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  1. good period guys. The Sharks PP loooked terrible. They had better pick it up next two periods. And that last post almsot gave me a heart attack
  2. yeah I loved our older ones....these...for sure not as good as them, but I'll get used to'em
  3. its orange not yellow
  4. i meant in 2008
  5. well...may the best team win i guess
  6. I voted for the wings, I hate that orca logo
  7. Sharks are up!!!
  8. oh for sure..i'm very happy to here this
  9. i'm REALLY I can't walk..I just: -I ran 6 miles in a race in Santa cruz and walked about 8 miles to get back to the car so that is 14 miles in total. -jumped in the ocean and swam a little -I saw my favorite Shark/member of favorite band -I played hockey for 3+ hours. -I helped wash a car all in one day....ouch...but really fun
  10. take that picture off!!!
  11. well that doesn't sound very promising
  12. yeah it was worms armegeddan...there were even kamakazi sheep and super sheep and super aqua sheep.....all explode
  13. A long time ago I saw this game where you were a worm and can shoot sheep out of a rocket launcher thing..and then it explodes
  14. I went to the beach today and saw boats and stuff.
  15. for the most part i'd call them classy overall if you watch the entire Sharks season, but I was just suggesting it cause during the regular season especially they are fun to watch when they have a good game.