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    Just heard a beautiful joke that I even had to laugh. What does the titanic and red wings have in common? They both are at the bottom of the Atlantic.
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    Yeah, I mean they absolutely knew the day he would become injured and didn't pull the trigger. Someone should fire our team psychic, he's just not getting the job done.
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    REAL TALK RIP Mike Ilitch. Thank you for the awesomeness. LINEUPS Blashill says Kronwall and Nielsen are available. (Wakiji) Kronwall says he's playing. (Wakiji) With that said, I don't know how the Wings' lines and pairings are going to shake out. Educated guess: Red Wings Nyquist Zetterberg Mantha Athanasiou Nielsen Vanek Tatar Helm Larkin Sheahan Glendening Abdelkader DeKeyser Green Kronwall Smith Ouellet Jensen Mrazek * * * Blue Jackets Sadd Wennberg Foligno Jenner Dubinsky Atkinson Calvert Karlsson Anderson Hartnell Sedlak Gagner Werenski Jones Johnson Murray Harrington Nutivaara Bobrovsky HYPE JAM Queens of the Stone Age - "You Think I Ain't Worth a Dollar, but I Feel Like a Millionaire" LGRW!!!
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    ...the tire is on fire...and Kenny is kicking it. But it won't go out, it just sits there, burning, smoking, filling the lungs of all Wings fans with toxic fumes of death...kick it some more Kenny!
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    Blashill happened Sent from my LGLS676 using Tapatalk
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    Quote from Steve Yzerman: "Both Mr. and Mrs. Ilitch, as well as their entire family, have had an immeasurable impact on not only my career, but my life," Yzerman said in a statement. "Going back to the age of 18 when I arrived in Detroit, the guidance, generosity, concern and love Mr, Ilitch had always shown me and my family are things I will forever be grateful for. “I was extremely fortunate to have played my entire career for a man who's love of hockey and burning desire to win were the catalysts which drove the Detroit Red Wings to four Stanley Cup Championships after purchasing the team in 1982. “Mr. Ilitch has left an incredible legacy in baseball, hockey and Metropolitan Detroit. He will forever be remembered for all the ways he enriched our lives. Mike Ilitch will live on vividly in my mind and heart forever.”
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    It's not too late to rename the arena to The Ilitch Centre of Entertainment Arena. The ICE Arena....
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    Words cannot describe... Little rumors floating around Tigers may be sold to Gilbert and focus to remain on Wings...
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    Agreed, and what a shutout it was. 42 saves. Nice to see him get one finally with the season he's had. Hopefully he can build off this and turn it around. Bout time Blash showed some faith in him and gave him the start tonight in t back to back.
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    If Jurco gets us a 3rd then Smith will bring at least a second and Vanek should be a good return. Sad to see the Jurco story went so badly here - I still think he'll be a solid NHL player.
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    Helene St. James ‏@HeleneStJames 1h1 hour ago More Hearing from Dan Milstein that Pavel and Maria Datsyuk have welcomed son, Pavel Jr. @DetroitRedWings have 2035 draft pick lined up.
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    Goalies were unconfirmed at the moment, so is Vanek. Lines may change LGRW!
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    Which one is Toews cuz that's who I pick
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    Offensive Lines: Goose - The Beard - Antman Eyebrows - No Hands - Panic at the Disco Tatar sauce - 0 goals Tellytubby - D-Boss Supposed Potential - Glendogmillionaire - Abdul-Kadir Defensive Lines: $30 million waste - Greener Erection - Frenchie Aaron Ward - Lefty's favorite Goalie: Mr. Czech Dat Attitude How I used to feel at the Red Wings games: How I've been feeling: And Idk something about Dylan Larkin and Nashville to please the pro-goon fans.
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    Awesome performance by Mrazek. Hopefully this is the start of his mojo coming back. Plus another point for Mantha tonight. Good all around.
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    Amazing what can happen when a goalie is given the chance to work out the kinks. Here's to hoping Mrazek starts next game.
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    Is this thread really necessary? In fact it's a pretty sad and pathetic thread.
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    Love Jurco, wish he was given more of an opportunity in Detroit. I think he will prove to be well worth the pick for Chicago.
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    If Stone is worth a 3rd pick then Vanek is for sure worth a 1st round pick.
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    Green is questionable for today. Sproul might be in Zetterberg has four goals and 12 points in his past 11 games. LGRW!!!
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    Hell No! Trading Mrazek would be dumb in my opinion, and regardless of what Mick said, Holland definitely isn't shopping him. No way do you trade a goalie with Mrazek's potential, unless it's straight up for a young, number one defenseman (and that's not happening).
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    Well if you notice too, when he hit his slump last year during the season, it all began when Zetterberg slowed down as well. I think both were benefitting off each other on a line. This year it happens to be that they are split up and Larkin doesn't have the best linemates imo. Would rather have him play with Z and Mantha if we're s***ting this season anyways, those 2 kids could do well learning a thing or two from him.
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    LW C RW Gustav Nyquist Henrik Zetterberg Anthony Mantha Tomas Tatar Riley Sheahan Dylan Larkin Andreas Athanasiou Darren Helm Thomas Vanek Tomas Jurco Luke Glendening Justin Abdelkader Defensive Pairings Dan DeKeyser Mike Green Jonathan Ericsson Nick Jensen Brendan Smith Ryan Sproul Petr Mrazek Looks like Sproul in tonight, XO out. Mrazek gets the nod. I'll put up a real GDT for my next one, work has been kicking my butt and i've not had much time to get one complete. Odds are against us, we are in position to be offensively squashed by the high flying Caps. Prove me wrong boys, LGW!
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    Celebrating an injury. You stay classy. Sent from my LGLS676 using Tapatalk
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    I wasn't gonna go there, he played a great 2nd and 3rd, but damn if he wasn't 12 feet out of his net, had the angle, and just flat out missed it. DeKeyser did the right thing on a 3 on 2 and took the middle guy and let Mraz face the shooter, it shouldn't have gone in.
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    Amazing saves by Mrazek in the waning minutes of the game. Shame on the rest of the players for being trash and giving up those good chances. They looked like they were playing the 1992 Penguins out there.
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    I would laugh if Mrazek got an empty netter just so he could bust Sheahan.
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    Ok...3 of those 4 ages are wrong. Pietrangelo is 27, Tarasenko is 25, Schwarz is actually 24 and Berglund is 28 (you are 7 years off with this one) and other then Tarasenko none of those players are elite. So based based on the fact that they don't appear to be getting any better and if anything are regressing (as a team), and they have proven they can not get it done in the playoffs, they should re-build....right? You always contended that since the Wings got bounced first round, they should tank. Shouldnt that apply to the Blues as well? For the record, I dont think they should, but my point is with your philosophy, any team that is not a favourite in the here and now, or are not a team that already suck but have a franchise player should automatically tank/re-build. It's easy to say after the fact when hindsight is 20/20 that a team should have re-built, but in the moment when your team is a contender, to just pull back and completely tear things down can be absolutely detrimental to a team and the fan base. The average fan is not going to put up with a team that is constantly hitting the reset button. You always bring up how the Wings should have started a re-build in 2012, which I'm sorry but at the time was just wrong. I dont know of any team that has 2 elite players on their roster, and a solid group of complementary talent that would make that decision, not to mention there is no way the fans would have accepted it. Add to that the fact that in 2013 we were 1 goal away from making the final 4 and knocking out the eventual cup champions, and it completely makes sense why would Holland did not tear anything down. What he did was start a re-build on the fly and hoped that his kids would become high end players before his elite players regressed, in theory it made sense as it worked between 2002 and 2008. In hindsight, our big 4 regressed quicker then we expected due to injury, and our kids didn't amount to more then top 6 players. When that happened, the next logical move was to speed up the re-build, which Holland sort of did. With that being said, I am not going to sit here and make it sound like Holland is perfect, he is far from it and definitely made mistakes, especially this past summer. I think that the Nielsen, Ott, and Miller signings were all bad decisions on his part. I think he should have ate Datsyuk's contract, though I get why he didn't considering the reaction from the fans, but never the less it was still a mistake as I think he should have brought up Mantha, Bertuzzi and whomever from the start and rolled with it. I still think that the young core of this team is very good, and with a few extra pieces I think they can make some noise. Hopefully we trade Vanek and Green before the deadline, and try to get rid of Howard and E in the summer. If we pull off those moves, get a good draft pick, trade for the d-man we so desperately need, and throw in a coaching change for a guy like Hitchcock, and I think we are in a lot better of a position then most think.
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    In sports, there are men and there are Gods. I can't put Yzerman in the same category as either Lidstrom or Zetterberg. What he did for this team, the memories, the championships, it was just magic, and now lives on as legend.
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    There really are 3 ways to answer this question. 1) Who are the worst 3 players on this team talent wise 2) Who are the worst 3 players in relation to their role 3) Who are the three worst players in relation to their cap hit I am going to answer this question based on a combination of option 2/3 because option 1 is obvious as I dont think anyone would not pick Ott, Miller etc. if we are talking option 1. 1) Mrazek - I think the guy has a super high ceiling, but he has be dreadful this year. His cap hit is no longer low (4mil) and he ranks amongt the worst in the league at his position. As of today he ranks 45/47 in Save % and 42/47 in terms of GAA. Howard in comparison ranks 2/47 in both 2) E - I think this is the guy that the majority of us want off the team. High caphit and poorly playing in a top 4 role. Should be on a third pairing being paid between 1-2million per year (ie. Quincey on NJ money) 3) Sheahan - The guy has been a top 6/top 9 player for the most of the year and does not have a goal to show for it, and its not like the assists are there either. 4) DD - The guys is playing in the 1A role right now and has struggled on D and offensively has 7 points (on par with E). I think he definitely has a bright future, but if we are looking at the guy for how he has performed this season in a bubble for his role/caphit, he's been bad. 5) Kronwall - Paid like a top 4 guy but his body is breaking down. I actually dont have any ill will as the guy has given us everything he has had this past decade, I hope he either goes on LTIR, or gets back to 100%. Though the latter would shock me.
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    Helm keeps extra lead in his gloves in case of nuclear threat. I'd take Quincey/Polak over Ericsson/DeKeyser right now.
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    Seriously? Look at some of the trades and acquisitions he's made. Signing Tyler Johnson to an entry level contract in 2011. Drafting Kucherov in the 2nd round in 2011. Drafting Palat in the 7th round in 2011. Drafting Killorn in the 3rd round in 2012. Trading a 4th round pick and Cory Conacher for Ben Bishop. Trading Kyle Quincey and Sebastien Piche for a 1st round pick. Signing Stralman in 2014 to a 5 year $22 million contract. (about the same contract as Ericsson) Signing Brian Boyle for cheap in 2014. Getting rid of a malcontent in St. Louis in 2014 and getting two high draft picks and Ryan Callahan in return. Keeping both Stamkos and Drouin, despite talks they wanted to go elsewhere. How can you ask such a silly question? What's Holland done during this time period to grow the team?
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    According to my calculations, Sheahan scoring a goal tonight would rip a hole in the fabric of reality and propel us to three straight Cups.
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    Lack motivation, much lose. If Loo is right i'll bring back her special Valentine.