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  1. GROwl

    Nyquist or Tatar

    Seeing the two on the ice together (which I did; several times regular season and playoffs), I'd pick Nyquist over Tatar. From the defensive zone to the offensive, Nyquist controlled the play. Better skater, better puck handling skills, better playmaker. Also showed great patience on the ice. AHL regular season stats showed Tatar and Nyquist as having same amount of goals, yet Nyquist played fewer games. He also had quite a few more assists and spent less time in the box.
  2. I will be there Friday (& Saturday if necessary). Another sell out
  3. GROwl

    Griffins post-game open skate

    I guess that could happen. I also chatted with an older man a few years ago who had borrowed skates from one of the Griffins for the post-game skates. He was the Griffin player's father-in-law. He was in town visiting and his young grandson wanted him to go out on the ice with him after the game. But unless you have similar connections, best to bring your own skates.
  4. GROwl

    Griffins post-game open skate

    Sorry - just saw your post. I've skated with the kids many times after games. Definitely bring your own skates - there are none available to rent, borrow or steal. Also, to save time after the game, stop at Guest Services before the game or during one of the intermissions to pick up and sign a waiver form. Give it back to them and they will stamp your hand. At the end of the game, go down to the south tunnel where the zamboni comes out - you can either go to the west side or the east side. The east side has less people generally for whatever reason. There is usually a Throw-for-Dough right after the game that you will have to wait for. You then go down through the tunnel where there will be folding seats set up to sit down on and put on your skates. Leave your shoes there. Go back through the tunnel (there will be mats so you don't need to worry about your blades). Skip waiting in line at the table since you've already turned in your waiver and go directly to the ice. You'll be able to skate about 40 minutes. At the beginning, there will be lots of kids, but they start leaving after 15 minutes or so. The ice will be chopped up since the zamboni doesn't come out between the end of the game and the post game skate, but its still fun. Afterwards, if you know any of the players (or want to meet some), they are generally passing through the area where you put your skates on since its between their locker room and their parking lot. Have fun.
  5. GROwl

    Congratulations Ruslan Salei!

    I think you're very close. Often, the last name stays the same as the parents. It a baby's middle name that generally is a form of the father's name. "ova, ovna, eva or evna" translates to daugther of. "ov, ovich, ev, or evich" translates to son of. We need a lot of future ___ Pavelevich Datsuk(s)to maintain the excellence of Red Wing Hockey!
  6. GROwl

    Grand Rapids Griffins Vs Grand Rapids Sled Wings

    This is one of the best fundraisers in the hockey world. I've attended it in the past with my kids; it was fun for the fans watching, those playing, and the Griffins themselves. Highly recommend for all ages!
  7. GROwl

    Cool NHL player names

    Robin BigSnake caused a lot of laughter at a Muskegon game we went to a few years ago...both for his name and his play. I don't think he ever played in the NHL though he went to one of the Wings' training camps. Last week when Joey Mac and Thomas McCollum were both up with the Wings, the Griffins signed Dov Grumet-Morris to be backup goalie.
  8. GROwl

    Playing hockey

    Don't let this turn you off. Its never to late to start playing (I started at 40+ and am having a ball). If you still live in Allegan, there are several possiblities. 1. Jolly Rogers in GR. Offers an adult learn to skate/learn to play on Sunday late afternoons. 1/2 spent on skating drills, 1/2 hour on puck drills and 1/2 hour scrimmage. Call and ask for Kurt to find out more. 2. Walker Ice and Fitness Center in GR. Offers an instructional league on Thursday mornings (6-7 am) during the Fall and Winter, Monday evenings 7-8:30 pm during the Spring and Summer. Hockeysmith South is the program. is the website. 3. The Edge in Holland. Travis Richards, who played in the AHL for 13-15 seasons offers an adult clinic. I think its every week drop-in style. Rumor has it that Southside (100th Avenue and US 131) has been purchased by The Edge and is reopening soon. Travis is expected to move there. Call The Edge for more details.
  9. GROwl

    Which NHL player have you met

    I've done some hockey drills with Mike Knuble three times over the past few summers. He was really funny and gave me some pointers. I still suck.
  10. GROwl

    Worst Jerseys Ever

    To cheer us all back up, we need someone to start a post with the BEST non-professional league jerseys.
  11. That's been my understanding too. Also, it only applies is he signed the multi-year deal past 35. If he signed a 15 year deal when he was 25, the cap hit doesn't apply if he retires a few years early.
  12. GROwl

    The Right Way to do a Griffins Game

    Lifelong, There is a Holiday Inn not too far from the Van Andel Arena. I've had cocktails there and attended meetings, but haven't actually stayed in one of the rooms. Its a little further away (still within walking distance) but a lot less expensive than the Amway Grand or the JW Marriott. Here's the website: Have fun!
  13. GROwl

    Good Bye Evan McGrath

    I honestly can't answer that question even after watching him play for several years. Evan doesn't have any great strengths or weaknesses. His speed is okay. His playmaking is okay. His offense and defense are both okay. His size is okay. I guess that's the answer as to why he never cracked the Wings' lineup. He is an okay hockey player surrounded by several very good ones.
  14. GROwl

    Wings' Goaltending Situation

    I thought the Wings article in the GR Press a few nights ago a little strange. It listed a roster of 15 forwards (and then suggested that either Ritola or Miller would be gone), 8 defense (added that Meech would be traded, "barring an injury"), and just one Goalie - Jimmy. Maybe it was just an inadvertent omission...
  15. GROwl

    Wings Sign Joey MacDonald

    Like! Joey himself wasn't terrible. Having a 3rd goalie on any team is a terrible position. The Wings only kept a 3rd goalie on the roster that year because they were concerned about Hasek's health and knew that Joey wouldn't clear waivers. They were correct. Almost as soon as he was put on the wire, he was snatched up.