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  2. Diamond Dallas Page donated a TON of money to the world wildlife fund a while back and the fund credited it to some Page Falkinburg guy instead....
  3. I'm worried inept Holland will finally do a deal and AA or Mantha will be dealt. Blashill/Holland need to go ASAP. I agree I'd trade AA for no one at this point. We've had to suffer through all sorts of other idiots on this team in the name of loyalty hoping the same love is given to AA and Mantha
  4. What does the world wildlife fund have to do with any of this?
  5. Ansar on the return for Vanek... Also mentions the Hawks as a potential destination *puke* Ansar on Smith... Also says we may get a late pick for Ott. Jurco probably headed for Europe. Green probably not being traded (yet). Tatar and Nyquist won't get moved till the offseason if it happens.
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  7. Bit of an overpayment for Hainsey by the Pens me thinks. Rutherford must have had him pegged as the guy he wanted from his time with Carolina. Pens probably out on Smitty now.
  8. I honestly doubt it...
  9. I think we can count on Blashill being let go this offseason
  10. That's fine. I don't want to give the Pens anything that magically blossoms for them.
  11. ...nuff said. Lol so you wouldn't trade a guy who might be a number 3 center or at best a second line center for some of the best defenseman in the game...[emoji79] If Cheveldayoff offers Trouba I'd drive AA or whomever to the airport in short you take that deal and run before Cheveldayoff becomes sobber.
  12. You're right! Totally forgot about that. Filled in on the ducks top line some too.... feels like a lifetime ago.
  13. Didn't he win the Cup in Anaheim?
  14. So he is this years Larkin or Goose from a few years ago were some people were calling him the next 40 goal scorer or whatever. Teams are built from the backend so if someone offers a legitimate young top 4 defender he is gone. That's the beauty of being a seller for the right but realistic price everyone is available
  15. Commodore got treated like Diamond Dallas Page when he went to the WWF.
  16. Its disturbing that the young players have regressed. They are not responding to Blashill. That is a head scratcher in that he coached a number of them at Grand Rapids
  17. These are the kind of posts that cause people to accuse posters of over hyping prospects. Guys like OEL and Subban are elite. The chances off AA becoming an elite 1C are not that high, more then likely under 50%. He is projected to be a very good 2C.
  18. What exactly is a puck moving defenseman? I mean, is there a defenseman who just refuses to pass the puck to anyone?
  19. When they took him I got the feeling of Babcock just trying to give the Wings a little dig. It was just kind of an annoying move on there part if nothing else. Now that they haven't played him a minute I think it isn't showing the player much respect. They could have dressed him a couple of games. If I'm Marchenko I wouldn't have many good feelings for Babcock. Kind of reminds me of what Babcock did to Commodor a few yeago
  20. the entire team except for Zetterberg, Green and Vanek have regressed. It's coaching.
  21. Penguins just got Hainsey. I would guess Smith to the Pens is out now.
  22. This is Holland we are talking about, if he moves Miller for a bag of pucks it will be big news.
  23. I don't think any player is truly untouchable, but I agree that some should be in the sense that the return likely wouldn't be better than the player we already have. It would take an awful lot for me to want to trade Larkin, Athanasiou and especially Mantha. But if the right deal came along, hell yeah I'd trade them. Athanasiou for Werenski? Yup. If Gretzky can get traded, any player can get traded...
  24. I don't know if he's the worst. However, the problems we're having (inconsistency, not up for every game, blowing leads in the 3rd period) are all signs of poor coaching. Larkin and DK seem to have regressed too, however that could be the individual players going through a rough spot and not necessarily coaching. We also have to remember he's really young and very inexperienced compared to other coaches around the league.
  25. I f***ing love Athanasiou, but if you can trade a guy like that for a legit number one defenseman, you should definitely do it. AA has the "potential" to become a 1C, but he could top out as a 2C. All the guys you listed are 1D. If we were offered Jones or Trouba straight up for Athanasiou, I'd do it without thinking twice... Both are the same age as Athanasiou and both are out producing him from the back end. 34 points (10 goals, 24 assists) in 52 games for Jones, 24 points (5 goals, 19 assists) in 47 games for Trouba, and 20 points (14 goals, 6 assists) in 45 games for Athanasiou. Losing Athanasiou would definitely hurt, but the gain from either of those guys would definitely outweigh the loss of AA in my opinion. Especially if we have the opportunity to draft one of Patrick or Vilardi...
  26. Everyone? Who wants to dump AA?? Some have advocated trading him for a top defenseman.. but that's hardly a "dump." It's a very realistic price to pay for such a rare commodity. That said, I don't want AA playing on any other team but the wings either.
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