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  1. He can be replaced.
  2. I think it's time to give Conklin 4-5 starts in a row
  3. They are gonna have to do something......
  4. I think for Hossa its gonna come down to this: Stay in Detroit...take less money..play on awinner the rest of your career. or Go somewhere else...most likely a middle of the road or crappy team...get paid big bucks...hope you make the playoffs. I mean how many other Stanley Cup contenders can afford to pay him 7-8 mil a season??
  5. Its not by choice.
  6. http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2009/writ...tml?eref=sircrc
  7. I'll worry more if its not done by the time the playoffs start.
  8. f*** no
  9. Straight from Holland's mouth at the WJC....he was on TV.
  10. I think Hudler will be gone regardless.
  11. Kings can't go wrong picking in the top 2 but they will probably play well enough to not get either.
  12. I say move 2 or 3 players for him
  13. Can't wait for Chelios to get back
  14. Sure if it happened Howard would be included
  15. That won't cost a truckload of money or anything.