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  1. As per Khan, http://www.mlive.com/redwings/index.ssf/2013/01/henrik_zetterberg_as_expected.html
  2. Brendan Smith Interview

    Video Didn't see this posted anywhere, thought some people might want to watch it. Hoping it will be hard to keep him off the roster this year...
  3. Wings game Nov 6th in Vancouver

    I will be there
  4. Detroit locals...

    I am flying out to Ontario from vancouver in a few weeks and my brother and I are going to drive to Detroit to catch the game feb15 vs the Dives. All the tix on stubhub and fan exchange seem grossly overpriced for a building with attendence problems. Can you buy decent tix from the box office day of? Is scalping legal there? Any advice? Thanks in advance Pretty excited to get to go to the Joe in person!
  5. Detroit Red Wings @ Vancouver

    the doghouse is directly west of BC place which is beside GM place although it was closed last night though when i tried to go there
  6. Detroit Red Wings @ Vancouver

    My job has me fortunate enough to attend many Canucks practices during the year. I can tell you your best chances of getting a signature would probably outside of gate8(or 9..can't remember the number) after the morning skate. The visiting teams skate after the canucks on gamedays. The nucks are usually off around noon and the visitng teams are on the ice for about an hour after them. So I would say be there around 130pm-230pm. If you see a charter bus that is a good sign. Keep in mind that there is ALWAYS "professional" autograph collecters there. So if you see these guys you are in the right place. The players seem to respond better if you use their first names and are polite from what I have seen. As far as eating I would say Gotham steakhouse and Morton's steakhouse are probably your best bets. Keep in mind both of these places are expensive to eat at. We're talking $50 for a damn steak here. For the nightlife visitng teams tend to hit up a club called the Roxy on Granville street. Pretty good chance of seeing hockey players (retired and current) there. Pavel Bure had his mail sent there when he played here... Be prepared to be hassled by Nucks fans. They are extremely bitter and resentful of the Wings. Especially after 2002... Hope this helps and hope you have a good time. Oh and bring an umbrella. It'll be raining.
  7. Trevor Linden Retires

    at the 5:31 mark in that vid trevor passes a cameraman in a green hoodie. That's me!
  8. Rafalski's Game Five Goal

    a part of game 5 i really enjoyed was late in the third, during a break in play, the PA played Journey's "Don't Stop Believing". The play started right after the line "Just a city boy..." and even though the PA stopped the whole crowd went "born and raised in south detroit!". So awesome! Loudest i have heard the Joe in awhile. On TV at least...
  9. Holland to offer McCarty a contract?

    imagine the cheers at the joe when he steps back on the ice!
  10. What minors you want to see the last week of season

    erricson looks like a keeper, could probably be a regular now abdelkader could be a 3rd liner sooner than later
  11. Ryan Shannon

    ive always wondered why they do that. like if they actually admit how tall he is he would immediately lose all skill. makes you wonder how tall fleury actually was. I am 6 feet even and i could see the top of ryan shannons head. he was at least 6 inches smaller than me.
  12. Ryan Shannon

  13. Ryan Shannon

    i work in the vancouver sports media and i was at this game. i managed to take the elevator from the press box to the dressing rooms at the same time as dale tallon and boy was he upset. he was on the phone to who i assume was someone at the NHL war room in toronto and he was just livid. profanities abound. i should have taped it! PS ryan shannon is about 5'6" maybe smaller PPS the official NHL rulebook also states that the spinorama move is legal in shootouts. i believe it actually says "spinorama" in the book.
  14. Ryan Shannon

    double sorry