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    I wouldnt say Green hasnt worked out. He's no savior, but hes also about the only steady hand on that blue line.
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    It's often hard to pick out which one is the evil twin. Here, not so much.
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    Just wanted to say the wings conducted themselves in a fashion im very happy to be a fan of. Weve lost some talent, but this is still one of the classiest organizations in sports. Love it. Get well Lack
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    Of all my good memories there, watching my son's play there is one of my greatest! Here's a photo of my son Mat, #21, waiting for the puck drop!
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    What the hockey gods didn't give to Helm, they gave to Athanasiou. He has some hands for sure. Goes well with that speed. Like wine & cheese.
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    I post here because my fiancé is a Leafs fan, dad is a Habs fan, brother-in-law is a Habs fan, all my close buddies are Leafs fans and one Canucks and Oilers fan... Not a single Wings fan... None of them give a s*** about the Red Wings. I love discussing Red Wings hockey, and this has been a great place to do that. Not because "I'm wasting my life posting", "have nothing to show in other areas of my life"... I'd bet anything that this lwing guy is a f***ing loser that lives in his parent's basement. No offense to anyone else that does, but at least you're not trying to impress the internet with all your success stories...
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    this season I could finally fulfill a life long dream of going to Detroit and specifically to go visit the Joe and finally see my beloved Red Wings LIVE. I always wanted my first game ever to be there and nowhere else, so it was now or never. My most fond memories of the Joe happen in a 16 day span visiting Detroit last January. First Game, First Win: Penguins 3-6 Red Wings. I couldn't believe I was climbing the stairs I've seen on so many broadcasts, standing next to another fellow Red Wing Fan on his first game at the Joe ever as well. to walk through those doors and see Mr. Hockey, and the production line in all of it's glory. I've must have walked 6 times around the Joe, looking at every column, every mural, every poster, everything, trying to take 17 years of waiting all at once, not wanting to miss anything. Then went through that tarp and like a bright flash that blinds you for a second... our Joe in all of its splendor, it was truly breathtaking. To see the rafters, Stevie Y's banner, the ice, the smell, the noise. I couldn't believe I was finally home. 3 periods later and I was signing Journey at the top of my lungs. We had not only defeated Pittsburgh, we outscored them... for me it was so special and meaningful for a first game ever. Most Exciting Moment: started chanting AA! AA! right when he soared thorugh center ice on that 200 ft play. 9th row to the left of Fleury so got a great glimpse of the goal. That's me in red inside the circle. With my first jersey ever, 17 year old Starter. As old as my passion for the Wings. We've been through hell and back together. Shutout at the Joe: Canadiens 0 - 1 Red Wings. Met my favourite broadcaster Ken Kal before the game started, got a few pics with him, he signed a jersey (on which I managed to get Mantha, AA, DeKe, Smith, Nielsen, Nyq, Coreau, Chelios and Al Sobotka as well) and a copy of all the stats he usually gets for each game, signed an all... Sat 3rd row on the Isle by the Zamboni, right behind Price. Most thrills on a game: Bruins 5 - 6 Red Wings: Yeah that was one for the books, what a game... came back from a 4-1 deficit after they chased our goalie. tallied back to tie it at 4 and then, just like that, got scored on right away, only to tie again with less than 3 minutes in reg. some 3 on 3 hockey and then on to the shootouts. Got to see Vanek and Nielsen score, and win our 3rd in a row at home. Most disappointing game, Maple Leafs 4 - 0 Red Wings My 5th and last game ever at the Joe, I hadn't planned on attending this game, so I had to re adjust my whole trip in order to do so, get new plane tickets, called work to get a few more days off, get a new place to stay, etc. But I didn't want to miss a chance to see Babs, Matthews, Marner, etc. and specially another Original 6 team, who knows when I'll be back, if ever... Anyways, I did all this only to witness our team get handled and held scoreless, disrespected and outchanted at our own house. I had a sign and all, but kept waiting until halfway the 3rd to have it out. because I was so into the game and didn't want to block anyones view since we're all waiting for our Boyz to perform another Detroitian ComebackTM that just never happened. I stayed inside the lower bowl for as long as I could approached the benches, the sin bins, stood on the SRO area and just took a moment in silence, just me and My Joe. saying goodbye. I peaced out! my beloved Joe before heading to the Olympia for one last drink. In a table by the entrance were some Leafs fans shouting "Shutout!" to every Wings fan that passed by. After they did it to me I took out my sign and showed it to them. the heckling turned to fistbumps and Respects!, from them and some girls on other table. so It was all cool after that, To me that was amazing, how as hockey fans, we all understand what this sport means to us and how it moves us, no matter the team or the colour, or where we are from, we're all one big family, which happens to beat the crap out of each other from time to time, hehe, just one big beautiful family. Sorry for the long post but, LGRW!!! now and always.
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    http://griffinshockey.com/news-stats/?article_id=3685 Hronek is over a point per game as a D-man in the OHL and Smith is a literal brickhouse. I feel like these 2 are our new top prospects outside of Svech.
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    A clean hit in Russia is when everyone believes they died of natural causes.
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    You can't be watching the same team. Mrazek has been the only thing keeping this team from getting blown out consistently the past month plus. Looks 100% back to his form from his first 1.5 years after that terrible yearlong stretch. Hate on a guy when he's bad but don't hate on him when he's good. Seriously though what has happened to Dekeyser? It seems like it's just been a slow steady regression since he came into the league. I thought he had a poor mans Lidstrom written all over him when he first got here.
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    A very reasonable post. Far too many here are upset (which as a fellow Red Wing fan I can understand) at the idea Holland didn't get enough in return. Truth be told - I feel Holland did quite well overall at this deadline.
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    you're such a like ***** i hope my post outlikes yours
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    taken directly from http://www.mlive.com/redwings/index.ssf/2017/03/red_wings_lineup_vs_avalanche_2.html The Avs are worse than us on paper... how will we be on the ice? Turtle Soup anyone? LGRW!!!! The Red Wings' Jimmy Howard has appeared in one game since spraining his MCL Dec. 20 at Tampa Bay. (Mike Mulholland | MLive.com) Print Email By Ansar Khan | akhan1@mlive.com Follow on Twitter on March 15, 2017 at 12:37 PM, updated March 15, 2017 at 2:44 PM DENVER -- Jimmy Howard will try to win his second game in as many starts since returning from a knee injury when the Detroit Red Wings visit the Colorado Avalanche tonight at Pepsi Center (9:30, Fox Sports Detroit). Howard made 24 saves in a 4-2 victory Friday over the Chicago Blackhawks, his first appearance since Dec. 20, when he suffered a sprained right MCL during the first period at Tampa Bay.Howard has a 1.96 goals-against average and .934 save percentage, numbers that would lead the NHL if he had enough appearances to qualify. He has played in 18 games. Anthony Mantha will return to the lineup after being a healthy scratch the past two games. He'll start on a line with Frans Nielsen and Darren Helm. The Avalanche (19-46-3, 41 points) have by far the worst record in the NHL. They are 19 points behind Arizona, which has the second-worst record. The Red Wings (26-30-11, 63 points) are just one point ahead of New Jersey, which is last in the Eastern Conference. Here are the Red Wings' anticipated lines: Tomas Tatar-Henrik Zetterberrg-Gustav Nyquist Anthony Mantha-Frans Nielsen-Darren Helm Andreas Athanasiou- Dylan Larkin- Justin Abdelkader Drew Miller- Riley Sheahan- Luke Glendening On defense: Danny DeKeyser-Nick Jensen Niklas Kronwall-Mike Green Xavier Ouellet-Robbie Russo In goal: Jimmy Howard (starting) Petr Mrazek
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    If March 26th isn't a holiday to you, you aren't a Red Wings fan. #TurtleDay #SweetRevenge My favorite part of the fight besides Mac dropping him with the first punch was him dragging him to the bench and then kneeing him in the face repeatedly. That was when hockey was hockey. They let him continue to play the game and be the OT hero. Nowadays it would have probably been a 10 game suspension.
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    the face you make when you score 2 goals in one game come on Gus we want curly fries!
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    Even if I weren't a big fan of this team, I just really want to see the rest of the hockey world react to the wings missing the playoffs once and winning the draft lotto
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    Been watching this game sporadically via Yahoo...From what I've seen - it's not on Mrazek - this team couldn't score in a women's prison with a handful of pardons.
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    Leo, is that you? General manager, you say? So you finally came out about who you are.
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    Anyone else see PK's return tonight? The crowd brought him to tears. I still can't believe the Canadians were stupid enough to make this trade.
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    I agree we need to get rid of some players, but you know that not all players are going to be all stars right? If a guy like Nyquist can score 25-30 goals and get 60 points, that is solid production from a secondary scorer getting paid just over 4mil per year. The key is to mix high end talent with secondary scoring, the problem is that right now ALL we have is secondary scoring.
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    I post here because this woman, and 3 children I'm stuck with look at me like I'm from Mars when I discuss the Wings poor pp/pk at the dinner table.
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    The Detroit Red Wings crash is officially here. There’s no easy or quick fix. So, settle down and in for a rough time. For the 2017-18 season, the Wings have 17 players signed with a $67.7m cap hit against a projected $73m ceiling. And, for the 2018-19, the Wings have 10 players signed with a $51.7m cap hit against a projected $73m ceiling. Regardless if it counts against the cap number, Johan Franzen hasn’t played a truly meaningful number of games since the 2011-12 season, but still draws almost $4m a year. Meanwhile, GM Ken Holland’s albatross Stephen Weiss, who last played NHL hockey in the 2014-15 season and was bought out in 2015, will draw an average $1.6m for the next FOUR years. Yes, every team has hiccups and busts, but savvy hockey operations offset those mistakes with corrections in other areas of the ledger to prevent falling off the cliff. We hear repeatedly around the trade deadline, draft day and off season that hockey is a business. However, the DRW front office – Holland, Assist. to GM Kris Draper, Player Evaluation Jiri Fischer and Sr. V.P. Jim Devellano – is seemingly incapable of biting the bullet for fear of burning bridges or pissing someone off. As a result of the “we are family” approach, the Wings, in part, have slipped into the playoffs in recent years and today are 25-27-11 and -29. The 28th best team in the league. There would be no point or value in assessing the current roster. These are OUR Red Wings … for now. Rather, I would like to see is a fundamental shift in how hockey operations and the coaching staff assemble and build the team. Trusting fans have told to be patient as the precious assets (young guns) are slowly worked onto the big club, learning and maturing with superstars and wily veterans. It was supposed to secure a successful future. So, where is the line on the ice, where difficult hockey (business) decisions are made to determine if a manager or player is truly an asset or an albatross? This is where tough decisions need to be made for the club’s betterment. I grow weary of excuses like “salary cap,” “long-term contracts,” “a different NHL.” Blah, blah, blah. Yes, I am spoiled. I follow one of the most successful hockey teams in NHL history. There was a dogged reason/strategy/purpose on the bench, behind the bench and in the owner’s box that is now missing. I’m not asking for change for the sake of change. I’m asking for tectonic shift to reset/restore what it means to operate and represent the Detroit Red Wings.
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    Gonna be the first time that I was old enough to remember hockey that I don't see Red Wing playoff hockey. Talk about an empty feeling. Would have liked to see the last game played at the Joe be a playoff game. Here's to the next streak!
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    Can we just put an end to this before it gets to "LW on Franzen/Hossa" levels. For one, let's stop acting like we gave ARI our first to take Datsyuk. We traded the 16th pick, and got back the 20th and 53rd. Not altogether different than a few years ago when we traded the 18th for the 20th and 58th. Or a few years before that when it was the 24th for the 35th and 48th, or before that the 29th for the 32nd and 75th. It was a fair trade even without them taking Dats' hit. We don't even know that Chychrun would have been our pick. We might have wanted Fabbro and felt confident he would still be there at 20, or even wanted Cholowski to begin with, or maybe we didn't really care and just wanted to add an extra pick. In regards to Nielson, he may have been an "impulse" signing, but he was also one of the top players available. His production last year was similar to other top UFAs, and he signed a contract similar to other top UFAs. Oddly enough, his production this year is also similar to the other top UFAs, as all the big names are down from last year. You can call it overpaid if you want, but that's what the UFA market is. And to address the topic; we don't have, and have not had, a problem attracting free agents. We may not get every one we want every time, but no team ever does.
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    Happy Turtle Day to one and all. Let us rejoice on this 20th anniversary of the blessed day on which St. Darren drove the turtles from Michigan.
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    Player's Tribune Article By Kris When jaw was wired shut Goes on to say that in Scotty's system he had to grind if he wanted to stay with the Wings. The $1 dollar man I don't usually think of our Roy/Colorado rivalry starting at the Forum, but it makes sense Sounds about right Crawford is a moron
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    LW C RW Gustav Nyquist Henrik Zetterberg Tomas Tatar Andreas Athanasiou Dylan Larkin Justin Abdelkader Riley Sheahan Ben Street Anthony Mantha Luke Glendening Tomas Nosek Drew Miller Defensive Pairings Niklas Kronwall Mike Green Dan DeKeyser Nick Jensen Xavier Ouellet Robbie Russo
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    I've always liked the guy too. He made some silly mistakes sometimes, but he was incredibly underrated at getting the puck from the opponent and distributing it to our boys. Sometimes its was pretty incredible what he did under pressure, to be honest.
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    I understand most people are making a joke out of the whole tanking thing, but no team (players or coach) is ever going to actively try to lose games. It doesn't matter how bad a general manager or fans want that high draft pick, the team is still going to determine the outcome of every game on the ice. You think Zetterberg gives a s*** about Nolan Patrick or Gabe Vilardi? Not a chance. I want a high draft pick as much as the next guy, but I'm not, nor ever will root against this team. Besides, tanking doesn't guarantee s***. For one, it doesn't guarantee you'll get the player you want (because of the lottery), and two, it doesn't guarantee that player will turn out to be the best selection. Sure, Colorado have the best odds at (roughly) 18% to get the number one overall pick, but that also means there's an 82% chance they don't get it. I don't want to win every one of the remaining games and end up with 2-4% odds, but I'm okay with winning a few more games and having anything between 6-10% odds. Of the remaining games, the only team I really care about beating is Toronto. I'd like to lose the two games against Tampa, just to lessen the chances of the Leafs making the playoffs (because f*** the Leafs)... I'd also like to win the last game at the Joe against New Jersey. The rest of the games, we can lose, but I'm never going to be upset with a win...
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    Aaaaaaaaaalright I don't post all that much... And those of you who review my posts probably noticed they're not groundbreaking but here goes! I'm currently with my bro driving from Montreal to Detroit to catch tomorrow's game against Colorado. there's no doubt of the people's annoyment with Sheahan's undesirable record, which grows with every shot he takes. So I'm calling on the real peeps here to send some positive vibes to get him to open the proverbial floodgates and get a goal tomorrow. Who knows he might go on a tear and pot 5-10 goals by season's end? Based on how the # of posts in GDT's has drastically dropped, I thought 150 posts is a lot but realistic
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    Love it. I remember The Game. I remember that low feeling of futility, I remember the madness, I remember the improbable late comeback, and I remember the OT winner. I was ten years old. It was one of the greatest, most cathartic moments of my young life -- and I wasn't even a resident of Detroit or Michigan (and I never have been, for what it's worth). God. That whole rivalry was really something else. People say that about so many pro sports rivalries, but this one really was one of the modern greats, even if it only lasted for a few years. I miss it!
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    While all the Draper/Maltby/organizational-philosophy-on-scouting-and-promoting-former-players talk is no doubt interesting in a way, I feel I should point out that the specifics have no actual foundation in reality. Draper is an assistant to Holland, not a scout. Maltby is a pro scout, providing input on potential trade and FA targets, and scouting upcoming opponents. Very different role than an amateur scout, who provides input on potential draft selections. Beyond that, the simple fact that the majority of scouts around the league were never anything at the NHL level is indisputable proof that what kind of NHL player someone was is completely irrelevant. This is how false narratives start. Random musings, lacking any substantial analysis and more often than not lacking simple fact-checking...then some fan eager for something or someone to blame picks it up and runs with it.
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    FWIW... I just ran the NHL Lottery Simulator 50 times. Here are the results:
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    LW C RW Gustav Nyquist Henrik Zetterberg Tomas Tatar Andreas Athanasiou Frans Nielsen Anthony Mantha Justin Abdelkader Darren Helm Dylan Larkin Drew Miller Riley Sheahan Luke Glendening Defensive Pairings Dan DeKeyser Mike Green Niklas Kronwall Nick Jensen Xavier Ouellet Robbie Russo
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    I'd like to see some of these opposing forwards think twice before crashing the net or trying to screen the goalie. None of our current D even attempt to clear the front of the net and if they did I'm almost positive they would fail. Kronwall - Old. Broken. Soft DK - Soft Green - Mobile. Good offensively. Soft Jensen - Playing above expectations. Soft Ericsson - Giant. Pylon. Soft XO - Soft I would love to hang out in front of the Red Wings goal. Free points. No consequences
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    Well as overrated as I think Babcock is, and he is pretty overrated, I didn't vote for Babs. I voted for hockey fights. Obviously. Only in hockey would fans, organizations, scouts, and the media fetishize a PENALTY. Could you imagine if football players developed a "code" and backslapped each other for pass interference, spearing, or horsecollaring because it "kept guys honest"? It's completely idiotic. I did like your list though, except Eichel really isn't too overrated. Nobody talks about him anymore and he's still pretty good. I would add "grit", "veteran presence", and "crease-clearing defensemen" to the list though.
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    I post here because I enjoy it. Don't take life too seriously, no one gets out alive anyway
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    Overall I am disappointed with the deal, but I do believe Holland got the best deal possible. I admit I overestimated Vanek's value, but the more I think about it the more it makes sense. Vanek is a player who has had a roller coaster career, so naturally teams are leery. Not to mention wingers simply have less value then centers and d-men come this time of year. Just look at what other wingers got: Iginla - 2018 Conditional 4th-Round Pick Stafford - conditional 6th-Round Pick P.A. Parenteau - 2017 6th-Round Pick Dwight King - 2018 Conditional 4th-Round Pick Vrbata - Not even traded