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  1. Mac is Back

  2. SportsK Question

    If your in MI, i suggest the goalies den in troy. I mailed him my gf's plain rbk jersey and he sewed on zetterberg (even trimming the letters and numbers to scale for a womens cut jersey) and he did a fantastic job. Best i've ever seen. I've sent him 3 jerseys to customize since and he does amazing work, great eye for detail. It was really easy to ship out and ship back and it was only 50$ for the zetterberg customization so i would assume a patch would be pocket change. Go here My link
  3. Yzerman Likely to Target Wings Players

    So this thread got me thinking... San Jose is in a situation with Nabokov "due" for a big pay-day. Im assuming a 3+ year deal worth some decent coin. Something SJ wants to do right now with his past?? Maybe. With Marleaus contract up?? The plot thickens. How long do the Sharks just want to be a good regular season team? Personally I don't think hes worth anything due to his playoff resume. But regardless, a guy with 40ish wins every year could make a bad team (TB) become a contender; even if hes only getting 30 wins. SJ might be done with him this summer. What are the chances of Stevie picking up Nabby with all that money he gets to play with? All of a sudden TB looks pretty decent in the back end of things. And Nabby can even keep the sharks on his helmet. Discuss.
  4. new hockey team

    i just looked at the roster and a kid i played HS with is on the team...
  5. Afinogenov?

    I'll pass. Albeit he is a point producer, he wouldn't fit into the wings system. He's to much of a free flow player, and not much for defense. I was talking to Ryan Miller in lansing during the finals and he was talking about the sabres not resigning him because he is to hard to play with... he's all over the ice and not responsible in his own end. That coming from Miller, i'll pass on Maxy.
  6. Ken & Mickey

    It's hard to beat Ken and Mick... real hard. another duo i love to Clement and Thone... when i hear them, all i think about is red wings palyoff hockey. Those intense battles with colorado. that really sends a shiver up my spine. You really gotta love Mick though, him and his ginger ales
  7. Info on nhl tv deal too fellas. Has college and juniors also. Just check it when the game is on, and its there.
  8. Pav's one liners

    HAHA, he also says, "you have good insurance? Want to try?"
  9. Teen goalie designs pads to trick shooters

    heres the photo gallery
  10. Keeping "The Big 3"

    Lets all pitch in a $100 donation to the "keep hossa" fund. tons of red wings fan would pay for that, the money would go to his salary, under the table, and we can all get an autograph pic in return. Problem solved! (note sarcasm)
  11. Funny Crosby

    The big deal is that it is crosby, not a goon like tootoo or probert, and don't get me wrong i love probs. If mr.nhl (sarcasm) is supposed to be the face of the nhl, he shouldn't be swinging at people like he's in a school yard fight, especially with his gloves on like a *****. if you want to get in a fight to defend your team, you drop your gloves and make it a fight, not be the thrid man in punching someone that is defenseless in the face (and taint) with the equivilent of boxing gloves on. Sindy Crysby is a whiny Dbag.
  12. Greatest Lines in Hockey History

    Actually, wasn't most of Hull's time in D town spent with datsyuk and deveraux?
  13. Stanley Cup Photo

    did anyone notice Dom's fingers in the most recently posted link... hes holding up two fingers. Is he confused? or is he just letting everyone know he was the #2 goalie?
  14. For those of you who enjoy the playoff stache...

    Definitely saw that tonight. That is one nasty 'stache. I know I'd be proud.
  15. Trade and Free Agent Game

    Add these guys to my list to round out my 16... Kristian Huselius Vaclav Prospal Tim Connolly Michael Ryder ... if there's no objections