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  1. Red Wings Playoff MVP

    In all honesty I hope Osgood wins the Conn Smyth. Quite frankly because he deserves it, however, Hank and Pavel have both been so instrumental in our success this post season I wouldn't want one to win it and the other have a Sergei Fedorov-esq invisible shadow cast over them in the future. Not saying that would definitely be the case, but these two are just too valuable to take chances! Kinda know what I'm saying? - Anyway... Ozzie, your time has come!
  2. Osgood/Turco exchange

    I don't know what model blocker you are using, but it shouldn't hurt to hold your stick for an entire game. Try one with a stronger support system. I use the Eagle Infinity series and I absolutely love it. Much better than my previous set of Bauer Supremes.
  3. Off season....

    I like the Theodore idea. Can't judge him on one bad year with the Avs. He's an incredible tender and he would be my first pick of the options you listed. Personally though I want Vesa Toskala. It's mind boggling to me why he isn't starting against the Wings right now. He's an incredible goaltender and I'm sure San Jose is setting up to move him eventually (Unless they move Nabokov, which now that I think about it is quite possible if he blows this series.) - Just look what happened a few years back with Nabokov and Kiprusoff... That sure worked out for Mikka and the Calgary Flames.
  4. Why don't we just let Bert sit?

    I'm down for Coke Zero. Same great winning formula, without the Robert Lang.
  5. A Flames fan perspective

    I'm glad to hear McCarty might be dressing. The Joe is going to carry an unusual sense of nostalgia with him in the building during play-off time.
  6. Canucks win in 4OT

    Hah! Agreed! - However, I thought it was an entertaining contest. Maybe the first few overtimes were a little lacking, but towards the 3rd and 4th there were several more odd-man rushes. This series has potential to be epic.
  7. Canucks win in 4OT

    Unbelievable game by both goaltenders. One of those games where you didn't want to see either of them give up that game winner.