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  1. Storm done in Toledo!

    I am not digging something up because I just found this site today. This is a relevant topic because they are demolishing the arena next week. I am not trying to be a internet tough guy, I am defending my city and my team. When someone takes a shot at something that I find important, I will defend it, no matter how many months ago it was.
  2. Storm done in Toledo!

    You are a complete jack ass. If they were shouting and yelling during the entire anthem, that might be a problem. But it is timed out where the singer pauses and is in on it and it's just tradition. If you remember the old Chicago Stadium, they cheered during the ENTIRE anthem, every time and it was one of the great traditions in sports. You will never find more patriotic people anywhere than the blue collar people that have populated the Sports Arena for 60 years. I would like to see you call one of us inbreds in person, nice internet muscles, jerk. That's funny that someone from the hole that is Blissfield, MI would be lauging at anyone, anywhere about mullets. Blissfield is full of mullets so I guess you would know all about them. Go hang out at the happening spot in town, the McDonald's parking lot, and cruise for fat chicks that chew tobacco and roll their jeans. You must be the only dullard in town that knows how to use a computer, or what one is for that matter. If any of you from Toledo have fond memories of seeing the Goaldiggers, Storm and playing there myself not to mention tons of concerts, and would like to have a chair from the TSA then show up this Saturday from 9-12, July 14th. One chair is $10 or 3 for $25.