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  1. I have to admit something. I have a man crush on Jason Maxiell.
  2. The Official MMA Thread

    Man that is awesome. I always loved Rampage.
  3. Legace Shocks Blues Management with comments

    I hated Legace. After seeing how bad he choked it up in that Edmonton series just made me sick. It seemed like anytime the crowd started chanting "MANNY" You just knew he was going to crack.
  4. Found jerseys for $90

    I used to love it when Fanatic U opened up. It's a stones throw from my house and it was an awesome place. Now it blew up and the prices went up with it's popularity. I always wanted a cecil fielder jersey. Maybe I can have one made.
  5. WOW

    Watching the fight. I was thinking to myself. "What fitting music to play suring a fight involving this guy"
  6. Post Everytime You Look

    Man why did I look again?
  7. Four NHLers testing out Thermablades

    Draper too me seems like someone who would be into testing those out.
  8. If Bettman stepped down as commissioner....

    Matt Millen? I had to say it.
  9. Post Everytime You Look

    This pizza I got at the party store is Chris Osgood good.
  10. 2008 NFL Draft Thread

    God the best team in the NFL will get the 2nd pick in the draft.
  11. Pistons looking good but I think it's clear this team needs a true center which I think will be impossible to find at this point unless they made a move for Camby.
  12. MLB Offseason Thread

    Yes very good pick-up.
  13. Found jerseys for $90

    Thats a big no no for most places but that is awesome that they do that. I don't even think Fanatic U would do that.
  14. MLB Offseason Thread

    Timo Perez resigns. Link