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  1. Burke's gaff

    if edmonton sucks and anaheim gets the 1st overall then losing penner wont even matter
  2. Rumor: Ducks won't match offer for Penner

    thats good news for us , especially if neidermayer and selanne retires i just hope that the oilers dont really suck next year so the ducks dont get the 1st overall pick
  3. Rookies this year

    ya i knew that rule but i didnt say anything cause like you said hes only 24 still had a few yrs left before he wouldnt be eligible
  4. Rookies this year

    why wouldnt he ? its his first yr others who im guessing might be rookies this year bobby ryan jonathan toews martin hanzal carey price andrei kostitsyn ( played 22games , might be eligible for calder this yr) marc staal luc bourdon nicklas backstrom jack johnson erik johnson if i was a betting man the rookie of the year would be nicklas backstrom or jack johnson, wouldnt count out toews as well
  5. Burke whining again.

    i agree with you 100 %
  6. Burke whining again.

    ya everyone was expecting it but doesnt make it right ......sure lowe can do anything he wants but theres an unspoken rule about doing that stuff which why you rarely see it , again i wouldnt usually care but i started thinking what if grigorenko has good year next season and he decides to be a punk and go after him or/and filppula ??? i think we would be singing a different tune and we'd be complaining like burke is , if lowe came out next year and say offered grigoreko and filppula 3.5 per for 5 yrs , then we would have some problems ( not saying it will happen , but just something to think about )
  7. derek roy avoids arbitration ridiculous if you ask me 20 goal season and 60 pts and 4 million a year ?? geez if grigorenko has a good year and gets similar stats then we gotta worry about coming up with 3-4 million to pay him ? too much for 1 good season if you ask me
  8. Oilers Tender Offer to Penner

    nice move by lowe , we all knew this was coming , i just think it might of taken a better deal to get penner .....lowe's got no choice to do this cause no one will go to edmonton of their own free will hahaha now brian burke will have some nice problems unloading players to keep penner ........thats what you get for going after our players !!! LOL man it would be so funny if he trades bertuzzi or schneider to like some crap team
  9. Flips #

    just like there was no point in holland signing zetterberg for 2.65 a year for 4 years and zetterberg taking the deal ?? just like lebda taking 650 k for 4 yrs ?? those deals are done all the time , its a risk and if it works out for us then for the next few years we'll have a good deal and have some help on the cap thanks to it , dont forget in 2 yrs zetterberg will get a big deal andif grigorenko ends up being the player we hope he is thats another problem we will have ( although it will be a good problem to have , itll be a cap problem) Where did you find information about length of contract for red wings? ----------- go to and check org chart i believe it is
  10. Flips #

    this is filppula's final year before he becomes a restricted free agent at seasons end , so they can negotiate a contract if they want wtf you blabbing about ??? holland didnt offer a longer term deal because in 4 yrs he will be a ufa ??? how the hell does that make sense ?????? they could of locked him up for 3 yrs and tried to negotiate a new deal on the final year of the contract , or give him 2 yr extention and then try and lock up a long term deal on the 4th year make no sense
  11. Jimmy Howard

    howards got all the tools and unlike rookie goaltenders coming up howard is gonna have it pretty good .......lidstrom chelios rafalski on defence, which will more then help him to set in and feel at easy , i got all the confidence in the world jimmy howard will be a good goaltender and as much as id like to see hasek hang around im more then looking forward to the 2008-2009 season that being said , with chelios looking like he can play another 3-5 yrs hows that helping our defence ?? i love chelios but doesnt anyone else thing thats slowing down the progress of our younger d ??? lidstrom chelios rafalski kronwall .......those 4 are a lock and going nowhere at least for a few seasons unless chelios or lidstrom suddenly decides to retire lebda has 3 more yrs on his deal and has been doing good thats our top 5 ........lilja after next season is likely gone , and meech will play on the 7th spot unless we trade him and decide to bring up quincey we still got kindl, ericsson and hopefully brendan smith in 3 yrs time lidstrom kindl rafalski kronwall lebda chelios quincey lets just say thats our d for the 2008-2009 season meech is most likely traded .......what about ericsson though ?? hes a big big guy in the back end which we really need but we dont know if hes nhl ready and likely wont as long as chelios keeps playing , unless god forbids someone gets injured were gonna have some decisions to make , and as much as i like chelios and would love to see him play another 3-5 yrs i wouldnt wanna sacrifice our future in the back end as well
  12. Flips #

    i really dont care what number he wears lol i just want holland to lock him up to a 3-4 year deal at 1.75-2 mill deal before he gets a good season in his belt and could demand for more ........i dont know what the hell holland is waiting for
  13. Blues aquire Hannu Toivonen from Bruins

    yup the kids got potential , i wouldnt of minded seeing us take a chance and trade for him , wouldnt of cost us nothing and besides howard all we have is larsson in sweden
  14. Chris Simon re-signs with Islanders

    here you go again with your nonsense lmao were trying to make our team better wtf you blabbing about integrity ? You dont think players deserve another chance ? if we didnt then we wouldnt of traded for bertuzzi ........idiot and please stop repeating yourself with .......the player is old and washed up crap , simon is 35 .......dallas drake is 38 are you happy we got him ? cause if you are then your contracting everything your saying simon at 35 for a one year deal would of been better , hes still big an intimidating prescence and as for him not being able to score he got 10 goals in 67 games for the islanders on 3rd or most likely 4th line , i think thats pretty good if you ask me , wtf you want him to get 20+ goals ? and wtf you talking about meech and our defence for ? im talking about how we would of been better off getting simon over drake and you bring up something totally different
  15. Chris Simon re-signs with Islanders

    475 k ??? you kidding me ? i would of given him 750k .........cant believe kenny didnt go after simon instead of drake , i know he gave that cheap shot but hes still a big guy whos intimidating which we need, can fight can score 10+ goals in the season and wouldnt cost us much or more then a 1 year deal .....really dissapointed