiday, Leftwinger's Annual Trade Deadline Meltdown Spectacular! That magical time of year where we get to witness the miracle of a grown man lose his mind when his favorite sports team fails to live up to his insane expectations! This year looks to be extra special because Lefty Claus fully believes that Holland will trade no less than 8 roster players. This feels like Christmas, New Years, 4th of July and my birthday all wrapped into one! In order to get everyone in the holiday spirit this year, I thought it might be fun to get some wagers going. Below you'll see a list of the most probable reactions we'll see from Lefty, along with the odds of each outcome that ive scientifically calculated based on past behavior and current level of his delusion (unusually high this year). If you expect an outcome that you dont see listed, please post it below and i'll calculate the odds. Happy Holidays! Epic rant demanding that Holland be fired - 2:1 Promise to quit following Red Wings forever - 3:1 Burn all of his jerseys in a dumpster - 4:1 State his desire for Holland's dead body to be found in a ditch - 6:1 Quit his job in order to stalk and harass Holland's cat full time - 7:1 Joins a suicide cult that believes the only way that the Red Wings will win the lottery and draft Dahlin is for the entire group to ritualistically shave each other's balls and then hang themselves while masturbating to photoshopped images of Tippett and Hague in Red Wings jerseys - 10:1 Quadruple murder-suicide of his wife and children, while chanting over and over, "Born and raised in South Detroit, Born and raised in South Detroit, Born and raised in South Detroit, Born and raised in South Detroit" - 15:1 Massive psychotic break resulting in a persistent catatonic state which requires around the clock psychiatric care, yet somehow he will be back on the forum before next season and will deny anything happened and will laugh it off whenever someone brings up his well documented history of public meltdowns - 25:1 Calmly acknowledges that his expectations were probably a little high and that while he is disappointed we couldn't move out more big contracts, he knows that Holland did the best he could and it's not the end of the world - 1,000,000,000,000:1
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    Rumors Thread

    I agree. It's amazing how low most all Red Wings fans are on DeKeyser. Some even go as far as to say they'd eat half his salary for a 7th round draft pick. I would trade DeKeyser, but it would have to be worth it. DD isn't near as bad as fans make it seem, and on a better team, I think he's a legit top 3/4 defenseman. And like you said, he's getting paid as such.
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    Kinda digging the whole youth thing as I believe we are doing what Jersey did last year. Semi throw in the towel let the kids gain experience and hopefully get some more help at draft time. I have accepted no playoffs this year and watch the games with eye towards the future.
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    So, can Petr haz mor starts now, Jeff? Hes been doing ok lately.
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    Rumors Thread

    I dont trade DD. He's paid quite comparably to other top 4 D-men, and with a good coach I think he will play at that level. We need top 4 D-men, I'd rather not trade any away unless its for a better top 4 D-man.
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    The age gap is too far spread to simply say Howard is whatever to Mrazek "at this point in time"... Who do you think will be more consistent when Mrazek is Howard's age and Howard is 41? Not really a fair comparison is it? Though you'd probably still say Howard because "Mrazek will be sucking it up in a lower tier European League"... Howard is a veteran, and Mrazek is just entering his prime. Of course Howard is more consistent. Zetterberg is more consistent than Athanasiou as well. Does Athanasiou suck just because he's not "consistent" every night? No. People see flashes of brilliance in AA, just like most do in Mrazek. In a rebuild, we should be looking to keep as many of these type players as we can, not trading them for peanuts, and keeping the vets...
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    Well that's settled then...
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    SHUTOUT! Another one for Petr!
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    is it true, is Hicketts making his debut tonight? that deserves some HYPE!!! LGRW!!!
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    Wings Recall Hicketts

    Is he the next Torey Krug or Adam Almqvist? We'll see how his size translates into the NHL. I hope we finally catch a break. So he's Daily?
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    Babcock Resurfaces

    This. Leafs fans are the WORST! I would know. All of my dumb ass buddies are Leafs fans, my wife is a Leafs fan, as well as her entire family, even my own mother is a Leafs fan... I'm surrounded by them, as I'm sure most Wings fans in Canada are... F*** Lou Lamoriello! F*** Mike Babcock! F*** Auston Matthews! F*** Jim Vesey! f*** Brian Papineau! F*** every single person in that f***ing organization!
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    Rumors Thread

    And so it continues...
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    Rumors Thread

    AA has a lot of speed, but is overrated on this forum. He wasn't a great scorer in Grand Rapids and hasn't been putting up big numbers in Detroit either. He's not irreplaceable.
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    It's embarrassing hockey to watch, and it obviously starts from horrible coaching. The plays they make in their own end while trying to clear the zone are beyond ridiculous, I saw at least 5 behind the back passes to nobody by a wings defenseman tonight in the 30 minutes of the game I watched. No we are not Tampa bay, they're way beyond us in every facet of the game. Its the stupid plays we make over and over again that cost us puck possession we have. It totally looks like on most nights these guys are throwing sh*t at the wall and hoping it sticks, and anything Ive heard from Blashill confirm his process absolutely sucks
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    Peter Chiarelli's Moves

    Hands down the worst GM in the league, which is exactly why Holland should be calling him every chance he gets. Draisaitl for Tatar seems pretty fair to me...
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    Chicago winning the draft lottery would just be a dagger in my already cold cold heart.
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    looks like roasted duck is back on the menu boyz! LGRW!
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    Zetterberg HOF Worthy?

    He should go into the Hall for putting up w this team
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    Rumors Thread

    ShanahanMan has rarely submitted any posts that have benefited us.
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    Rumors Thread

    Vanek trade Smith trade Jurco trade Datsyuk deal to Phoenix Riley Sheahan trade Steve Ott trade Kindl trade This is all for the most part within a matter of only a year and half. More to come this deadine probably. All of them have benefitted us in some way.
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    Smith vs. Daley

    bahahahjahahaahjaHahahahahJah We didn’t even have to wait a year! haha ahah ahahah This is epic.
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    This honestly makes the NYR looks so bad. Not even hating on Smith right now but just appalled at NYRs decisions. That was a high paying contract they gave him... just to waive him..?
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    People say Holland can't trade, but he deserves a ton of credit for this one. He managed to sell basically a useless player for a 2nd and a 3rd. Handing out big contracts to McDonagh's buddies last year is really gonna bite NYR in the rear lol. And now they're listening to offers on McDonagh too lol
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    Tanking Aint Easy

    Tatar, Nyquist, Nielsen and Green should all be advertised.
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    Not mine. All the Red Wings fans lately: HYPE WITH BOBBY VALENTINO and @frankgrimes
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    I've never "given up" on Mrazek, and I know of several others around here that haven't either. I also know of several others that think Mrazek sucks, but aren't as vocal about it. Like CRL said, he's loud, and so is chaps on this topic, but there are people on both sides. I've been saying for months that Mrazek needs a legit shot again. He's been given that. So far, so good. Let's see how he handles the next few games, few weeks, rest of the season. No way would I trade low on him at the trade deadline though.
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    This was Franzen's MO for the entirety of his career, his prime right on through. I still loved the Mule, despite how frustrating he could be at times. Mrazek is just hitting his prime. Do you think it's even a remote possibility that this could be what we get from Petr through his prime years (26-32)? I do. People forget how young he still is because he's been in the league / in our system for years. Jimmy didn't get acclimated to the NHL until he was 25-26 (same age as Petr now). At that point he had played just 9 games over the span of 4 seasons... I'm not saying this is the Mrazek we'll see every night, but I do believe it could be the Mrazek we see on a much more consistent basis going forward. He may not ever become a Vezina candidate (I still think he could be some day), but he certainly doesn't "suck", and he is more than capable of being a legit starter in this league (for this team) for a long time. Mrazek is clearly upping his trade value, but I think it would be a terrible move to trade him at this point. I love Howard, but if we're moving one of our goalies, I'd move the 34 year old, who is what he is and won't be here beyond the rebuild, over the 26 year old, who still has potential beyond what Howard has ever been.
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    Great game for Mrazek. To update for the goalie flame war, their stats are now damn close Mrazek: GAA: 2.86, SV% .910, 3 Shutouts Howard:GAA: 2.82, SV% .911, 0 Shutouts
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    Today is game day my dudes
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    So that's where they put all the tires Kenny kicks.
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    My first visit to Caesars tonight!! Go Wings!!
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    So how are we feeling about the Blackhawks possibly missing the playoffs? On the one hand, I'm all about it. Because f*** the Blackhawks. On the other hand, I don't want them in the lottery pool. Because f*** the Blackhawks.
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    I love it!!!!! THis is what hockey needs more of.
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    Major HYPE! I'll be at this one. First game in the new barn. Really looking forward to see the kids live. GO WINGS!
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    I would just like to point out that Tyler Bertuzzi has put up 9 points through 13 games and currently leads the team with a +5 rating.
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    Babcock Resurfaces

    Any former or current rivals of the Red Wings should NEVER succeed. Leafs are a long time rival. And their fans are the worst. Trust me I live in Detroit, a lot of Leafs fans come here for games. They’re terrible. Absolutelty terrible. Hawks and Flyers might be rough and rowdy in their hometowns. But Leafs fans COME HERE and try to be that way. f*** em. Canadians in general are nice, but Leafs fans are annoying as f***. Especially the younger generation.
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    I hope we trade Green to the Leafs (no lottery protection) and they free fall out of a playoff position, and win the draft lottery...
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    But I don't mind Z getting closer to 1000 points so it's okay for me.
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    Ah yes, it's the Rangers GM that deserves praise here, clearly
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    Where does Bertuzzi fit?

    Call me kicky
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    I just want everyone to know, that even though I'm tough on Mrazek, if he turns this ship around and really becomes the goalie we envisioned he would become back in 2015, and legitimately unseats Howard for the starting job, I will be the first to say GTFO, Mrazek sucks big ones and Howard was always better. Just thought ya'll would wanna know that.
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    I don't think Datsyuk can teach anyone how to Datsyuk, he's a freak of nature. Standard guys like Z can actually mentor people.
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    Feel bad for @krsmith17 hes at the game
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    Blah blah blah blah Howard is old. It ain’t about who’s owed what, it’s about what’s smart for the team long run. You’ve got a goalie who’s shown flashes of brilliance and who strung together two consecutive solid playoff outings, a goalie who’s been working hard behind the scenes, who also happens to be heading into a tricky RFA situation. At the same time, you’re the Detroit Red Wings, and you have s*** for assets, no one solid in the pipeline, and an injury-prone Howard on the tail end of his career who’s going to start having a harder time coming back from these injuries sooner than any of us would like. It just is what it is. Mrazek has a lot to prove without a doubt, tons. He brought it on himself, he lost his head, clearly. I don’t think it was an easy situation though, and I don’t believe he’s at an age where we should be giving up on him when we don’t have many good options. And we don’t have many guys in the system with the upside he could have. Petr Mrazek has been through some s***, and he’s grown up some in the process. Blashill and whatever the new goalie coaches name is have praised his work ethic behind the scenes. He’s gotta be hungry. Howard’s done nothing wrong, true story. Both these guys get zero favors from the guys in front of them either. But he hasn’t been so lights out to keep this team at the top, and we are mediocre at best as a team. And for the love, Howard is getting pretty old. You don’t have to dislike Howard to understand that in a season like this under the circumstances, it is in this teams best interest to give Petr Mrazek one final shot. But don’t take my word for it. I think Petr Mrazek made a pretty strong statement for himself in the last couple starts. Enough said. Oh, and by one final shot, I mean it should probably at least be Howard 2 and Mrazek 1 unless one of them s***s the bed or plays truly lights out. I don’t think that’s remotely unreasonable.
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    Another Saturday night And we ain't got no points mon We've got goal scorers But we got no goals