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    Not as many as Uncle Todd took the night of his DUI.
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    2021 Off-Season (Too Soon?)

    Going into his draft season, the universal expectation was that Raymond would have himself a great SHL campaign and get picked in the top 3, possibly even 1st overall; he had an impressive body of work and he was coming off a spectacular WJC performance. Sweden's Lucas Raymond records incredible hat trick, including OT winner, to win gold at U18 Worlds [BarDown] Kid was self-evidently special. Raymond's SHL coach Roger Ronnberg may or may not have agreed with that "self-evidently special" part. Maybe he did, maybe he didn't, I genuinely don't know. At the very least, Ronnberg did seem to hold the "kid" part against Raymond in a pretty big way. We're talking fourth-line minutes. We're talking no power play time. The Curious Case of Lucas Raymond [DobberProspects] If I had to guess, what it came down to was "We're Frolunda, a well-oiled winning team in one of the world's very best pro leagues. You're a smallish, scrawny 17-year-old. Unless you're blowing us away, we're not switching things up for you. At least, not this season." So Raymond played a limited role with Frolunda in his draft season. Unsurprisingly, the points didn't come. (4 goals and 10 points thru 33 games.) However, the underlying stats and the eye test both said Raymond was playing like a top-3 pick, production issues aside. The Curious Case of Lucas Raymond [DobberProspects] This past season, Raymond enjoyed an expanded role with Frolunda, putting up 6 goals and 18 points thru 34 games. Not the production I'd ideally like to see, but I'm not concerned; his play made it clear that the skill and smarts and potential are all still there and that the only thing standing between him and NHL stardom is time (knock on wood). He could've dismantled a Canadian major junior league in his draft season. But that wasn't his path. His path was playing in a notoriously low-scoring, all-defense pro league. tl;dr We got a really good player at 4OA.
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    We lost because it's the preseason and we were running 8 D-men, 4 of whom will not be in the starting lineup this year. Leddy, Seider, Hronek and (blegh) Dekeyser were your only NHL D on the ice against a loaded Blackhawks team. And even Dekeyser is so slow now that he belongs as #6/#7. You were missing Stecher, Staal, even Oesterle as they were checking out the GR guys.
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    Early 2020 Wings fans: Bertuzzi is my favorite player. Moxy, Grit, Attitude, Balls. Heart and soul of this team. Early 2021 Wings fans: NOOOOO WHY WONT U TAKE THE POKE GITTT OUT Holy s***, just when you think Tyler's cahonas couldn't get any bigger they DOUBLE in size. Bertuzzi is based. In fact I call him Basedtuzzi. And Yzerman is based for respecting his based decision. Not going anywhere. Especially with Vrana out. Give #59 the A.
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    I don't know that he's in "tank" mode, but he's definitely still in rebuilding mode. And it looks like it's going to pay off too (assuming we don't waste picks on guys like William Wallinder going forward). I think Steve wants the team to be competitive, but he's definitely looking to land a few more high end picks this year. I don't think it's unreasonable to think we trade any of Leddy, Bertuzzi, Fabbri, Namestnikov, Dekeyser, or Erne at the deadline. On those names alone you're looking at some solid draft capital. The future of this team belongs to Seider, Raymond, Berggren, Edvinsson, Cossa, etc. Larkin and maybe one or two others will be the veteran mentors. Bertuzzi was done here the moment he took the team to arbitration.
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    Still not ready to buy an electric car.
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    Didn't get to spend much time at TC this year. Wife loves going to Traverse City, but finds training camp boring. Based on what I did see: 1. Raymond showed absolute flashes of elite skill, but just looked gangly compared to the NHL regulars. He's going to need to bulk up to be an effective offensive player at the NHL level. 2. I thought Veleno looked good enough to earn a middle 6 role on the roster. We'll see if he does. 3. Troy Stecher is small and didn't look as good as I thought he was. 4. Marc Staal looked like one of the better D to me. Much better than I expected. He didn't lool like an aged vet nearing retirement. 5. Rasmussen still doesn't look as big as I was expecting. Tall, but not thick. 6. Smith looked competent. Nothing special, but good enough. Same with Stephens. 7. Witkowski somehow looked smaller and less intimidating. Maybe it was the lack of beard. 8. I was impressed with Tyutyayev. He's small, but has good speed and hands. I would not be surprised to see him in the NHL if he bulks up. A "diamond in the rough" steal as a 7th round pick. 9. Bobby Ryan was there on a PTO. I didn't get to see much of him, but with the Vrana injury, I would not be surprised if he gets another 1 year deal. Played great in the first preseason game. 10. Where was Suter?
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    Seider Fighting

    I'd rather him be on the ice than take pointless 5 minute penalties. Let Smith and Witkowski deal with the garbage.
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    Rumors Thread

    Eat your heart out Elliott Friedman…
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    I'll be looking for the beer belly and neck beard.
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    Lol it's cool, I'm an Edvinsson guy
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    Same thing happened last week in Detroit. It was hilarious and awful. Blashill tonight: if I don't play Raymond much, maybe I can finally be rid of him and his non low-event plays. Also. Every shot directed towards Nedaljkovic feels like it's going in.
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    What I'm getting from this is... Raymond + playoffs vs. No Raymond + no playoffs + drafting 6-10th overall NICE TRY, LOTTO GODS, BUT WE DON'T ANSWER TO YOU ANYMORE. #KissMyTuchusGiveMeLucas
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    2021 Training Camp, PTO's, Pre-Season Chat

    Again, these are just one-game assessments based on last night, but Veleno was our best forechecker and really played well defensively. His positioning was solid and didn't overplay his role. If he could improve his faceoff ability, it would help tremendously. It seemed every time he was in the circle, he had to immediately show that defensive edge. Zadina just doesn't have it. Whereas Raymond is thinking about his next decision before he even gets the puck, Zadina always needs an extra half second to try to gain puck control (or let it bounce over his stick anyway). He was just a momentum killer yesterday when it came to puck movement. It always allowed the D and the goalie to get back into position. I just don't see how he elevates his game to first line on a great team. Raymond is so fast with his feet, his stick, and his playmaking. Makes me worried for longevity when a guy relies on his speed over positioning on defense, so I hope he develops that aspect of his game over the next couple years. But his IQ and vision are absolutely outstanding He tried to get too cute in the last 6 minutes with some between the legs passes that resulted in a loss of possession and movement and then a turnover. Hopefully it comes with age. Btw, he won his only faceoff against a legitimate center, in case folks were wondering about his ability at the pivot long term....
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    They've both been phenomenal. I'm going to call it now though. Lucas Raymond goes down as the best player drafted in 2020. Not Lafreniere, not Byfield, not stutzle, but Raymond!
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    Like I said, Raymond is winning the Hart.
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    Okay, Raymond is f*cking awesome. Dude is suuuuuuper slick.
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    Young Guns 2021/22

    Zadina Zadina Zadina
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    He's totally useless. Call me crazy but I'm not worried about his skating.
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    Jonas Mahonas


    Probably because of Lisbeth Salander uncovering the corona ring.
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    Is that an Indian name? Like in american indian not show-me-bob-and-vagene-pls-indian. Has anybody seen any uppdated info on Kirill Ctrl+c-Ctrl+v? He was listed at 5'2" at the draft but looks alot bigger now.
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    Whelp, let's jump in here. LOWEST survival rate under the age of 50 is 99.834%. Straight from the CDC website. Simple division. 21,922,082 cases. 36,382 deaths in groups 49 years old and younger. LOWEST Survival rate under the age of 40 is 99.925%. 17,170,411 cases. 12,891 deaths in groups 39 years old and younger. https://covid.cdc.gov/covid-data-tracker/#demographics https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/nvss/vsrr/covid_weekly/index.htm#SexAndAge What do you mean, SP, by LOWEST? Well you see... we literally have no statistics on ASYMPTOMATIC cases. People that had it and had such minor symptoms that they didn't get tested, didn't report it, didn't seek medical care, and are otherwise not even counted into COVID Case counts. We know, at this point, that we've pretty much accounted for the excess deaths. It's highly unlikely that the DEATH COUNT is higher - let alone at a higher percentage than missed COVID cases, PARTICULARLY for these age groups - you know, the groups that have minor symptoms across the board. The other thing that really pisses me off about this... the HYPOCRISY of deaths after vaccination vs. no vaccination in respect to comorbidities. Don't forget, Dr. Fauci himself said there's nothing to worry about in "breakthrough deaths" - they only died because of their comorbidities, not the disease. You know, because his vaccine is perfect! This is also the man that, last year, said that just because someone has massive comorbidities, doesn't mean they didn't die of COVID. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/09/01/fauci-debunks-theories-of-low-cdc-coronavirus-death-toll-there-are-180000-plus-deaths-in-us.html Finally, the last thing that pro-COVID vaccination jerks don't want to address is the argument that we could "reach herd immunity if you would just get vaccinated!!!" doesn't work... because these vaccines don't create immunity. They PROTECT you from major disease. Which, if you didn't know, being young, less-than-overweight, not hypertensive, and non diabetic (among others) does naturally for you. I'm 30, 5'9", 161lbs, and have no underlying health conditions. There's literally no benefit to me getting the vaccine; I had COVID in January of last year, I STILL have antibodies (according to recent blood donation) and your vaccine does NOT generate immunity. Which, by the way, the CDC removed from the "Vaccine" definition this month. Yeah, no joke - they literally changed the definition from "generates immunity to a disease" to "produce protection for a disease" JUST THIS MONTH! You can find the original definition on "way back machine" or archive.com, which you can do yourself. It's not a conspiracy page, it literally allows you to see a snapshot of any webpage at a time in history of your choosing. Hell, you could probably look up this site or Pornhub if you wanted, it doesn't discriminate or promote conspiracy. https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/vac-gen/imz-basics.htm https://web.archive.org/web/20200714012119/https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/vac-gen/imz-basics.htm So, anyone want to discuss? Or am I just going to get yelled at like happens on Facebook or Twitter? Because there's nothing but facts and links in this post. Would love to hear someone explain logically why I should be MANDATED to get vaccinated. P.S. I am fully vaccinated, as are my kids, against polio, MMR, etc. including whooping cough from just before my first kid was born. I believe in science - when the science has been around! Because, guess what? https://www.fda.gov/drugs/drug-safety-and-availability/drug-recalls this website should give you pause. Just because the government said it was safe, doesn't mean that they won't change their mind later. Oh, and you trust Pfizer to do the right thing always? Interesting. They've paid the cumulative highest dollar amount in criminal fines in their history in all of North America. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2875889/#:~:text=Pfizer%20has%20been%20a%20%E2%80%9Chabitual,civil%20penalties%20and%20jury%20awards. Guess you better buy some stock. You might need it, since the government took this THERAPEUTIC (not a IMMUNITY-GENERATING VACCINE) and gave THE COMPANIES immunity. Kinda backwards, eh? Floor's yours.
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    Are they using different lettering this year? (NOW The Red Wings pre-season has begun!)
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    Seider Fighting

    While the NHL is tame when compared to what it was 20 plus years ago - it's still considerably more vicious than what the SHL could ever dream of being...For example - guys like Tom Wilson, Ryan Reeves, and Matt Martin - 3 guys Seider will have to keep an eye out for since they're Eastern Conference opponents. That said - I'd love to see Seider flatten all 3 of them and be a thorn in their sides.