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  1. No not nervous at all. Penns didn't even act like they needed to win until the last few minutes. One shot for the majority of the third period - pathetic! bahahaha - any other team and I'd proudly say good series. Penns - no way.
  2. Seriously. I admit I was throwing small things around during the game , but now that I've calmed down it's not so bad. Look, we got our offense going and scored two goals (something the Penguins couldn't do on the road at all), and we kept them on their heels until the end. I mean the last few seconds I was sure my wings would score and take it to overtime. Honestly, the guys worked hard and even after going down two goals they managed to play hard and get one back. Again down two, and they answer. Crosby got a couple lucky shots because he was on today. Will he be on everyday? It's obvious that's not so. Lilja seems to be getting some stuff thrown at him, but he did fine. Leave him in the line up (unless Chelios can play) and everything will be alright. We can take the next one and win it in Detroit.
  3. It's not time to panic. We did well in Pitt. and scored some goals. We aren't going to have everything go out way, but we fought until the end of the game and our boys got some good action going. We can take the next one and win it back at home.
  4. It's a rough game, but cheapshots are cheapshots. The one on Osgood was one thing. It didn't really hurt him, and it was the frustration coming through after two extremely good Detroit games. The shots on Franzen are another story. Head injuries are serious and constant headshots are not classy at all (believe me I've had concussions during soccer that the other team knew about). That being said: Yes I loved to see Crosby's b*tch@$$ face when the wings scored.
  5. Yeah that was a fecking bs call!!!!
  6. I'm so glad Crosby didn't get the sweep.
  7. PS

    I'm new, but I'll have a go. Im actually from Texas, but I've liked Detroit (despite never living in Mich.) for years (even before living in Texas).