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    I miss this guy.
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    Arby's new offer!!!! it used to be free curly fries in case of a hat trick... we are so poor this season that it is in case Wings score 3 goals now
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    Now that we're good again, time to discuss the playoffs. Tampa and Toronto are the obvious favorites to come out of the Atlantic, so we're probably gonna have to play one of them eventually.
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    Hope everyone has a great Halloween tomorrow! Just wanted to put that out there while we're all here. P.S. Bread = Obtained
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    Devellano said. "We recognize that. I can tell you as long as Ken Holland and Jimmy D are involved, we will be aggressive." Is this really him speaking in third person and calling himself Jimmy D? If so, that's my biggest takeaway.
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    I'm trying not to get too excited, but he already looks like a NHL defender that has a few seasons under his belt, makes very few mistakes and is strong with the puck. I feel a little better already about the future of the defense here.
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    Larkin is on some next level s*** right now. They need to give AA some of whatever Larkin's been eating.
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    "Choloics" is now a thing. You're welcome.
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    He got that bread. (Sergei Breadorov.) (sorry not sorry)
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    Look at this HYPE!:
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    Cholowski and his Cholo Clique
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    Wings win. Nyquist scores on the breakaway in OT. 75-5-2 here we come!
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    not to mention a season-high 4 goals tonight see Mabus, I told you to just be patient...
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    NO! Holland had nothing to do with the team's success, only the failures / shortcomings. Are you new here?...
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    I'm bummed that when Mike Green and Dekeyser get healthy that you're likely going to see both Hronek and Jensen out of the lineup. I think Nick Jensen has looked really good so far this season. He was asked to play way above his head for about 4 games and did as well as could reasonably be expected.
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    "Oh, you think darkness is your ally..." - Oilers
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