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  1. Getting Excited after game 5...

    Actually, this is the 35th playoff win Ive gotten to see from the Duck in the last four seasons. More than any other NHL team over that stretch. And I've see many more when the team was still in Winnipeg. Get out yer razors, wings.
  2. Facing Elimination...

    Luck, eh?
  3. Anyone else aggravated with lack of accountability?

    We all know the guy can't win the big one. Wings in 8
  4. Getting Excited after game 5...

    Look, I'm not sure how much of the regular season you guys watched, but didn't the Wings win the Presidents? Weren't they favored in all but 5 playoff games this season? EVERY series? How is finishing in 3rd place acceptable? How is CHOKING in back to back games that could have sent Detroit through to the final a satisfactory result? This Wing team, at this age, FAILED, and did so miserably. So you can't pull the old "we fought hard but we just didn't have enough in the tank" card. You posters are trying to make this run out to be Hoosiers status.
  5. My dream last night

    I once dreamt that I went to Joe Louis arena and forgot to put on my pants. Luckily, it was a Wings game and with all the empty seats hardly anyone saw me. Go DUCK!
  6. The NHL is a piece of crap

    Right. I totally agree. There shouldn't be refs at all during the last two minutes. Anything goes. [/sarcasm] Why shouldn't they call it with 1:30 left? A penalty is a penalty, regardless of where, when, and in front of whichever delusional fanbase.
  7. I am a Ducks fan

    .........Nah, you are right, that division was rocksolid. That's why its accounted for just 1 other playoff victory this postseason. I don't see what your weight problem has to do with it. Look, I was born in SARNIA, Ontario, and grew up a diehard Leafs fan. Than I moved to a very affluent part of Southern Cal, began following the Kings, than realized what a waste of a franchise they were in 98 when I decided to jump on the Duck bandwagon. If you want to make personal threats, than be aware the authorities may get involved as I am a paralegal and will not stand for this. Now I hope we can have legitimate hockey talk with out you blind Wing fans pretending rooting for a team with a longer history somehow makes you omniscient with regard to hockey. Have a nice day, The B0oth
  8. Go Ducks

    ....And? I was one flukey Jeff Cowan eyes closed shot from being right... A helluva lot closer than those Canuck fans yapping about how great the Sedin twins were and how we had "no answer for the speed of Nazzie" and that it would be Vancouver in 6.... Credit where credit is due, I made my point, the Duck backed it up on ice, and they were left fuming in a fit of humiliation. Expect nothing different here. Can you call your ISP and have them disconnect your internet to refrain from embarrassing us REAL Duck fans any further? We all know Selanne is Swedish, and Kariya is Korean, who said anything otherwise? The Duck has had more playoff series than anyone over the last 4 seasons, and only the Game 7 loss to New Jersey is what you'd call a "Great Series...." Thanks, The Booth
  9. I am a Ducks fan

    Now lets get one thing perfectly straight. I'm a real hockey fan here, not someone sitting around like a bunch of girls at a cheer contest crying nervously just minutes before they grab their pom poms and go onstage. As applied to art, I'm a realist and you are merely baroque. So don't expect this series to go any different from a typical Duck playoff series of late, which is WIN WIN WIN WIN and on to the next round. So whenever you are ready to have someone hand you the reality, you can come knock on my door. But until than, you can keep name dropping your references to "Red Wings Speed" and "Ducks physicallity" that you heard from Jim Fox on the yahoo series preview and pretend you are discussing hockey like real men. Honestly, Dominik Hasek and Chris Osgood are in net? What next, are the Gin Blossoms, REM and Eddie Money going to sing the National Anthem? Its a 1 seed versus a 2 seed. Explain how this David Goliath thing applies. Please Advise, The Booth
  10. Go Ducks

    Have a good laugh than buddy. Hopefully it will last you throughout the entire offseason. Duck in 4. Well I apologize. To us Duck fans, any series that goes further than 4 or 5 games is "the brink."
  11. 2007 Photoshop War: Red Wings vs. Ducks

    Are you guys editing these pictures in PAINT, or what? Geez people, I hope you guys have vision problems because I could cut out those players better with sheep shears... Later this week I'll crack open some photoshop and show you guys how its done. Seriously, Boothers
  12. Go Ducks

    Well I just got off the phone with my bookmaker and got done laying 10G's on The Duck at +110 in the series. If i win, I'm going to upgrade my '91 Toyota Celica into something a bit fresher. If I lose, well, I may have to ditch the apartment, hit up the relatives for money, and trade in the Celica for one of those 1970s Winnebagos and go back to squatting out in the high desert. So GO DUCK! After viewing this thread, it certainly appears that many of you spend to much time listening to ignorant Calgary/San Jose fans talk up their team....Calgary was garbage, and they pushed the WING to the brink of elimination. The Shark, while a decent team, was one terrible third period choke job away from putting the proverbial razorblades to yout wrists... The Duck, on the other hand, is well documented as facing the hottest team in hockey with the regular season's best netminder, and putting them down like a stray pit bull with rabies. Than they took the next great superstar goaltender who had already stolen a series in Dallas and put his French Canadian Bout securely on le bench in game one, before cleaning up the series quicker than an American MP patrol during a friendly fire investigation. Most people are pointing to Vanloser's powerplay inaffectiveness as being the reason they lost, but no one is tossing out the fact that it was the DUCK and their superior penalty kill that put them there. Where was the Sedin twins and their vicious down low cycle plays? Get ready for the eastern european line of Pahlsson(Swedish)-Moenov(Russian)-Niedermaier(Polish) who is going to UTTERLY ERADICATE the effectiveness of the Zetterburg-Datsuck combo. I'm just curious whether Andres Lilja is going to deem himself a worthy fighting opponent of Moenov again like that regular season matchup. Godspeed. I can only hope the Duck doesn't accumulate too much rust before beginning their SCF's matchup, so maybe it would serve them well to lose this first one in detroit on purpose. Maybe start Caron in net, or just withhold starting a goaltender and put George Killer O'Parros as a six attacker and just let him skate around taking out critical joints and handing out AARP cards to all the needy Red Wings. Cordially yours, The Booth I was thinking more along the lines of The Booth>>>>Flames Fans>>>>>Duck Fans>>>>>Shark Fans>>>>>>>Rapists and pedophiles>>>>>>Single celled organisms>>>>>>King Fans
  13. I am a Ducks fan

    Calgary and San Jose put together doesn't have half the physicallity this Duck team presents. Granted, Vanloser was essentially a one man team, and the wings have a few more scoring threats, but this Wing team is not nearly as talented as Wing teams of the past. Depth is a serious issue, and thats never a good thing when playing a team like the DUCK that is looking to put players in the hospital. Hasek better not be claustrophobic....
  14. I am a Ducks fan

    Much rather play a team like Detroit that the DUCK can physically dominate. And all this Hasek talk can get stashed. The whole last three weeks all we heard was "Luong this, Luongo that" and by the end of game one ROBERTO was planted firmly on the end of the bench. Duck in 4. (And by the way, another site is, a lot less watered down, pure hockey insight to be had there. A little bit more of a rougher crowd, as there are no mods and no reall guidelines so to speak, say what you want to when you want to... Most duck fans learn to avoid after they get their posts "Mod Approved" everytime they try to say something.....) Good luck Wings.
  15. Welcome Ducks Fans

    You know, I just got done playin' with the girls over at Canuckscentral, its glad to be an environment who doesn't resent you just because you live in a nicer country.... I'm thinking this series goes 5 games, with the Wings taking the first one. The Duck is going to send Hasek, Lidstrom, Chelios, and the rest of your senior citizens into retirement... Good Luck wings. You are going to need it.