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  1. The hockey fight fan thread

    Yeah and they both land haymakers knocking each other out cold.
  2. 2008 NHL Entry Draft GDT

    Yeah i watched like 2 picks earlier(the 7th and 8th) and this was an hour ago. I couldnt bare watching anymore, cause it took so long.
  3. Thats what i didnt understand either.
  4. 2/29 GDT: Sharks 2, Red Wings 2

    finally, if we can just pull this one out!
  5. 2/29 GDT: Sharks 2, Red Wings 2

    That is absolutely awful. I understand that the chances of that happening again is remote, but the NHL seriously needs to look at some of their rules and change them. No team should be penalized like that when its obvious played should have been stopped. Also they just showed that replay and the ******* ref was gonna blow the whistle and didnt!
  6. Toledo Walleye

    I said the same thing when i read thats the new nickname. But it does make sense. I just wish they picked better colors, not a fan of gold and 3 different shades of blue. I guess ill wait to see an actual uniform before i decide if the colors are bad or not. I too am glad hockey will be back in Toledo, i cant wait.
  7. Toledo Walleye

    I dunno. I always thought the Red Wings and city of Toledo had a good relationship. Who knows though? But with the new colors maybe Toledo plans to go in another direction with an affiliate or not one at all. Im too young too know, but were the Toledo Goaldiggers, Toledo Blades, etc farm teams of the Red Wings back in the day?
  8. Toledo Walleye

    Ive been to so many Storm games i couldnt tell you the first one i went too. All for the most part were a great time though. If you were a fan of fights it was the place to go, especially if they played Dayton.
  9. Toledo Walleye

    Flint isnt in the ECHL. The new Toledo franchise will be back in the ECHL though
  10. Toledo Walleye

    So this is 9 days old, but after the Toledo Storm team ceased opperations to build a new arena ive been searching to find out what the new Toledo hockey franchise would be named. And they chose the "Toledo Walleye" initially i didnt like it but it makes sense. Although i dont care too much for the colors, Gold and 3 different shades of blue. Also to note in the toledo blade article they actually considered "peckerheads" as a nickname. But i wonder if the Wings will continue an affiliation with the new Toledo team starting in 2009. I kind of hope so it was fun watching possible future Red Wings. btw i searched the forum and couldnt find anything on here about this. Hope its not a duplicate thread.
  11. Another early exit is near

    Some of you guys on here are absolutely amazing. I mean seriously we make one move(a good move imo) and the sky is fallin? Gimme a flippin break. We got a much needed defensemen WITHOUT giving up a young player. And dont forget we did sign DMac, thats like making a trade in itself again WITHOUT giving up a young player. We can win the cup with this team. Yes we hit a rough patch the last few weeks. But that s*** happens in the game of hockey, what did you expect us to stay on that win pace and stay healthy the rest of the season? I look at it this way. The guys who are injured now will be healthy AND rested for a playoff run. Our team will be just fine and i dont know about the rest of you but im excited to watch the rest of the season unfold. and stanley cup or not im a Red Wings fan for life. Also someone mentioned how we arent a deep team? How so? Look at ALL the injuries we have right now. Its like 1/3 of our roster, and its big name/key players. Not many teams if any at all can replace 1/3 of their roster and still play to the same level.
  12. Greatest Sports Movie

    Ill give this a shot, here's my top sports movies... 1) Remember the Titans- I absolutely love this movie and ive seen it probably 30+ times, atleast. "YOU'RE KILLIN' ME PETEY!!!" 2) Caddy Shack 3) Rudy 4) Bull Durham 5) Slap Shot - How could you not love this movie with all their one liners, and quotes? ***Reggie Dunlop: You cheap sonofabitch. Those guys are retards. McGrath: I got a good deal on those boys. Scout said they showed a lot of promise. Reggie Dunlop: They brought their f***in' TOYS with 'em. McGrath: Id rather have em playin with their toys than playin with themselves Reggie Dunlop: They're too dumb to play with themselves. Boy, every piece of garbage that comes into the league you gotta buy it McGrath: Reg, Reg, that reminds me. I was coachin' in Omaha in 1948 and Eddie Shore sends me this guy who was a terrible masturbator. He would get deliberate penalties so he could get over in the penalty box all by himself and damned if he wouldn't...*** 6) Bad News Bears(Original, however the remake i thought was hilarious Billy Bob had some funny one liners). 7) Miracle - Based on probably the greatest upset in not only hockey history but sports history. 8) Friday Night Lights - Based on a true story, and i love high school football 9) Major League 10) A Leadgue Of Their Own - Im suprised nobody mentioned this. notables - rocky, invincible, tin cup,
  13. Yahoo League

    I need 1 more team for an 8 team league, or a 3 team league for a 10 team league. Would love for anyone to join.
  14. Yahoo League

    Thanks. Looking for 3 more teams so if you know anyone let them know.
  15. Yahoo League

    As soon as i get atleast 4 more teams im gonna set up the draft, would like to get 4 more teams by this weekend. So the stats for this weekends games will count. The draft will be autopick.