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    I see a lot of people making this argument. Frankly, I don't think it's much of an argument. Hicketts, 21, could use another year in the AHL. Saarijarvi, 20, is at least two years away. Cholowski, 19, is at least two years away. Hronek, 19, is at least two years away. Sambrook, 19, is at least two years away. Mcllrath, 25, is not a high-end defenseman. Sulak, 23, was a no-risk signing who may or may not have what it takes to play in the NHL. Ouellet and Jensen haven't been hugely impressive; at this point, they're serviceable middle-pairing defensemen, and that's probably all they'll ever be. Russo didn't really impress me in his stint with the Wings; I don't think he fits into our long-term plans. If we're being honest about Sproul, he's not likely to become much more than what he appears to be at this stage, which is a bottom-pairing power play specialist whose natural gifts don't outweigh his shortcomings. At this point, we could lose Sproul and Russo and Ouellet/Jensen for free and replace them with veterans and I honestly wouldn't care all that much. I don't see any of these players as true building blocks. And, to me, that's what this comes down to. Basically, our D group is bad. Daley makes it a little more competent (at least until Green's gone) -- and a slightly deeper, slightly more capable D group is a good thing for everyone. People say we need to develop our youth. Well, the NHL isn't really a development league -- but even if that weren't the case, "development" means more than just having a player on the roster and giving him ice time "because we have no one else to give these minutes to." Daley will be eating some minutes that could otherwise be going to Ouellet or Jensen, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. The benefits of Daley's presence will outweigh it. A top three of Green, Daley, DeKeyser is better than a top three of Green, DeKeyser, Ouellet/Jensen/Ericsson. Having Daley run our first/second power play unit is better than having Kronwall run it. Having someone who can move the puck like Daley is a good thing. I think a lot of people are unfamiliar with Daley and are looking at his age and assuming the worst. But he's actually a perfectly competent top-four defenseman who can 1) play big minutes without getting caved-the-f***-in (see: DeKeyser), 2) outskate all of our defensemen not named Jensen (and possibly even Jensen), and 3) manufacture offense more expertly and reliably than all of our defensemen not named Green. He's our second-best defenseman. He's a solid stopgap for a team that otherwise has exactly one proven high-end NHL defenseman on its organizational depth chart (Green) and is years away from being a contender. Personally, I'm happy to have him on board. I don't think adding him hurts our youth. If anything, I think it'll help our youth.
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    Red Wings Got A Special Goalie In Petruzzelli Forget Mrazek and Howard. This kid could be the future of this team in net, and our best pick of the 2017 draft. He was ranked as the #1 NA goalie midway through last season, ending the season at #2. Red Line Report had him ranked as the 33rd best player in the entire draft. He also won the Dave Peterson award for best USA goalie this past season. At development camp he allowed 0 goals during the lone scrimmage and stopped every single shootout attempt as well. He will play on a very good Quinnipiac University team this year. Looking like we got our very own Ben Bishop
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    And here come the Bertuzzi haters lol... Just because CSS or whoever had Bertuzzi projected as a 5th, doesn't mean the Wings or 29 other teams didn't have him a lot higher. Hate to burst your bubble, but Fasching and Hayden haven't done much at all at the NHL level. Bertuzzi just carried his AHL team to a Calder Cup championship, won the Butterfield trophy as the leagues MVP, set a franchise record for playoff scoring, and is a much more rounded player than former AHL standouts like Pulkkinen. Keep up that 2013 narrative while you have it though, you don't have much time until Bertuzzi makes the team full-time.
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    Erik Karlsson Is A Garbage Pick Article from when Karlsson was drafted. Just wanted to illustrate how little we actually know about the draft or our own picks at this point in time. Many moaned about the Bertuzzi pick back when, and those fans are eating crow now, like this guy is eating crow on Karlsson. The Wings have shown that when they reach down the list for guys it's usually for good reason. I think this draft was a crap shoot, and that we might see guys from all over the board in the first round succeed and fail. I think the true reach was Lindstrom in the 2nd round. Hoping he turns into another Bertuzzi type pickup.
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    July 7 - 11 in Traverse City Prospects to watch: John (Jack) Adams RW Age 20 6'5" 211 lbs Lead USHL in goals last season Dennis Cholowski D Age 19 6'1" 185 lbs Has to head to the WHL if he doesn't make the Griffins this season Cole Fraser D Age 17 6'2" 195 lbs 2nd in the OHL in fighting majors last season. Must return to the OHL for one more season. Patrick Holway D Age 20 6'4" 201 lbs Had impressive freshmen year in college. Must return to the U of Maine for one more season. Filip Hronek D Age 19 6'0" 170 lbs Looks like a draft steal. Was Saginaws MVP last season. Will play for the Griffins this season. Adam Larkin D Age 22 6'0" 182 lbs Free agent invite. Dylan Larkin's older cousin. Led Yale D-men in scoring last season. Gustav Lindstrom D Age 18 6'2" 187 lbs Hakan pick. Will spend at least one more season in Sweden. Matej Machovsky G Age 23 6'2" 187 lbs Will compete for one of the two jobs in Grand Rapids this season Chase Pearson C Age 19 6'2" 189 lbs Lead U of Maine freshmen in goals last season. Must return to college for at least one more year. Father Scott played 300 NHL games. Keith Petruzzelli G Age 18 6'5" 180 lbs Central Scoutings #2 ranked North American goalie (#1 midseason) Michael Rasmussen C Age 18 6'6" 215 lbs Highest draft pick since Keith Primeau. Must play at least 1 more season in juniors unless he makes the team. Ville Saarijarvi D Age 20 5'10" 165 lbs 1 of 6 finalists for OHL D-man of the year award last year. Will play for Grand Rapids this season. Dylan Sadowy LW Age 21 6'1" 195 lbs Needs to have a break out season with GR this year after disappointing first year as a pro. Jordan Sambrook D Age 19 6'2" 193 lbs Grew up a Wings fan and family friend of the Draper's. Led his team to a memorial cup appearance last season. Malte Setkov D Age 18 6'6" 192 lbs Hakan pick. Will return to Sweden to play this season. Givani Smith RW Age 19 6'2" 209 lbs Rough, willing to fight, power forward who can score. Must spend one more year in juniors. Libur Sulak D Age 23 6'2" 207 lbs Played well at the World Championships. Will return to Finland unless he makes the team. Mattias Elfstrom C Age 20 6'3" 194 lbs Hakan sleeper pick. Greatly improved this part year in Sweden.
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    I have to say, I think this "attitude" problem is being overblown. The guy wants a long term deal, it's not like he is saying "I just want to sign for one year, and be out of the s*** hole of a city". He is saying he wants to be here long term. If you just watched guys like Abby and Helm get their deals and you could score 20 goals in a season, would you not also want that? Sure they were UFA's, but final year of being an RFA is somewhat comparable. Tatar has all the leverage here and I hope we sign him OR trade him for a top D-man. You need to score in the NHL, and Tatar is the best player we have at that and is still young. Lets trade him, AA, and a pick for Trouba! Hey I can dream lol. We need cap room......Holland, start working the phones.
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    Beats being bitter, and bitchy all the time. Like being on the cycle 24/7.
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    When I think of players with elite vision in setting up players I usually think of Joe Thornton or Sidney Crosby. But this past season Z seriously put himself up there amongst both of them with some of the most ridiculous passes and seeming knack for being 2 steps ahead of the play before it happens. Someone made a dedicated video for this on youtube. Check it out. As a side note, Mantha's wrist shot is crazy good.
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    Please don't post in all caps like a kid that just caught his first Pikachu in Pokemon Go. I don't see much use for Daley outside of veteran leadership and helping us possibly squeak into a last place playoff seed for a first round elimination. Maybe they are in the mindset of at least making playoffs again temporarily for the sake of the new arena. I hate to be bitter like this, but it's just how I honestly feel right now. We need to focus on youth and development, see what we have and who will be in the roster long term.
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    If McDavid was smart he'd take less so they can continue to build a really solid team around him. Be contenders for years.
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    I hope Holland isn't dumb enough to offer more than 0 years on ANY "vet" defenders... This team doesn't need any more vets, we need young guys that can help with this rebuild. Do NOT sign any over the hill UFA's. If you must sign a UFA, take a look at one of the young reclamation projects like Yakupov or Grigorenko. I'd go as high as 2 years at $2.5M on either of those guys, but I wouldn't pay a dime for any of those aforementioned veteran defensemen. We have enough depth at every position, we just lack top end talent. You're not going to get that in free agency. If you want to improve this team, make a f***ing trade.
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    No, No No No.Don't do it Kenny. We're already logjamed at D, no need for a 33 year old rental.
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    No he won't and no he shouldn't. Resign RFA's Tatar, Athansiou and Ouellet, let all UFA's walk and stay away from free agency. Any upgrades to this team should come from within or through trade.
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    I have seen Lindström play live. He will play top 4 in Red Wings in time, no doubt in my mind. Excellent puck control, forwards and backwards. But he needs work, there is no way he can handle the speed of the NHL yet. I will be following him in Allsvenskan (2nd highest Swedish league) where he will get top minutes this coming season. I'll write something up if it's noteworthy.
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    I honestly think some of you hate Holland more than you like the Red Wings. You would rather see these guys fail, and be right about Holland, than have these guys excel and have a successful team built by Holland.
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    First, I'd like to say everyone dumping on Holland and saying he's an "idiot" or whatever need to understand he's not making these decisions entirely by himself. These draft picks are the collective input from scouts, coaches, staff, ownership, etc. Some of you act like Holland is just ignoring the voices of reason and doing whatever he wants. Ultimately, he makes the decision, but he's making these decisions based on the input from a lot of other people. Second, while there are players I would have rather drafted in the first round, I have to give him credit for going against the grain. Back in the 90's, everyone looks for high octane offensive minded players and we went with speedy two way guys. Since we were pretty much the only team going in that direction, we had our pick of pretty much anyone we wanted. Today, the game has changed and there are a lot of teams drafting those types of players, trying to replicate that success. There's also a lot of teams shifting their defensemen to be more offensive minded puck moving, speedsters. After watching this draft, the Wings are clearly moving towards being a bigger, more physical team, which kind of makes sense. Most teams are not built the way the Wings are apparently going to be built now. Its a copycat league and if everyone is building their team to be fast, who's going to handle these big forwards standing in front of the net? Who's going to be strong enough to get the puck off our power forwards? Maybe this will end up not being the best idea and it won't work, but I'm going to give Holland and the rest of the front office decision makers credit for trying to do something different. Nobody ever got ahead by being like everyone else.
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    He's 26, and coming off a 25 goal campaign while playing hurt the entire season. Unless the surgery went poorly and he lost mobility in his shoulder which is very unlikely because I'm sure Holland has been receiving medical reports, there is no reason to think he will regress other then because fans are playing the "everything is going to go wrong" card.
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    Palat got $5.3 x 5 and consistently hovers around 50 - 60 pts per season. Tatar hovers around 40 - 50 pts per season but scores more goals, whereas Palat notches more assists. I think $4.5 to $5 is fair. So basically Nyquist.
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    Yeah, I'll never actively root against the Red Wings, and I'm not even going to say that I expect them to bottom out, but in such a top heavy draft, it wouldn't be the worst thing getting one of Dahlin, Svechnikov or Tkachuk in next year's draft. Dahlin is already being compared to Karlsson, the way he can skate and dictate play. We don't really need any more wingers, but it would be cool to have the Svech bros together. Svechnikov could be the most skilled of the three, and has the potential to be a Tarasenko type player. If Tkachuk is as good as his brother Matthew and dad Keith, he could be a great add as well. Best case scenario (outside of winning the Cup...), all of the young guys take a huge step forward, we finish just outside the playoffs and pull a Flyers of this past season, jumping way up into the top 3 of the draft lottery.
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    At this rate he'll be 6'7" 275 lbs by the time he's 25. Niceee
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    Holland will make it work. You know it, I know it, everyone knows it. The situation is not "Holland was under the impression that Tatar and Athanasiou would sign for peanuts, so he went out and signed Daley and Witkowski, but then Tatar and Athanasiou didn't want to sign for peanuts, and now we're probably going to lose Tatar or Athanasiou." I repeat: Tatar is arguably our best player not named Zetterberg. He scores goals. The hardest thing to do in the NHL is score goals. Again: over the past three seasons, only 30 players have scored more goals. He's shown he's good for at 20 goals and 45 points. The same can't be said of the vast majority of our forwards. He's shown he's a very good possession driver. The same can't be said of the vast majority of our forwards. He's shown that he can do what he does in a demanding, non-sheltered role. The same can't be said of the vast majority of our forwards. Tatar and Nyquist are our top wingers right now. They've established themselves as respectable first-liners. With a better power play and a better supporting cast (especially on the back end), they're probably 55-60 point players. The jury is out on Larkin, Mantha, Athanasiou. Svechnikov is totally unproven at the NHL level. There's no guarantee that any of these players will become a perennial all-star. Trading Tatar for futures so we can "develop [insert younger forward]" makes no sense. We can keep Tatar and still develop younger players. Remove Tatar and we're short a top-line winger (and a mentor for younger players), and it becomes that much harder for our team to manufacture offense and score goals and win games. Tatar routinely goes up against top players and holds his own. Do we want to throw a kid into that role? Even if he can handle it, is that what's best for the kid? Is it what's best for the team? Does it push the rebuild forward in a meaningful way, or is it just change for the sake of change? Tatar and Nyquist are not problematic. Our most fundamental problem is that we lack top-tier talent. That's not on Tatar and Nyquist; they are what they are, and what they are is very good.
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    Aaaaaaand... he's back https://sports.yahoo.com/chris-chelios-returned-red-wings-030012521.html Wanted to explore the option of working with the PA but had to resign first so there wasn't a conflict of interests. Decided it wasn't a good fit so he's back in his old position.
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    DeKeyser said Ouellet has already changed quite a bit. "He looks a lot stronger in the weight room, I know he's lost a little bit of weight and he looks definitely a lot quicker and I'm excited to see him on the ice this year because he's a smart player out there and if he's taking his conditioning to another level like it looks like he is this summer, then he's going to be really good for us," DeKeyser said. I like the sound of that! Hope XO keeps improving.
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    I'm hoping he turns into another Lidstrom type pickup...
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    If you listen to that hour long interview, when he talks about Vanek probably not coming back, he specifically says it's because doesn't want to take icetime away from young players like AA, Mantha, etc. So he is thinking about the consideration of blocking young players and that reflects what I think is the right mindset. With this deal, he must not think it's blocking the future defensemen. One way to read this difference is that we don't have anyone on D in the same situation as AA/Mantha. He might just not be optimistic about Sproul either for injuries concerns or maybe due to his rough patches in GR when he a was healthy scratch. Though I really like Sproul, he definitely isn't a sure thing as a player and has had some setbacks, so I would understand not being all in on him. Sproul really is the only one who might get short changed by the addition in my view. The other way to read the difference is considering the questionable status of Kronwall, E, Sproul due to injury. When asked about whether Kronwall would be ready and playing a lot this year, he said he didn't think even Kronwall knew that. Regardless of whether he's ready at the beginning of the year, I think it's pretty certain that he will miss a fair amount of time. And I'm sure other will be as well. If people remember, we started last year with 8 Dmen just like this year, and yet all of the new Dmen, Sproul, Jensen, Russo did get a good chunk of games. Jensen grabbed his opportunity and now seems a part of the regulars - this will have to be case for young guys. And even with the 9 D getting significant games, we still saw Renouf and Lashoff on call ups. So I'm not really concerned about Sproul getting a chunk of games. He was already the 7th dman so it's not like he was going to get every game before this signing. So I'm on board. The biggest reason I'm on board is because I think having a better d corps - and specifically a 2 way puck moving guy - will help the team and help developing the offensive games of young players as well. How often did we hear complaining about offensive guys forced to play defensive style. I think to a certain extent, that's just the way you have to play in the NHL, but I also think we were forcing forwards to compensate for the weak D a lot. If we have D who can get the transition game working as it should I think it'd be huge for us and would allow these guys to focus on offence more. If Sproul or Oulette are somehow pushed out due to this signing, I might change my mind, but that my thinking on it now.
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    I've got to say, team early Yzerman is making a rather strong case. It brings back memories of seeing him score a hat trick the first time I saw the Wings live. Back then he had to wear a backpack to pretty much singlehandedly carry the team. Then the years with Probie riding shotgun for him and finally the Cup years. Thanks for the trip down memory lane guys. As a neutral party in this debate but a huge Yzerman fan, I have to add my observation that regardless of which era Yzerman is victorious, Yzerman of any era is better than Toews.
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    How did we get worse? We didn't have Smith, so we got better, because Daley will be one of our best D. It's not like we gave up Smith to get Daley. But I would. IMO, Daley is better than Smith anyhow. Not by miles, but better in general and in what we were looking for. Look at it this way if you must, we got Daley and a 2nd and 3rd for Smith. We won that exchange.
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    I just got off the phone with Robert Lang's agent. He's a no.
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    You mean "Go Draper Go!", Holland is only responsible if we don't sign him.
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    Little Spencer Foo Foo skating through the defense, picking out a corner and putting it in the net. And in came Jeff Blashill, and he said ... Little Spencer Foo Foo I don't want to see you skating through the defense and putting it in the net. You need to defend, defend, defend, or I'll send you to the Walleye Sent from my LGLS676 using Tapatalk
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    #9 - Michael Rasmussen - CAN - 6'5", 220lbs. - C - L http://www.eliteprospects.com/player.php?player=286738 #38 - Gustav Lindstrom - SWE - 6'2", 187lbs. - D - R http://www.eliteprospects.com/player.php?player=212379 #71 - Kasper Kotkansalo - FIN - 6'2", 190lbs. - D - L http://www.eliteprospects.com/player.php?player=221328 #79 - Lane Zablocki - CAN - 6'0", 185lbs. - C - R http://www.eliteprospects.com/player.php?player=247919 #83 - Zachary Gallant - CAN - 6'2", 187lbs. - C - L http://www.eliteprospects.com/player.php?player=273617 #88 - Keith Petruzzelli - USA - 6'6", 190lbs. - G http://www.eliteprospects.com/player.php?player=278954 #100 - Malte Setkov - DEN - 6'6", 192lbs. - D - L http://www.eliteprospects.com/player.php?player=265424 #131 - Cole Fraser - CAN - 6'2", 192lbs. - D - R http://www.eliteprospects.com/player.php?player=297963 #162 - Jack Adams - USA - 6'5", 194lbs. - RW - R http://www.eliteprospects.com/player.php?player=248398 #164 - Reilly Webb - CAN - 6'3", 198lbs. - D - R http://www.eliteprospects.com/player.php?player=273694 #193 - Brady Gilmour - CAN - 5'10", 170lbs. - C - L http://www.eliteprospects.com/player.php?player=297674
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    One of the many scouting reports on Rasmussen: Large competitive two-way centreman with skill and good feet. A gritty, naturally strong player with mobility who wins most board scrums. He is a dominant player in the front and below the goal line. A mobile skater who is difficult to contain or move; he wins puck battles and scores. Intriguing prospect with upside offensively: difficult to contain, and effective vision and passing skills. Owns the front of the net on the power play. He might look for the pass over shooting, but he protects the biscuit well. Has an upright skating stride but gets there and shows jam when he greets you. His combination of power and skill is at the high end of this draft class, even though you might hope he would show a bit more effort all sixty minutes. A raw talent who may end up being the best player out of the West.
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    Looks like he goes to the net, is impossible to move when he gets there, and thinks shoot first when he gets the puck. We could use more guys who think shoot first.
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    I'm saying we feel he's a real good player, obviously he's got some real good size, and that's something we feel we lack in our forward group, obviously he's real good on the power play, obviously he's a real good he's a good real obviously defensively responsible responsible defensively real good big body boy oh boy atta boy kiddo way to go kiddo bingo bango he's big and the Wings needed to get bigger up front and that's exactly what they did this is the power forward we've sorely needed he's a dynamic player who can do it all he's probably the next Holmstrom except bigger and better and he's real good and good real and y'know we feel he gives us a real good package of real good defensively good real defense power play net front real good real big body. Defensively responsible.
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    I'm pretty livid, I'm not gonna lie. Having Vilardi fall to us and picking MICHAEL RASMUSSEN, the one guy I WANTED US TO NOT PICK, is the perfect cherry on our 2016-17 season.
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    And this is what you get when a person takes possession metrics to an extreme. Not even worth debating.
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    So last year during all the commotion of evaluating the team's picks during the 2016 NHL draft, I thought it would be fun to go back five years and see how those players panned out, and more specifically what LGW was saying at the time of those picks. It was a fun and relatively informative thread, and I thought it would be just as fun and informative to do it again this year. One thing worth mentioning is that five years ago, LGW did not have nearly as loud of a voice in prospects as we do now. So there isn't as much "Holland should have picked X instead of Y" like we have today, but its still fun to look back at our opinions. So without further ado, here is a look back to the 2012 NHL entry draft. Note: the '2012 NHL Entry Draft Discussion' was a general thread, whereas separate threads were made for the discussion of each of our selections. Those are also below. Round 1: Wings traded 1st round pick (19th overall) to Tampa Bay for Kyle Quincey. With that pick the Lightning selected goalie Andrei Vasilevskiy. Round 2: Wings selected Martin Frk (49th overall). Discussion is here: LGW was overall pleased with this pick. Frk was originally slated as a 1st rounder but dropped to us at 49th. Some were considering it a steal. Round 3: Wings selected Jake Paterson (80th overall). Discussion is here: Not much overall talk on him from LGW. A couple voices were happy with the pick. Round 4: Wings selected Andreas Athanasiou (110th overall). Discussion is here: No complaints on this pick, even back then (at least in this thread. There was a grumble or two over this pick in the 2012 entry draft discussion thread). People loved the speed. Comparisons were made to being a second Jurco or Tvrdon (in a positive way lol). Round 5: Wings selected Mike McKee (140th overall). Discussion is here (and 300 other places on these forums. This is prob the most popular draft pick to never play an NHL game): I would say hindsight is 20/20 on this one but I know there are still people here that are creaming themselves over this guy so whatever. Poor Buppy was the lone voice trying to temper expectations. Round 6: Wings selected James DeHaas (170th overall). I was unable to find a specific thread on this pick. Round 7: Wings selected Rasmus Bodin (200th overall) Discussion is here: Not much here to write home about. 2012 Entry Draft Discussion Thread: A lot of this thread is overshadowed by the Suter and Parise sweepstakes. A cute little gem: "i like the frk and mckee picks as well as the potential of bodin ....good draft day considering we dealt our 19th pick id say ... not sold on athanasiou being a player but overall pleased" and nice foresight from ogreslayer: "To me, the most intriguing pick is Athanasiou given what's been said of the kid's speed & skill. Discipline & hard work can be taught, natural speed & skill can't. If there's a player the Wings drafted this year that will be known as the steal of his draft class, I think he could be it." this draft was rated by one of our resident posters as one of the best drafts in a long time: "I have been doing some reading and research on the Wings picks...I can honestly say this is one of the Wings best drafts in a long time. I can also honestly see all 6 of these kids being in the Detroit when their time comes. The only one who may have an issue is the goalie, Paterson, only because Howad is still young and Mrazek is doing so good too! Now, he may not be a Red Wing, but he could make it somewhere else, but the other five? I can see them filling certain and different roles on this team within the next 3-7 years. I think McKee and Bodin are going to be HUGE (no pun intended) surprises to the NHL world and once again, Holland will deemed a genius! De Haas may have a bit of a challenge too considering Detroit's interest in Suter and Schultz. If Holland lands those two or even one of them, the Wings have a great young core of defenders who will be here for a long time. Kronwall, Ericsson, Suter, Smith, Schultz, if he signs Dekeyser, and also there are two kids in the top 10 prospects Sproul and Ouellet. If Holland gets Suter/Schultz then eventually Dekeyser I can see Sproul and Ouellet even having a hard time cracking this lineup anytime soon, but again De Haas looks like a great young defenseman and should make some waves in GR and eventually, if not for the Wings, somewhere in the NHL too... Good on ya, Holland!" As of right now, the only player from that draft to reach the NHL ice is Athanasiou. So 1 for 5 from 2012. 20% success rate for rounds 2-7, which is essentially the league average for that span, as I show below. For the record, here is a list of the entire 2012 entry level draft: http://www.hockeydb.com/ihdb/draft/nhl2012e.html The first 20 picks in the first round essentially all made it to the NHL. Griffin Reinhart (4th overall, Islanders), Derrek Pouliot (8th overall, Penguins), and Slater Koekkoek (10th overall, Tampa Bay) are the only three in the top twenty to play less than 82 games of NHL hockey. After pick 20 it gets more dicey, only 4 of 10 playing more than 82 games, and two of those four barely make that cut. Four players played less than 20 games in the NHL in that back 10. The second round only produced 8 hockey players to play more than 20 games in the NHL. Frk is not one of them. Ten players from the third round have played more than 20 games in the NHL. Notables from this list include Shayne Gostisbehere (78th Philadephia), Colton Parayko (86th St Louis), and Frederik Andersson (87th Anaheim). Six players from the fourth round have played more than 20 NHL games, including Athanasiou. Five players from the fifth round have played more than 20 NHL games. Mike Mckee is not one of those five. Nine players from the sixth round have played more than 20 NHL games. Nobody from the seventh round has played more than five NHL games. Overall there isn't a lot of star power outside of the first round in this one, and after pick 20 the odds of finding an NHL player diminish considerably. Round 2 had a success rate of 26% of producing an NHL player. Round 3 is 33%. Round 4 is 20%. Round 5 is 16%. Round 6 is 30%. Round 7 is 0%. So final thoughts on this one: Holland's 20% success rate about mirrors the league rate for round 2-7. Not having a first round pick hurt this year, considering the success rate in the top 20 picks, and the paucity of success thereafter. Athanasiou was one of the better players to come outside the first round, though, so the Wings organization at least has that going for them.
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    Lets all thank Kick for this very pointed opening statement. Blunt but on point. Occasionally I find myself wondering about this very topic. Late Steve v. early Steve. Late Yzerman can't hold a candle to 84-93 Yzerman. Early Yzerman was dynamic. Just because Yzerman didn't play good defense till later on is not enough IMO. Often times young Steve would rip through entire defenses on his own, in the early years. However, the argument can be made about his defensive play. No one can simply dismiss defense, it made him a more well rounded player IMO. A primary concern is however, did this take away from his offensive prowess? To me, it did. By playing a more defensive minded game he gave up chances to take risks. Having a better team in his later career should have helped his numbers too. Aging never helps, but that's why we define prime years. 84-93 in his prime was his best. Now there is also the era argument. 80s had tons of scoring, 90s had less. This just opens pandoras box into, is Gretsky really the best of all time? Of course he is. That's why you can't make that argument. 19 was top 5 in the 80s. Eventually he ended up as more of a top 10 in the 90s. Better team helped him win cups. We have to remember what guys like Fedorov did on those cup runs. Stevie wasn't carrying the team all on his own in the later years. So I don't think one can make the cup argument. 80s Steve could have won on that team. Ultimately we can never know though. I think we will all argue for the steve we know. Can still remember him as a young pup with Probert murdering and keeping the flys off. Kliq, Kickzz, and I fell in love with Yzerman in the 80s. We remember him most fondly. So it's hard to say. I will now kindly wait for a rebuttal... Now read the first letter of every line.
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    That's precisely why he's a good pickup. He'll be part of the injury cycle with Kronwall, Ericsson. Sproul and XO won't have issues playing
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    Old guy, check. Multiple years, at least one year too long, check Prevents a younger player from getting a spot, Check Typical Holland deal Sent from my LGLS676 using Tapatalk Never sign a player to a multi year deal that takes him past 35. Wheels fall off before then. Yes, he can skate now. By year 2 or 3 probably not so much. Sent from my LGLS676 using Tapatalk
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    Ughhh. I would ONLY be ok with signing a guy like Daley if E gets moved, Kronwall is on IR, and it's a 1 year deal. Even then, we don't need regressing middle aged players, isnt this why we got rid of Qunicey?
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    apparently you can tell me the name as a clue and I still wouldn't figure it out
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    Old interview, but, for what it's worth... http://mayorsmanor.com/2017/04/college-fa-spencer-foo-on-the-process-of-selecting-his-nhl-team/ “Instead of wanting to jump in right away — obviously I do want to make an opening lineup and play right away as much as I can – but, I’m more of a long-term kind of thinker. I don’t want to go in and just have a cup of coffee in the NHL. I want to try and make a career out of it I’m going to do whatever I can to achieve that. I’m looking at opportunity right now, but I think the biggest thing for me is what’s going to be the biggest fit over the long-term for me. How am I going to develop on certain teams? What type of guys am I going to be playing with? Those are the biggest things for me; I want to treat it as a long-term thing. If I end up signing with a team and they don’t think I’m ready at the start of next year, then I’ll go pay my dues, as long as I’m trying to work towards a career and not just getting to a first game. So, I want to do what’s best for me long-term.”
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    For all the people bashing Rasmussen.....have any of you seen him play?
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