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  1. Is the Stanley Cup really the hardest trophy in all of pro sport?

    What about the Triple Crown in horse racing? It's been a long time since anyone won that.
  2. Members photos

    I haven't posted here in ages (maybe that's for the greater good?) Here's one of my wife, me, and our dog, Rudy.
  3. What are you reading right now?

    I'm in the middle of a few are three of them: Rich Dad's Prophecy by Robert Kiyosaki - financial forecasts from the 70s have come true Leadership Gold by John Maxwell - just got into this one The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz - third time through...and learning more and more!
  4. Members photos

  5. Members photos

    Edi's wife is NOT a Transformer?!? :scratches head: Jeez...just when you thought you knew someone.....
  6. Jagr signs in Russia

    Two things: 1. I hated when he scored a goal how he'd take off the glove and kiss his fingers to the sky. Then again, the way the new kids around the league celebrate goals, Jagr's finger kiss is relatively tame. I won't miss seeing it! 2. Are the Capitals still on the hook for a part of Jagr's salary?? Or did that finally expire?
  7. Obligatory forward lines thread for next season

    I didn't see this line in my hasty reading but I'll be the first to say it (I hope): Homer - Hank - Hossa The three H line!
  8. Wings interested in Ray Emery

    No thanks. Drama is not something the Wings need in the locker room.
  9. Surprised.

    He's a hippie givin' the peace sign!!
  10. Playoff Hatricks

    No Hats for Zets but he did have a two goal game vs. Nashville and one against Colorado. Still impressive how many goals the boys got this post season (especially against Colorado)! EDIT: SPELLING
  11. Higher All Time Ranking: Yzerman or Lidstrom?

    Well... I don't think I read this anywhere but could Lidstrom have taken the 2002 to the Cup like Yzerman did? I mean, how many egos were there on that team that year? Hasek, HULL, Fedorov...Yzerman was a captain's captain. Leader of leaders. Nick is just a frickin' stud on the blue line with the hardware to back it up. It's obvious who's better. Thank goodness they were both Red Wings!
  12. Sharp: Wings should retire Hasek's "39"

    Lumburgh: "Yeeeaahh...I'm gonna have to...sorta...disagree with you on that one. Yeeaahh."
  13. Official 2008 Playoff Picks Game Final Results

    You can make any changes you like because it's your game. As for me, I've played the last two seasons (came in second TWICE! Next year, watch out!!) I enjoyed it both years the way it is. I like the simplicity of it all too. I'll be happy either way (changes or not). Thanks for all the math you did!!
  14. Hockey fans Unite

    Hail Satan! And Go Wings!
  15. Quote at the top of the page...

    "Go, therefore, and do that which is within you to do; take no heed of gestures that would beckon you aside; and ask no man permission to perform."