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  1. Hitchhiker

  2. MyFoxDetroit to Stream Red and White Game

    Thanks a bunch!
  3. Babcock's Contract Extension

    Awesome news but Bab's contract won't be longer than Ken Holland's own contract.
  4. Can't believe I didn't think of the Gretzky part....I am getting old. Couple more....
  5. Last Doan one for me I have moved on. On to Hanzel
  6. More Muppets...Not really sure why.
  7. I am a bit rusty with these but here goes...
  8. Is it time for a promotion for Stevie?

    My exact thought when I opened this thread.
  9. Jimmy Howard Not Getting Rest Any Time Soon

    Sounds an awful lot like a team I used to know.... The way i look at it, Jimmy needs all the starts as he can get to prove himself(not saying he hasn't played decent for us). Not only that but with all the time the front office let him "season" in GR, he should have the opportunity.
  10. Best. Birthday. EVER!

    Check out The B.O.B. It has many floors of fun and is practically right crossed the street from Van Andel.
  11. FSN Detroit

    Center Ice is the only way to watch out of market non nationally televised games.
  12. In their Prime

    Beauty of this question is we don't have to choose. We got them both during their prime even if Datsyuk isn't there yet. If I must choose only one, Federov in his prime during this current period of hockey with little clutch and grab and no 2 line pass would be amazing to watch.
  13. Why can't anyone simply state this?

    Could have sworn that Milbury said something about it during one of the intermissions or at the end of the game. Don't have any links though. I agree that most of the annalists never said boo about Datsyuk other than whether or not he was playing.
  14. I offically ban Sidney Crosby.

    You do realize Kornheiser was joking right? He also said that Sid was guaranteed a hat trick in each of the games at Melon.