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  1. When Eaves comes back...

    Yeah, my bad on that, just looked it up again and you're right. This is good news then. Assuming everyone is healthy there should be a lot of competition for the bottom 6 come playoff time. Cleary Homer Helm Abdelkader Miller Eaves Emmerton Mursak Connor I personally would like to see Mursak get some more ice. I really like his speed. I'm not too high on Miller but I can't deny that he is doing a great job this year and would be difficult to take out.
  2. When Eaves comes back...

    We do have a spot open with Eaves on the LTIR but the roster limit does not go away until the last regular season game. The cap also goes away at this time as well. No 23 man roster limit or salary cap for the playoffs.
  3. Modano's first skate with new teammates

    I wonder how fast he would be if he ever upgraded from those old school CCM tacks. I remember when Shanny finally upgraded he gained a step.
  4. Ritola, Miller or Eaves?

    Does anyone think there is a chance that it could be Draper? I know Kenny would never ask him to waive his NMC but don't you think Draper might approach him about moving him to a prefered destination (Toronto?). Does Draper really want to spend his last season on the Wings as the 13/14 forward? Even if Modano doesn't sign Draper will still at very best be the 13th forward or possibly 14th. He would only get into a handful of games because 2 regular players would have to be injured for him to get into the lineup. I realize that he brings tons of intangibles off the ice that are extremely valuable to the organization but don't you think he would consider asking Holland to move him somewhere where he can contribute more?
  5. TSN: Discussion of Modano To Wings

    Modano would look great next to Kronwall on the 2nd PP unit w/ Huds-Fil-Mule. We can add the 4th line gritty winger at the trade deadline if necessary with our pro-rated cap space that we will have all year. I can only imagine how good our team could be if we could ship Draper to T.O. but that just isn't going to happen since Kenny is so loyal. FORWARDS Henrik Zetterberg ($6.083m) / Pavel Datsyuk ($6.700m) / Tomas Holmstrom ($1.875m) Johan Franzen ($3.955m) / Valtteri Filppula ($3.000m) / Todd Bertuzzi ($1.938m) Jiri Hudler ($2.875m) / * Mike Modano ($1.000m) / Daniel Cleary ($2.800m) * Justin Abdelkader ($0.950m) / * Darren Helm ($0.800m) / * Patrick Eaves ($0.750m) Kris Draper ($1.583m) / Mattias Ritola ($0.517m) / * Injury Call up Space ($0.500m) DEFENSEMEN Nicklas Lidstrom ($6.200m) / Brian Rafalski ($6.000m) Brad Stuart ($3.750m) / Niklas Kronwall ($3.000m) * Veteran D ($1.000m) / Jonathan Ericsson ($0.900m) Jakub Kindl ($0.883m) GOALTENDERS Chris Osgood ($1.417m) / Jimmy Howard ($0.717m) CAPGEEK.COM TOTALS (these totals are compiled using the bonus cushion) ROSTER: 24; CAP:$59.4m; PAYROLL: $59.192m; CAP ROOM: $0.208m BONUSES: $0.000m
  6. Ozzie hides when backing up

    Has anyone else noticed that Ozzie seems to be hiding ever since he has become the clear cut backup. Usually the backup goalie hangs out on the bench/hallway near equipment manager Paul Boyer and charts the shots during the game. The backup also usually comes out on the ice with the rest of the players after the game to congratulate the winning goalie. I have been to a couple of home games recently and have noticed that Ozzie does not stand on the bench or come out to congratulate Howard after a victory. I have read nothing but positive quotes from Babcock and Howard about how great of a teammate and mentor Ozzie has been for Howard but I am very surprised that he is not being a team player. Even Hasek let his ego go during the 2008 playoff run when he was diminished to a backup role. He continued to be great in practice and sit on the bench and support Ozzie and the rest of his teammates on their run to the cup. I am disappointed in Ozzie and feel that he is being a bit selfish. What are your thoughts?
  7. via Jamie Bell at Johan Franzen may end up at the Olympics after all. The Detroit Free Press is reporting that Swedish Olympic team coach Bengt-Ake Gustafsson has asked Franzen to contact him following Tuesday night’s Red Wings’ game against the St. Louis Blues to give him an update on his status after a lengthy absence. Franzen, who was not originally named to Sweden’s roster, has not played in over four months after undergoing surgery to repair an injury to his left knee. “I’m going to call him after the game and tell him how I felt,†Franzen told the Free Press, “and then talk to him after the next game.
  8. Trim 2 million

    per mlive article , Miller's cap hit is 413,000 and May is 482,000.
  9. Kronwall "tweaks" knee

    Babs said on FSN after that he "tweaked his ankle" and that he couldn't imagine him being ready to go tomorrow.
  10. Khan's take on who goes

    If they clear waivers and go to GR, they will no longer count against our cap. I doubt Leino or Lebda would clear. May would probably clear and I could see him accepting the demotion to GR for the rest of the regular season and then coming back as a black ace for the playoffs (when there is no cap/roster limit).
  11. With cap room next season, what is our priority?

    I doubt that the Wings will invest in a big name Dman until Nick or Raffi is actually gone. I just don't see any roster openings on the back end next year.... Nick/Rafi Kronner/Stewie E/Kindl (I believe Kindl he is out of minor league options but correct me if I'm wrong) ex: Meech (RFA but he will be cheap to retain as a utility player) I could see them picking up another cheaper vet Dman similar to Lils to help cut down on Nicks PK time. As far as cap space, we should go after a top 6 winger (Tanguay, Frolov).
  12. Kane,Toews and Keith re-signed
  13. Meeting Players

    Try and find out what hotel they are staying at and wait on the sidewalk with all of the other autograph seekers. I used to collect autographs when I was younger and had pretty good luck waiting by their bus on Lafayette outside the Antheneum hotel. That is the best place to go as the players usually stop by and sign for fans on the way to the bus. At the Joe, the bus usually pulls right up to the door by the riverfront entrance and they enter without stopping to sign. I'm not sure if the Caps stay at the Anteneum as it varies by team but call up and ask to for someone with an easy name like Matt Bradley and if they transfer you just hang up before it rings.
  14. 09-10 Cap

    Just wondering if anyone has heard when they are going to announce the new Cap. I looked at some news articles from last year and it looks like it was announced on June 26 so I would think it would be coming soon. The NHLPA was supposed to have until today to finalize their votes on the 5% inflater. I would assume that it will come before Friday's draft and certainly before July 1, correct?
  15. Help? - Looking for Finals Tickets Presale Code

    Could you sent it over to me too. Thanks!