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  1. If the rest plays out as intended from the West: Considering the Kings scoring woes are still intact (2.5 GPG this post-season,) they're desperately going to need to find their scoring touch against the likes of Elliott and the Blues. Phoenix/Nashville is an utter crap shoot. They both like to strangle opposing offenses. That series will like be determined who can score first.
  2. I wouldn't mind seeing St. Louis win it. They're doing what we couldn't do in the last two years, and they aren't being timid about the crap SJ is pulling either.
  3. And we all know how well that turned out
  4. Just think of it this way guys... we played (not really) 5 more games than Columbus this year!
  5. Lids is definitely done. You can see the body language
  6. I like sudoku as well
  7. Extra attacker! Like that does a damn thing!
  8. Stuart's got his surf board in the locker room. He ain't flying back with the boys
  9. No, because he'd trade the farm away to get Crosby here.
  10. I want Glen Sather here. Stupid UFA signings, but makes headline shattering trades to off-set it
  11. Because it takes him 5 minutes to skate from center ice to accomplish one of those moves
  12. BIG SEXY! We could use that size on the roster, bad knees and all.
  13. Stuart -6 this series. What a crock of s***
  14. yaaaaaaaay
  15. Charles Barkley looks better in a dress.