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  1. _Gassoff

  2. Legace signs AHL deal

    Radio said it was done. I went google searching for a link to make you happy.
  3. Legace signs AHL deal

    Don't know.
  4. Legace signs AHL deal

    I'm good as gold.
  5. Legace signs AHL deal

    Priceless. Atlanta is the team that gave manny a try-out in the off-season and waived him. My understanding is that his contract is with the Wolves, and not their parent organization. He could sign with any NHL club that was interested in him.
  6. Legace signs AHL deal

    He gets it right if he reports it as such. Sometimes his speculation doesn't pan out, but this is a contract for 25 games that is already signed.
  7. Legace signs AHL deal

    No problem. I'm not a source of mis-information.
  8. Legace signs AHL deal

    Is it within the rules to steal my signature gif? I'm still hosting yours. Or is that just poor netiquite?
  9. Legace signs AHL deal

  10. Legace signs AHL deal

    Indeed. The way he has been playing, the team would have had to buy him out of that.
  11. Legace signs AHL deal

    I didn't know it was that important. He is a member of the Chicago Wolves regardless. If it was a rumour, I would have stated such.
  12. Legace signs AHL deal

    This was on the radio in St. Louis, can't really link to audio. The source is Andy Strickland.
  13. Legace signs AHL deal

    Trust me. I am correct. P.S. I like your zamboni.
  14. Legace signs AHL deal

    Manny Legace is signing a 25 game professional tryout with the Chicago Wolves of the AHL. He will make $105,000 which will allow him to sign with an NHL club without going through re-entry waivers.
  15. LGW is Pro-Enforcer: The Results are In.

    Now that D.J. King is back from his injury, we have two enforcers in D.J. and Cam Janssen. We will trade you one for Ville Leino. Everyone should be happy.