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  2. Where did you read this?
  3. Really finding that hard to believe...
  4. I would in a heartbeat trade Nyquist for Fowler. But would Anaheim?
  5. I see your point about the injury, but I would take the chance. There is no doubt in my mind that if Green was having a Green like season and stayed healthy he could land us a 1st rounder from a contender. Roman Polak got the Leafs a 2nd Rounder, Smith got us a 2nd rounder. That is the market at the trade deadline.
  6. No. Would trade the #9 for an actual #1 D like Doughty (not a 2D that people think is as good as a 1D) along with Larkin and Tatar or something though. But realistically would trade the #9 with another player to trade up. Point is, if we're pulling trigger, at this point I'd rather do something big with a meaningful return and guaranteed results. Otherwise stack the picks. I'm starting to think long term is better for this team. Assuming we suck next year as well and get another high pick (a much better draft), the #9 this year plus next years pick can go a long way for us in 3-4 years time. Getting Fowler won't make us a competitor. But trading up this year and having another good pick next year, OR trading the #9 pick along in a package to get a crazy return would (and that scenario is near impossible because nobody wants to give up a Drew Doughty). So we're left with keeping the #9 pick or trading up. BTW I would trade trade Nyquist for Fowler. But not the pick. Not a chance. It's a game of poker and we have a decent hand.
  7. He's an RFA. Where did you read he was on radar? Would any of you guys trade the #9 for Fowler?
  8. I agree that all contending teams need one defender that has the tools and the ability to make serious hits. Preferably two. Slows the other team down by default. Changes the play. Less risky two zone passes, heads are kept a little higher etc. If that would be McIlrath I would leave unsaid, time will tell. It certainly isn't Kronwall and unless Ericsson plays all season like he did the first 15 games last season he's overpaid by about 3.5 million dollars.
  9. Played a regular shift for multiple seasons on an elite team and had a plus 16 season while doing people have incredibly small strike zones for "doing much". Think we're just going to have to agree to disagree...but I think the Wings brass would be delighted if Libor turned out to be as good as Brett Lebda I certainly don't think you can lump Lebda in with Leino...and even then Leino had on pretty good year..which is rare for a UDFA.
  10. Actaully... I don't often agree with Dickie, but "didn't do much" is about as apt a description of Lebda as you can get.
  11. Josh Anderson on Wings radar
  12. What I meant was he was nothing special, just a guy who could play a small role on a good team for not much money, then did nothing after he left. Sent from my LGLS676 using Tapatalk
  13. What he said was he didn't pan out...he most certainly did pan out...he saw regular minutes on one of the elite teams in the league. By definition, that's a successful signing. He was less effective in Toronto...a common theme for that era of Leafs teams. IIRC..he also had some injuries to his back and shoulder and that could have been a factor as well. Look...I'm not saying he was Nik...but the guy played a lot of minutes on some great teams. To say that was a UDFA signing that didn't work out is ridiculous on its face.
  14. I agree, if they were same price (term / cap hit), but I'd much rather re-sign Green to another similar contract (2-3 years at $5.5-6M) then sign Shattenkirk to the contract I expect him to sign (6-7 years at $6.5M+).
  15. I was one of the people that said he won't ever make the Wings and we shouldn't offer him a contract after this season. I have to say though, I've been mildly impressed with his play in these playoffs. The thing that has surprised me the most is his skating. Not because it's great, but because it's not terrible. When I read his scouting report on eliteprospects, "A large and physical defenseman. Not a very good skater. Has a good shot from the blue line. Needs to improve his skating." I naturally thought he would be an awful skater. He's not noticeably slow out there, and he seems to position himself well. He is a wrecking ball, hits everything that moves, and won't back down from anyone. Although I'm not a huge fan of the big, slow defensemen, I think it's okay for every team to have one as a 6/7. So if we can somehow move Ericsson, I'd take McIlrath in a similar role at $1.5M over E at $4.25M. I still don't think he's deserving of a spot over a number of other guys out of the gate next season, but I'd offer him another two-way contract with him continuing to play big minutes in Grand Rapids. Worst case scenario, he's a solid warrior to help the kids in GR, and maybe he becomes another Lashoff type player. And Lash has been great down there.
  16. I'd take Shattenkirk if Green was moved , much the same player except age of course.
  17. If it's the Griffins and Syracuse in the finals again I'll be at every game in Cuse. I saw them win the Calder Cup there with Tatar and everyone. I'll watch them win it again with a new crop of future Wings.
  18. He was on the team for 5 seasons actually and did the job he was asked to do. I think what DD is trying to say is that he had a very good support ing cast whilst a RedWing and when he left to go to the Leafs and then the Jax he's limitations were exposed.
  19. I gotta say that McIlrath has been an absolute beast in these playoffs and I know some on here say he shouldn't make the Wings , but to have that presence as a 6/7 D he must be worth consideration for a roster spot next year. He is leading on the ice and also is a team leading plus 11 so far this postseason. I think he's a RFA but I'd offer him a deal as I feel he's done nothing but impress in his time at GR. Give him a few preseason games next year and then make a decision, he does bring that element that we lack and at the end of the day if we don't then the Vanek deal would be just that 3rd rounder.
  20. These quotes seem contradictory.
  21. My fitbit #Fitstats_en_US for 5/26/2017: 10,691 steps and 4.7 miles traveled.

  22. I think the Preds can take this. Sens are a lesser team on both sides of the puck in my eyes even with the Preds injuries and still took them almost through 8 games of hockey.
  23. Go Griffs!
  24. Penguins vs. Predators sounds like the worst sci-fi reboot yet. Go PK and Pekka!!!
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