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    This schedule is dumb. Geez. Points update: Larkin (1G) - 27 goals and 62 points thru 64 games Mantha (1A) - 16 goals and 32 points thru 50 games Tank Watch: https://www.nhl.com/standings/2018/league
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    I know old thread, but I think Ottawa's demise is hilarious and worth documenting. I had to type it all just to get my head around it. 2017 playoffs - The Senators lose in game 7 of the eastern conference final. They have a young team just entering their prime and after the deep playoff push the future looks bright in Ottawa. Since that time: Bryan Murray dies Melynk threatens to move the team Melynk tells reporter Brent Wallace "I will bury you" after being questioned about withholding bonuses from employees Assistant GM Randy Lee is accused of and pleads guilty to sexually assaulting a male shuttle bus driver Randy Lee steps down and months pass before another AGM is hired Mike Hoffman's girlfriend allegedly goes on a cyber campaign of harassment towards Erik Karlsson and his wife Hoffman is traded to the Sharks to keep Hoffman out of the eastern conference The Sharks immediately flip Hoffman to the eastern conference and get a better return By dumping Mikael Boedker on the Sens in the first Hoffman trade, the Sharks have now freed up enough space to chase a certain Swedish Dman Arguably the most talented player Ottawa has ever had, Erik Karlsson, is put on the trade block Budding young player Kyle Turris is traded away because Melynk does not want to pay him 2019 1st round pick is traded away for one year of Matt Duchene Fans start paying for billboards to get #MelynkOut In disgrace Daniel Alfredsson steps down from the Senators front office (his second time walking out on the Sens) Alfredsson tells the media he hopes a new owner will take over the team soon Melynk proceeds to fire his CEO Melynk names himself CEO Tragically, Erik Karlsson's first son is stillborn Craig Anderson asks for a trade The team can no longer afford to pay for ushers in the third deck of the stadium, and simply goes without them Team decides to hold a media event, but bans recording devices and cameras from the event, promises made to not trade Karlsson Erik Karlsson is traded to the Sharks Karlsson tells media that he believes he would have been traded anyway, even if he had signed the Sens offer Karlsson cold shoulders Melynk on his way out of town and does not thank him Team refuses season ticket refunds after Karlsson trade Season ticket sales drop by 4,000 Clarke MacArthur is forced to retire due to concussion symptoms Dion Phaneuf is traded, but he is currently still the 2nd highest paid Dman on the Sens roster due to retained salary Cody Ceci has booze fueled party at his home and a woman gets set on fire and severely burned Hidden Uber camera catches multiple Sens players roasting their coaching staff Keith Tkachuk publicly announces he wants Mark Stone signed so that he can keep helping his son Brady Mark Stone is traded Duchene is traded Dzingel is traded Duchene and Stone tell the media they received fair offers from Ottawa, but did not want to sign them Stone signs new deal with Vegas about 30 minutes after the trade is announced stating he likes the owners commitment to winning Video of Melynk surfaces in which he says he had been planning to trade Stone for a long time GM Dorion states the Stone trade was his proudest moment as GM At this point, 7 of the Sens top 10 scorers from the 2017 ECF run have been traded away GM Dorion states the team will keep Boucher on as coach and reassess in the summer 24 hours later Boucher is fired Melynk sues former lebreton co-developer for 750 million, is counter-sued for 1 billion Doug MacLean and Brian Burke roast Melynk and Dorion publicly on sportsnet There is no god in Ottawa, only chaos. This fact should bode well for our lottery chances...
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    Jeff Blashill

    No worries, I'm very used to is. People (girls in particular) never call me back. I've devised ways around this though. I just need to find out where Coach Q lives so I can continue to try and make this a reality.
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    I mean, according to Edwards, Kane is basically dead right now so RIP
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    Jeff Blashill

    No, it's not. The Wings have an actual plan. The Wings are adding pieces. The Wings should be better within the next few years. Right now we don't have the talent to contend, so the best we can realistically hope for is good showings from the young talent every night and competitive games. We're getting both under Blashill this season. Look at our roster -- it's one of the weakest rosters in the league. (Because we're a rebuilding team.) Look at how many games we lose narrowly and add those up. There's your bad goal differential. It's not like we're getting blown out every night. That's awfully convenient for your argument. "Blashill is ruining the kids. Larkin doesn't count." Cool. Yeah? And? Because Glendening is a faceoff specialist. Is it a stupid move? Maybe, maybe not. But it's not like there wasn't any logic behind it and it's not like Blashill's the only coach in the league who would've done it. Blashill puts DK out in OT against the Leafs and he scores the OT winner. Anecdotes are fun! I don't know how closely y'all follow other teams, but I can tell you that every NHL fan base has the same complaints about every NHL head coach. I think it says more about the fans than it does about the coaches. Fans want their teams to win every game and play all the young kids all the time. But reality doesn't work that way. Fair enough. But, personally, you haven't convinced me. Not even close.
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    If it's my gf, we're gonna go. If it's my wife, I thank him for making her feel special.
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    I'm down, send us all your spaghetti bois Canada Same, he's moving to Seattle soon so we can be together again
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    Yzerman heavily involved in present, but future uncertain with Lightning [NHL.com] "He is involved. He is so involved. I cannot begin to adequately convey how involved he is."
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    Tonight's game is brought to you by Xanax Helping Wings fans cope since 2015
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    Tavares Return to NY Video

    Being Canadian disqualifies you from being a character witness in this matter.
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    Oh we wear em proudly
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    LEGEND: Ted Lindsay dead at 93

    I wasn't even sure Ted Lindsay COULD die, so in a way this news sorta restores faith in my worldview.
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    2018 Prospects Watch

    Also, if I remember right, he suffered a back injury and has been out months.
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    End of 1st. Wings trail 0-2. I read that as "Tantric" and I was wondering what drugs you're on.
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    He was all for it with this tone. Mentioned that Hughes would be a huge difference maker for the Wings Howards like "WHY DIDN'T YOU JUST TRADE ME" s*** dude; It's so true and so harsh to say.
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    Should have kept Howard in there. Repay Montreal for that time the Red Wings forced Patrick Roy to ask for a trade. It's sad that Howard will end up staying in Detroit longer than Sawchuk or Osgood. He's like a growth on our hip.
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    Well this is fun Okay, it's forum game time, get your beers. I spy with my little eye, a team that really sucks. Who is it?
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    The 91 of Ryans

    Jeff Blashill

    Nah. No one wants to cheer for a losing team. BUT after 30 years of winning and no top 10 picks from 1991 - 2016, it's clear a little losing won't....... You know what? f*** it. How many times does this s*** have to be explained?
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    Jeff Blashill

    Do we have proof that Blashill has "halted the progress of basically every young or prime player on our team except Larkin"? (Why doesn't Blashill get credit for Larkin becoming a legit 1C?) Seems to me the young talent is developing well and slowly taking over. Seems to me Blashill has been able to get a rebuilding team that's devoid of top-tier talent to a point where they can play any team close, often losing by one measly goal. I think that's pretty impressive. I think Blashill's unfairly maligned. I think you have to look at what he's working with and recognize what he's being asked to do. When you view things in context, I think it's hard to make a really strong case for moving on from him. The most damning argument against him is probably "Joel Quenneville could be available." But Quenneville won his Cups with Cup-worthy teams. Who's Blashill's Kane? Who's Blashill's Keith?