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  1. Stanley Cup Finals schedule

    That or the crying about octopi on the ice. Especially if those octopi are all wearing hats.
  2. Where can I order this?

    Lids Red/White Tigers hat Lids Red/White with black outline Tigers hat Their Images of red hats seem to come up brighter than usual for me but I have the second hat and assure you it is a Red Wings red and not some neon red. These come from a line of hats where they did the Old English D the Tigers use with other baseball teams color themes. I figure it went good with my Wings Jersey so I snagged a red Tigers hat.
  3. Where can you get the D redwing cap?

    You can get a lot of different Tigers hats at Lids including some in Red and Whte. I have one that is Red with a White old english D outlined in black that I usually wear with my Red Wings gear.
  4. Lolz- The Onion

    I would be shocked if the promotions budget for the NHL was anwhere near as high as 350 dollars.
  5. Hockeytown is DEAD

    There are several causes for the non-sellout most of which have already been mentioned. (Economy, ticket prices, schedule…) I think the biggest problem is interest from the casual fans. By casual I am talking about the fans who don’t always know who the next game is against or what last nights score was. The NHL needs to appeal more to the families who go to the games just because it is something fun to do with their kids. Right now most of their fans are longtime fans who have always watched on television and have always gone to games. The media coverage for the NHL in general is horrible. This year I saw a grand total of 0 commercials for the NHL leading up to this season. I wouldn’t even have known the season was starting had I not already been a fan. You can’t expect to bring in new fans if no one even knows your season is about to begin. Detroit is not immune to this problem. Now that the Red Wings aren’t the only winning team in town money from the casual sports fan is going to be divided further. Without any real media coverage or promotion you can’t expect to draw in any of those people.
  6. New Spam-Prevention Initiative

    I am not a SpamBot. I am a free man.
  7. Pre-GAME 6: (4/22) Red Wings @ Flames - 9 PM ET

    I just hope I can get home in time to see the beginning of this game. After last night I think things could get out of hand real quick. Hopefully we can put one or two in the net early and take the fans out of it. Then we would just need to get through the rest of the game as safe as possible. I think I would prefer to see a boring and uneventful game tonight as long as it means we can move on with no more injuries.
  8. So in the end it costs them some cash and 5 games for a player who wasn't going to see the ice anyway. I wish I could say I was surprised but I am not. The NHL wouldn't suspend anyone who could actually have an impact on the remaining games in this playoff series.
  9. Question for Wings Fans

    If roles were reversed my reaction would have been exactly the same. "Oh $#!*" When I saw it I did not believe it. You could see the frustration building on both sides and it was just a matter of time before something happened. But come on is the stick the first thing you think of using? At least throw a punch. Instead we get to see a goalie stick tested out as a baseball bat.
  10. The way NBC films games

    Not a fan of the behind the net angle either, but the guy inbetween the benches has the best job in the arena. He gets paid to sit there and watch the game just inches away from the players. When you are that close to the action I dont see any way it could get boring. One other thing i noticed about nbc is they love showing a replay half a dozen times in a row. One example was when Kipper got hit in the head by that puck and fell back onto the ice. They showed the replay of the puck hitting him square in the head 4 or 5 times in a row. Granted it was a great shot but it looked like someone was going back and forth on their Tivo just to watch him get nailed over and over.
  11. GAME 1 (4/12): Red Wings 4, Flames 1

    Damn dude the thread looks great. If the Wings look as good as this thread then I think we will be ok.
  12. I found this funny

    I had actually just read that before coming here and thought it was pretty entertaining. The outfit he linked to for Don Cherry was hilarious and I have to give props to for being both funny and sadly true.
  13. Claude Lemieux on Pros vs. Joes

    I saw the episode and if I remember right one of the 2 guys who hated Claude was from Colorodo. That struck me as kind of odd. The final on ice even was pretty much made to take a shot at Lemieux and neither guy really did. Would have been nice to see one of them just bull rush him and then knock the puck out of the circle.