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  1. The I Hate 'Insert Analyst's Name' Thread

    its a tie between Barry Melrose and Pierre Mcguire. i hate them both, they are so biased against the red wings its not even funny
  2. avery and hookers?

  3. OFFICIAL: Sundin Staying Put

    although i am disappointed i do respect his decision.... his response was very classy. " I have never believed in the concept of a rental player. It is my belief that winning the Stanley Cup is the greatest thing you can achieve in hockey but for me, in order to appreciate it you have to have been part of the entire journey and that means October through June."
  4. Mike Green is looking very good

    well when you trade for the nhl points leader (at that time of the year Lang was.) you have to give up alot to get him. I still think i would have made the same deal. lang was one of the best center-man that year and we were in desperate need for one. I think that if we would have won a cup with lang everyone would change their opinions on him.
  5. datsyuk has really stepped his game up. recently he has been so confident on a line without zetterberg, he has developed a great chemistry with filpula.... i love it!
  6. Best and worst Wings decisions in the last 10 years.

    best: - signing Brett Hull, Lucky Luc, and trading for Dom in 2002 - Drafting dats and z - trading for chelios - Signing Mike Babcock worst: -Letting shanny go -trading away kozlov -not resigning larionov (he should of retired a wing) -Giving dave Lewis the Head Coaching job..... it should have gone to Barry Smith - Not trading for all the rumored players that were "available" (luongo, thorton, etc.)
  7. Shanahan seeking a 2-yr deal at $5M/season

    geez... 4million, Datsyuk dosent even make that much. everybody talks s*** about dats making too much $$, well at least he's not a 37 year old aging powerforward thats lost his physical edge. if holland signs shanny to a $4million contract i will loose all faith in him.... then on top of this talk he is thinking of signing belfour or hasek.... we definatley need to get rid of him (and people thought legace sucks..... what the hell is a 50year old goalie going to bring to this team)
  8. Another Eklund Rumor

    if kenny holland EVER trades Datsyk or Zetterberg it would be the dumbest move ever... especially for an aging center.
  9. Valtteri Filppula impresses.

    i am all for him playing with the wings this year. get that nhl experience
  10. Potential of a Red Wing

    if he bulked up a little bit, and kept his head up he could be a great playmaker. very creative with the puck. and with the sad sad loss of my beloved pavel datsyuk , some puckhandling offense is greatly needed.
  11. Mathieu Schneider

    he is a good player. however with the new (f*cking, stupid-ass) CBA $3.3 mill is alot for an aging d-man
  12. Filppula signed with the Red Wings

    who would you rather have a "Skilled Playmaker"(Filppula) or some "Character Forward' (FRANZEN)
  13. Vancouver+Florida Blockbuster?

    dumbest trade ever for florida. sending the best young goalie for dan cloutier. dumb. ed jovonowski for jay bouwmeester . dumb. maybe if naslund or bertuzzi were invloved it might have a slim possibility but florida would be getting nothing back in return for their future all-stars.