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  2. Sooner = better. Buffalo, Arizona, I can see also Florida and couple others could go with prospect/high draft for Tatar/package. Don´t expect 1st C/D. At the TDL 1/ Buyers will have low picks only, obviously 2/ Won´t be willing to unload a lot for pending UFA 3/ Everybody will know Ken is in tricky situation of must-trade, which won´t help him a lot. I was just guessing to trade him already signed for what he wants. Like - call Chayka and ask him "..hey, you interested in Tatar 5.3/5 in package for your first pick ´18+ Domi?"
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  4. At this point, can a multi-year deal be reached or nah?
  5. I think Ras plays in the WHL. I would assume he'd be at camp especially since they didn't get to see much of him at dev camp because of his wrist injury. Either way my guess I he has 1 year of jrs and 1 year of AHL before he's ready to make the jump. Who knows tho.
  6. Agreed. Mrazek has one more season left, may as well see what he does with it before even considering trading him. Team isn't a contender. Nothing to lose, plenty to gain. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Yeah, that's my hope. If the rumors last deadline were true, that is. Hopefully he bounces back and his value jumps higher and we can trade him in a package for top D or C.
  8. Yes, we do need cap space, so trading Nyquist and/or Tatar makes sense in the long-run, given some of the youth we have in the pipeline. We need to re-sign Larkin and Mantha after this season, and if Larkin has a bounce-back and Mantha continues the way he was playing or improves, they're both in for a decent raise. Those two are more important than Tatar or Nyquist. It's an unfortunate byproduct of Holland handing bad contracts to Ericsson, Helm, Abdelkader, Nielsen, Glendening... Don't re-sign Helm, lower Abdelkaders AAV, don't pick up Nielsen, and lower Glendening's AAV and we don't have to worry about these secondary players like Tatar or Nyquist as much. But reality is reality and it would be better to trade Tatar in a package for a top D or C or for picks. You can then go a couple different routes; sign Vanek to 2 years at an affordable cap number or bring up Svechnikov now and play him with Zetterberg so he can learn from him while he's still producing. This does not equate to tanking. I wouldn't mind trading Mrazek, but only for the right return (top D or C). I also understand that it makes sense to give Mrazek another season to prove he's got it and if he does but an extension looks unlikely, trade him. If he continues to play poorly, try and part with him at the deadline. Or he plays great and we successfully extend him, Howard has one more season, and we can make that work.
  9. My fitbit #Fitstats_en_US for 7/20/2017: 10,961 steps and 4.8 miles traveled.

  10. Is Ras coming to training camp, or can he not because he's playing college hockey?
  11. I'm hoping he turns out to be good too! Can't change things, he ours and Tippett is not.
  12. Yeah, I know your one of the few of us here that still has hope for him. I was referring to Leftwinger's comment about trading him. Makes no sense at all. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. IF Tippett makes the team, I think he will be in the running for the Calder, may even lead all rookies in goals, but I doubt he wins it. I can see one of Hischier or Patrick winning it over him. I would have rathered Tippett over Rasmussen as well, but I'm hoping Big Ras turns out to be the better player. We only have to wait 3-5 years to find out...
  14. To be clear, I don't, nor have I ever wanted to trade Mrazek. I still think (hope) he can reach his full potential. I'm hoping for a huge turnaround season for him this year.
  15. Sheahan should have been traded at the deadline. But if there was so much interest in him when he had 0 goals for the season, maybe if he gets 5 this year his value will jump even higher! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Ya, Sproul may as well wear #90 the way he's scratched. But yay, Daley!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. The whole trading Mrazek thing is hilarious at this point. Might want to wait on that until you have a starter who can play a full season, and a backup who didn't have a 3.58 or whatever GAA IN 14 starts in Detroit last season. Or maybe not. Tanks away! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. WHat was Holland thinking? I cannot get over this and will never forgive him. All types of goals too, not just the wrister...Holland made a huge mistake.
  19. Indeed. Nielson is worthless on this current team. Just Holland being trigger happy with money to burn. And the Abby deal...I realize he's an assistant captain, big community guy, big media guy. Had some pretty good seasons, one of the only physical players on the team. All that's great, but $4.25 million a season for 7 seasons? He's already declining, and was never worth that at his peak. But sure, why not? I wonder if I sent Holland a letter if he'd sign me to a contract. Tell him I played beer league and was the top goalie one season, winning the golden beer bottle award for least goals allowed while intoxicated. Checks in the mail! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. My hope: Tatar gets 4.8m in arbitration. Proceeds to play lights out for us. Tatar gets traded pre-deadline to the Penguins, for their 2018 1st Penguins miss the playoffs, win the lottery. My dread: Tatar gets 5.1m in arbitration. Proceeds to play lights out for us. Kenny gives him a 6yr/6m extension We continue being 20th to 25th in the league, never winning the lottery. I'll keep hoping all the same - nothing wrong with misplaced positivity!
  21. ....and Owen Tippet signs his ELC. With only 10 forwards signed, he will make the team and I am betting ROY. OWEN TIPPETT Florida Panthers Right wing Cap Hit: $925,000 Accumulated Daily Cap Hit: : $0 Remaining Daily Cap Hit: : $0 CURRENT CONTRACT ENTRY-LEVEL CONTRACT LENGTH: 3 YEARS EXPIRY STATUS: RFA SIGNING TEAM: Florida Panthers VALUE: $4,975,000 C.H.% : 1.23 SIGNING DATE: July 19, 2017 SOURCE: CapFriendly SEASON CLAUSE CAP HIT AAV P. BONUSES S. BONUSES BASE SALARY TOTAL SALARY MINORS SALARY 2017-18 $925,000 $1,658,333 $500,000 $92,500 $832,500 $925,000 $70,000 2018-19 $925,000 $1,658,333 $850,000 $92,500 $832,500 $925,000 $70,000 2019-20 $925,000 $1,658,333 $850,000 $92,500 $832,500 $925,000 $70,000
  22. I'd be ok with this, but its absolutely imperative that someone goes on LTIR along with Franzen or someone gets dealt.
  23. Tatar Zetterberg Mantha/Witkowski Helm Nielsen Nyquist/Witkowski Abdelkader Larkin Athanasiou/Witkowski Sheahan Glendening Witkowski/Witkowski DeKeyser Daley/Witkowski Kronwall Green/Witkowski Ericsson Jensen/Witkowski Howard/Witkowski Bryzgalov PP1 Witkowski Abdelkader Zetterberg Helm Kronwall PP2 Sheahan Witkowski's Father Trevor Thompson Witkowski's Mother DeKeyser Witkowski
  24. When you realize that once again you are going to have the highest payroll in the NHL and will probably, once again miss the playoffs.
  25. The @OB_DetSports crew is live talking #OJSimpsonParole

  26. Tavares is about 85% of what Toews is, so look for an 8 year, 72 million dollar deal.
  27. The Nielsen and Abdelkader contracts are the worst. Those signings crippled this team.
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