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    This response pretty much confirms Holland's current 'damned if you do, damned if you don't' status.
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    It's great that you'd trade our roster for the Leafs' roster. But, tell me: Would you also trade our past ten years for the Leafs' past ten years? Before you answer, understand a few things. First, that the Leafs haven't won a damn thing in the past 500 years. Second, that the Leafs under Shanahan didn't get to where they are now by blowing it all up, trading all the veterans, playing all the kids. In fact, they signed some veterans so that they could flip them for picks at the trade deadline, which would seem to go against your "DON'T SIGN VETERANS. NO VETERANS ALLOWED. ONLY KIDS. THE MORE KIDS YOU HAVE, THE STRONGER YOUR TANK WILL BE AND THE BETTER THE KIDS WILL BECOME. THIS IS SCIENCE" line of reasoning. Third, the Leafs of the past ten years or so were the ultimate example of a team that isn't a contender but won't admit it and is therefore stuck in no man's land. Fourth, most of the Leafs' current leaders were acquired when the Leafs were in denial about their situation and were trying to compete for the Cup. They drafted Luke Schenn 5th overall in 2008 and traded him to the Flyers for James van Riemsdyk in 2012. They drafted Nazem Kadri 7th overall in 2009. They drafted Morgan Rielly 5th overall in 2012. They traded for Jake Gardiner (Ducks, 13th overall in 2008) in 2013. You could argue the Leafs began to accept reality in 2014, but there was no "All kids, no veterans" scorched earth tear-down, and they ended up drafting William Nylander 8th overall. Again, the Wings aren't in a hopeless place. We missed the playoffs for the first time in a quarter century and 9th overall is our highest position since Keith Primeau. Not the pot of gold we'd hoped for, but it's a start. And that's where we are: the beginning stages of a rebuild. Your take on the situation? "Everything is awful, blow it up, trade all the veterans, play all the kids, forget what's best for the kids' development, forget flipping UFA signings for picks at the deadline, all that matters is having a roster full of kids and getting the best lottery odds. Odds, odds, odds, odds, odds. Buffalo knows what I'm talking about. Toronto knows what I'm taking about. Edmonton knows what I'm talking about. Florida knows what I'm talking about. They all traded their veterans and played all their kids and got awesome lottery odds and got awesome young players and they only had to go through maybe one or two years of pain and now they're all Cup contenders and all their fans are like, 'Yep, it's been pretty awesome for us. Thankfully, we've been blessed with awesome owners and awesome general managers who have consistently done awesome things. We pity you, Wings fans. Truly, we do. You've suffered for so long. You deserve better.'"
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    It's a free asset. If he turns out to be a dud, who cares, move on.
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    He is old school and travels by Viking longship. He's probably got another 4-5 weeks at least until he is safe in port.
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    Absolutely zero desire to trade for Bishop. Props to Kenny for not falling victim to Left Wingers rants lol. First of all as a re-building team I would hate to give up a picks for a goalie who is 30 and could very well be headed for a decline. Secondly, Bishop is likely getting big money this off season, the last thing we need is 15 mil tied up in goalies as it is no guarantee we could move either Mrazek or Howard without eating cap with Howard's injury history and Mrazek's value being at an all time low right now. We have to stop with the mindset of trying to fix things overnight (unless we are talking an impact elite players like Tavares) and we need to continue with the re-build. Signing a 30 year old goalie for big money is a move that is made when you think you can contend next year.
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    Preds lead 2-0 after 20 mins. I'm torn. On the one hand, f*** the Ducks. On the other hand, the Ducks might be the tougher opponent for the Pens -- and the most important thing in all this is that the Pens do not repeat. Ah screw it. Go Preds!
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    If the sheet fits... And bigotry doesn't have to be absolute. Liking Lidstrom doesn't mean you're not a bigot for your prejudice against Swedes in general. Bigots aren't noted for their rationality. Unbelievably, your attempt to prove that you aren't biased is so full of implied bigotry that it might as well be one of those hidden-3D-image pictures, where if you squint at it just right you see a bunch of swastikas with thumbs-up emojis. First, "same type of player/team". which we know means "European-style", which we know means soft/weak/gutless/etc. but that you like to hide behind your new code-word, "finesse". Either way it is factually inaccurate. The diversity of nationalities, size, and play style may not be all that everyone wants, but it inarguably exists. It is a hallmark of bigotry to exaggerate the influence of the object of that bigotry. That same point is also evident in your blaming our decline on "finesse". While there isn't sufficient data to make factual assertions, that alone is an indictment of your opinion. That you include that statement in the very same sentence as "first top 10 in forever" shows such ridiculous and willful disregard of the both the success of our strategy, and the well-known cyclical nature of sports, that I defy anyone to read that sentence without imagining a rimshot at the end. And in regards to the whole "finesse" thing, it seems to be widely accepted that the game has been trending toward speed and skill (finesse, one might say), and anecdotal evidence from discussions on hitting, fighting, the disappearance of enforcers, growing sentiment against stay-at-home-defensemen and defensive-specialist-forwards, and a strong movement toward analytics seems to support that conclusion. I'm not even sure you believe your finesse argument. Misusing our players has often been discussed here, and even you have done so; arguing that our grittier and less-skilled players are playing too much, at the expense of our finesse players. Your advocacy for Tippett (whose grittiness is hardly more than a footnote in his scouting report compared to his finesse attributes of skating and shooting) also suggest you are just using the term as a facade. Finally we have the sheer vehemence of your anti-"finesse" rhetoric suggesting an irrational bias. Here saying such a pick would be a waste, previously calling such a pick "non-impact", and the ultimate example of: ...in regards to Pettersson, who you later admitted you had never even heard of. And even though you have since been made aware that every scouting service believes Pettersson has elite potential, you still refuse to believe it. It might have done your argument some good if you had acknowledged his potential, and just said you felt there were better options. Too late for that now though. You can't get better if you don't recognize your faults. I'm doing this for your own good, pal.
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    Don't think of it as cheering for the Sens. Think of it as cheering against the Pens.
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    Grow up kids it is going to be awesome.
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    Way to play both sides of the coin. Now you can ***** no matter what happens.
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    You really thought Bishop might come here? We have 2 decent goalies locked up and a decent backup on the way. Dallas, Winnipeg, Calgary, and the Canes are gunning for goalies. Not us. So far Dallas just has the rights to talk to him first. Buffalo did this with Vesey last summer. Let's see how it pans out. Bishop was asking 6+ million and 6 years out of Calgary, and mind you he's 30.
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    No thanks. Doesn't score much, and some scouting reports say skating is an issue. Big, slow footed defensemen, without much scoring are a thing of the past. I'd take Makar or Liljegren first.
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    I can't really speak about Petersson, having never seen him play (or even bothered to look into the guy), but in general I'm very wary of anybody with dubious skating. That's not to say his skating (if indeed it is a problem) can't improve. But when I look at the teams doing well in the playoffs right now the thing I notice most is speed. Pittsburgh, Nashville, St. Louis, Edmonton, Ottawa, New York, and even Anaheim are all REALLY fast and play with incredible pace. Going forward, in today's game, I'd be really worried about taking someone who doensn't skate well. This is especially true for defensemen (which I realize Petersson is not). Look at what a game changer Nashville's defense is. They're insane. I just don't think there's any future for slower, grinding, type teams. Even if they're HUGE, I think you live and die in transition these days.
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    Picking at number 9? This is a good number to pick at. I like this.
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    Machovsky interview (100% real): I think we've found ourselves a keeper.
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    I don't think anyone here is "blaming the lottery." They're just pointing out that we were one number away from the #1 pick and that this is a bummer. It's not like we pulled a CBJ and went on a late-season tear. And it's not like Holland loaded up at the deadline and hurt our ability to suck. We were bad all season long, including the final stretch. Wait...what? You've decided that our season has provided "no rewards at all" because we didn't get a lottery pick. ... And you're asserting that "trying to increase our odds" is "for sure better than" what it is we did, even though "it doesn't always work out." ... So, we should've tried to suck harder (how? By not trading Smith and Vanek for picks? By telling the players to wave the white flag and deliberately lose games? "Hey! Red Wings! Stop scoring so many power play goals! The power play is too good!") because that for sure would've been better for us, because all that matters is a top-three pick, which no team is guaranteed. Seems legit.
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    Hoping Holland will use the pick to pry Trouba out of the Peg
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    Abdelkader and DeKeyser really stepped it up after they got paid...
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    Stars selected after the seventh pick Lundquist (205) Keith (54) Seabrook (14) Parise (17) Getzlaf (19) Burns (20) Perry (28) Bergeron (45) Weber (49) Pavelski (205) Byfuglien (245) Green (29) Rinne (258) Kopitar (11) Rask (21) Letang (62) Quick (72) Bishop (85) Yandle (105) Giroux (22) Marchand (71) Couture (9) Shattenkirk (14) Subban (43) Simmonds (61) Benn (129) Karlsson (15) Holtby (83) Tarasenko (16) Faulk (37) Gaudreau (104) Forsberg (11)
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    Can confirm. http://www.spotrac.com/nhl/minnesota-wild/ryan-suter-1858/ $7.5M cap hit for the next eight years, for a 32-year-old defenseman who's got a lot of miles on the odometer. Hard pass.
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    honestly I think the whole NHL club is made to be way more elite than it actually is. I don't think playing hockey professionally necessarily makes you a better GM or owner or coach etc. Yet so many former NHL players end up in front office positions. Its a club.
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    So what was Homer? Kronwall? Ulf Samuelsson? Why call it "power vs European" instead of "power vs finesse?" Sent from my LGLS676 using Tapatalk
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    I still think we won the lottery with Dekeyser. Not a #1, but a great pickup. If Victor can be a comparable piece that would be huge. Not expecting that, but it'd be great to pickup a big guy with potential.
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    So...the hockey world should just stop reporting news unless a kid is a sure thing? No more undrafted FA news. Hell, just stop reporting on the draft after the top 15 picks, most of those guys will never amount to anything anyway... Pretty much goes without saying that an undrafted FA is a longshot to be anything special, but that doesn't mean it isn't worth discussing.
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    A flop is more likely then finding a diamond in the rough, but that doesn't mean you just give up on it.
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    I think it will simply depend on where we are in the standings. If we are not in the playoff picture at trade deadline time, he's gone for sure.
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    Really? Look at the UFA contracts given out last year. Best example I can give is a a 33 year old David Backes who is a top 6 maybe even top 9 forward getting 5 years 30 million (got 38 points this year in 74 games). Perceived top D-men don't hit UFA often, I admit anything can happen but to think he wont cash in big from someone I think is a bit naive.
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    Counting guys that actually contribute to their teams... Nashville loses: Suter, Weber, Jones, Del Zotto, Klein, and Franson (basically an entire Defensive unit, and a good one at that) Nashville adds: Subban (one top pairing guy) Still amazing Detroit loses: Lidstrom, Rafalski, Stuart (a complete top pairing and a 2nd pairing guy) Detroit adds: Green, Dekeyser (a complete 2nd pairing) Worse than ever Nashville is hella good at developing their young D men. We've been pretty bad.
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    Net minders are by far the least of our problem...The 5 guys in front have them have been my concern.
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    Griffs now lead 3-1 after a 6-3 win tonight... Game 5 is 8 PM on Saturday Night in Chicago. Callahan x3, Criscuolo, Frk & Lorito scored
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    I think the trade was terrible, but not because Shea Weber isn't a good defenseman. Usually people tend to view trades in terms of Player X vs. Player Y, and I get that, but that's not the reason why the trade was so lopsided. It was a bad trade because it showed that Marc Bergevin has a spectacularly poor understanding of which direction the game is trending. His team was already slow, and had trouble keeping the puck out of his own zone. Carey Price gets shelled all the time, and it's a testament to him that he's been so successful at keeping the Canadiens competitive. Montreal needed MORE guys like Subban, not less. They traded puck moving ability, which it at a premium because of the affect it has DEFENSIVELY, for a few more points and few more goals from one player over the other. That's why it's a really bad trade. Well that and the fact that Weber is older and has a horrible contract. But those things are sorta secondary IMO.
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    Not to speak for anyone, but I think the point that @Dabura i trying to make is that it doesn't have to be one extreme or the other which is the same thing I keep trying to tell you. I read the initial post and there was nothing about hanging on to the streak (which doesn't even make sense to say anymore), signing vets to long term contracts, or magically hoping for players to get better. That's an extreme argument that you always go to in an effort to make other posters sound stupid. It would be like me saying to you "Well Frank, I dont think we should tank and attempt to be bad for 20 years". Using hyperbole in an argument just makes a person sound like their argument is a weak one. Like I have said, I really like what the Leafs have done. They didn't just blow everything up, they made the right moves that appear to have really helped them turn the corner. I would prefer to be a Toronto then a Buffalo or an Edmonton (pre McDavid).
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    If Guentzel was on the Wings he wouldn't be playing like this at all. He'd be Nyquist at best. If you ask me this defense first system the Wings have also destroys any offensive creativity, requiring everyone to be two way players.
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    Not even, he was drafted by the Penguins in 2013. Jake Guentzel is an American professional ice hockey forward currently playing for the Pittsburgh Penguins of the National Hockey League. He was selected by the Penguins in the 3rd round, 77th overall, in the 2013 NHL Entry Draft. Why does this thread even exist?
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    Really....I mean....really??? Somehow, you find a way to blame the NHL and see favours for PIT on this play? Shouldn't have been a penalty, agreed, but any other team and any other ref, seeing that at full speed, it gets called, period!
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    Go easy on Pierre. Kris "Kristopher Letang" Letang is out for the postseason and Pierre doesn't know what to do with himself.
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    No team has repeated since the Wings. Please, if there is a god, do not let the Pens be the next team to do it.
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    I agree they aren't the best source but they voiced some of the same thoughts I had about Liljegren. The bout with Mono really set him back this year. It's hard to miss that much time and then come back strong afterward. I personally think he would be a great pick at #9. He has great vision, moves the puck well and can QB a PP. Something the Wings need.
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    Oh, you do policy analysis for 14 hours a day? Cute, I've read over 1,000 facebook posts about federal policy. Step to me.
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