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  1. its about time

    Sammy didnt play well recently but so did nobody on this team. The problem is not Samuelsson himself. The problem is that Samuelsson is meant to be a Top 6 Forward in our team! Same goes for Franzen, Hudler, Filppula etc. Before the season we were worried that after loosing the entire 2nd line and not adding any forward we will lack secondary forward. We relied on guys like Holmström, Cleary, Filppula, Hudler, Franzen and Samuelsson stepping it up. The only ones who really made the step to being a Top 6 Forward were Cleary and Homer. The other ones were inconstant. Right our whole team is on a cold streak and we play poor defensivly. We cant always rely on Datsyuk and Zetterberg. Anyways, as we play bad defensivly, miss some important players like Kronwall and Cleary - and our Top Line not being on one of their tremendous scoring streak, we finally realize that guys like Samuelsson, Franzen, Filppula and Hulder are not proper Top 6 Forwards (yet). I dont mind having Samuelsson on the team. He is a cheap solid 3rd line winger who would bring great depth to our team if we had a decent 2nd line.
  2. Prospal?

    I would love to get Prospal. Would give us another scorer and much depth offensivly. Im just afraid about the price. He will for sure be cheaper than Sundin or Hossa, but as Holland really wants to get a decent Defensemen, we wont have enaugh assets left to give up. I dont really know what we r willing to give away. The only roster player I can think of is Meech as we have enaugh talents defensivly and I think Quincey and Ericsson r much more talented. After we gave up Matthias last year I cant imagine we would also give away Emmerton. Furthermore I wouldnt like to see Mursak or Abelkinder being traded away. This swedish goaltender Larssson is doing quite well and might be an interesting return for some teams. We got Howard and could afford losing a prospect goalie. Holland mentioned several times that draft picks become more important as you need cheap players in a salary cap world and that you get this players from the draft. So I wont be surprised if we try to keep one of our top picks. Anyways, I think a Top 6 forward is more important than another quality defensemen. Quincey prooved that he is NHL and Playoff ready last year. Another depth defensemen who we got for a low pick would be ok
  3. Red Wings top trade bait

    I dont see Samuelsson getting traded. Holland likes him too much and for his salary he brings much to the table. Lebda also wont be going anywhere. He established himself as a NHL Player. He plays solid defensivly, has awesome speed and still some offensive potential. Furthermore is cheap too and propably wont get too expensive over the next years. So I cant imagine Holland would deal him. I think the players who are most likely to be dealt are: Meech + Quincey. We have lots of depth on young defensemen. Ericssion seems to be great and should make the team next year. We still have kindl who will be NHL ready after another year AHL. With Lilja maybe staying and Chelios not planning to retire, there wont be enaugh room to keep all of the young defensemen. Meech and Quincey r young and decent players with potential who proved already that they have NHL caliber. So other teams will be interested in them. I think Kopecky is likely to be moved too. Its nice having him on the team and I think he is doing quite well, but I can imagine Holland would move him. Cant really think of anyone else who we would give away. In the past years, Holland hardly send away roster players apart from Williams last year who was struggeling with inconstancy.
  4. Trade suggested on

    I would love to have Tucker in our team. He brings grit, has a scoring touch, would help our PP and he is just a guy who u dont wanna play against in the POs. Due to his contract I also think we wont get him. We need to resign Zetterberg and Cleary. So there is no room for his contract. Even though I think that we need to give up at least one of our young defensemen. Either Meech or Quincey. I think Ericsson has more potential than they both have and we dont have enaugh room on our defense to add Meech, Quincey and Ericsson. Plus we shouldnt forget about Kindl who will also be NHL ready after another year of AHL. Anyways, Tucker would be a nice fit, but I doubt the leafs will trade him and even if they did we wouldn take his 4mio contract
  5. Red wings and Sharks Both...

    I dont wanna have any of them, but I believe the Antropov thing would make sense though. I think that Holland was always interested in him and would have liked to draft him. As we not necessarily looking for an expensive star forward like Hossa or Sundin, Antropov might me available at a more reasonable price and Holland might see him as a good scoring-depth forward who brings some size to the team. Nevertheless I guess that Antropov would still cost us a 1st rounder and some assets which would be too much in my opinion because I dont think he is that great.
  6. Watch NHL over the Internet - link?

    I still have hope in this myp2p site. Its the beginning of the season, so maybe they can fix some of the streaming problems they have so far. Last year I could watch many games there. Hope it gets better this year. Apart from that there are streams from yahoo and cbc which have a very good quality. Tonights game is for example on yahoo. European users will need an american proxy. Actually thre was also versus available over TVU player. So european Wings Fans can at least watch all red wings games on versus too. But since a few days the versus stream doesnt work anymore. Hope they can fix it. By the way, it would be awesome if there was anyone on this site who would be able and willing to stream all or at least a few red wings games for those people who dont have the chance to watch the wings
  7. 9/24 game against the Lightning, on tv or not?

    Yeah! Big Brawl! Everyone was fighting. Then Di Pietro joined the fighting. 20 seconds later Montoya came and challanged Di Pietro.
  8. 9/24 game against the Lightning, on tv or not?

    Unfortunately not. It says: Due to licensing restrictions, we are not able to allow access to the content you are requesting from outside the United States. We are sorry we can no longer provide access to Canada. If you currently reside in the United States, please select one of the options below to process your request. Please allow up to 60 hours to process your request. Choose from the following: I am US Military I live outside the United States I am inside the United States
  9. 9/24 game against the Lightning, on tv or not?

    Hm, when I try to start the radio feed it doesnt work coz Im staying in europe and it says its just for US citizens Does anyone have the direct link to the audio stream?
  10. Members photos

    Just registered new to this site, so I wanna let u know who I am: Im 22 years old and from germany. Im university student and study history and politics. Im a huge wings fan since 1999 and follow almost every game via radio, nhl scoresheet, live stream, or TV (if broadcasted in germany). My favourite players are currently Zets and Danny Cleary. Well, and thats how I look like
  11. NHL Center Ice Free Online Preview

    They propably dont show any game tonight. This is what they say on in the snapshots: Penguins' website will webcast Saturday's game Posted by George James Malik September 21, 2007 05:05AM The Pittsburgh Penguins' website will provide a webcast of the Detroit Red Wings' game at Mellon Arena on Saturday: September 20, Pittsburgh Penguins fans will be able to watch streaming video of Saturday's preseason game vs. Detroit on The video is available free of charge. Broadcasters Paul Steigerwald and Bob Errey will be calling the action from the game, which starts at 7:30 p.m. at Mellon Arena. Regrettably, according to the Detroit Free Press, the only people who will have access to the footage of the Wings-Pens game at the Joe will be the Wings' coaching staff. There will be no TV or radio coverage Friday. Doesnt sound that great for tonights game