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  1. Selke13

  2. Standing seats at United Center

    The standing room tickets are above the 300 level seats. The bars at the ends of the rink are for 300 level ticket holders, but you could easily watch the game live if close enough to the rail. Thats what I did during the preseason and it worked out all right.
  3. Rate Wings players

    that list is straight up ridiculous
  4. First Game Impressions

    or was he....... i read that turco is a free agent after this season...i know he doesnt win in JLA, but maybe he would if he plays other teams than the wings...
  5. Joe Sakic Retirement Ceremony

    i like sakic as much as the next guy, but i thought all the "19's" around the pepsi center was a bit much
  6. Each Organization's Flagship Player

    I agree about mikita, he also still lives in chicago and is very much involved in the team. not like ted lindsey, but he does some commercials for the hawks. since the hawks became relevant, theyve also brought old players back to commemorate and hes always there for that. hes a player that hawk fans will never forget. as for hull, all i remember about him is a big shot, a drinker, and a wife beater.
  7. ESPN panel fine-tunes NHL

    My biggest problem: WTF is Melrose thinking putting the Wings and Hawks in different conferences?????????? That may be the stupidest thing ive heard in a long time. the rivalry is great and can only get better as the hawks get more competitive. What is he thinking?
  8. LGW GM mentality...

    i dont care what anyone says, i enjoyed it thoroughly
  9. Great nicknames from the NHL

    Don't forget the 20 Assholes on the Pens
  10. Anyone still depressed

    was depressed, but i think thats the wrong word now...still disappointed
  11. Red Wings 3rd jersey

    i wouldnt mind seeing the wings having a third jersey as long as its cool looking. i WOULD NOT want them to wear it because the pens wore it the following year. i also didnt like how often the pens wore the third jersey.
  12. Pavel Datsyuk Question?

    lolololololol...that was awesome
  13. DirecTV dropping Versus network

    i didnt realize center ice was in pissed comcast doesnt have that. im tired of watching the best team in the world not in HD
  14. DirecTV dropping Versus network

    one more reason to drop the dish...
  15. Hockey News Predictons

    ya, i forgot he brought his muscle