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  1. I think we should get someone like Cheechoo, Zajac, or Kariya and if Dom wants to leave we should think about getting Kolzig or a good young player!!!! :idea: :punch: :starwars:
  2. PS

    Same with me we should get a new thread!!!! How do you post pictures on here you made??? :starwars: :octo:
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    Chek this out [Word zetterburgerIMG]
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    Hello Everybody see last nights game??Lidstrom was the BEST!!!! :!: Think We can take the Ducks?? How do you paste pictures on here you made?? GO WINGS GO!! :newbie:
  5. Let's Go Wings!!! How do you paste pictures you made on here?? :colorspin: :goalie2: :newbie:
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    Let's Go WINGS!!!!!!! how do you paste a picture you made to this??