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  1. Did you see Datsyuk and Perry in handshake lineup? If you read Dats lips, he says "Thanks, Cory, I think Sammy and I finally got it."
  2. Upper-body injury, day to day, has been the prognosis since it was announced that he'd sit out Game 1 against the water fowl.
  3. You've set the bar pretty high... it's a lot of posts to reach 2250.
  4. Keep in mind that Osgood and Pronger were teammates in St Louis for about a season and a half. I am sure that they know each other all too well. There are probably more than a few inside jokes...
  5. Havlat was giving Hossa some injury advice.
  6. For the WIN!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Is the yahoo feed blacked out for Detroit area??
  8. you're my personal hero!! Yahoo is blacked out for me.
  9. Well, at the moment I am in Clawson, MI...
  10. The content you are trying to view is only available in certain areas??! WTF? what areas are those?
  11. Thanks!!
  12. Any news on a feed for tonight? Ustream.Tv worked pretty well last night, but no indication as of yet whether tonight's will be shown there.
  13. Now they can form... VOLTRON!!!!
  14. What exactly constitutes the Wings' "modern era" is a bit subjective. Some possibilities of what could be considered the "modern" era: 1) since the last time the Wings missed the playoffs in '89-'90 (yes, Ysebaert was part of this era) 2) since '91-'92, which was Lidstrom's rookie year and the first of many years where the Wings were clearly an elite NHL team. Again Ysebaert was there. 3) since Yzerman's rookie year ('83-'84). This one is a bit debateable, as the Wings were no longer the "Dead Things", but weren't exactly top competition. Again Ysebaert was part of this. 4) Since Wings first recent cup ('97). Only bandwagon fans consider this to be the beginning. 5) Since Wings first recent trip to the finals ('95). See #4. 6) Since sometime after '97, which means that you are too young to remember any of #1-#5, or are a bandwagon fan. I use the term bandwagon fan affectionately--no hard feelings. I am partial to #2.
  15. Concussions can be very serious... concussions turned Lindros from the next "Great One" to "Dude, what's my name again?" Sorry for making a joke out of this, but I'm trying to make a point: you don't mess around with head injuries of this type. Hopefully Hossa is okay.