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  1. ouch....linemen got nailed.
  3. hank looking good tonight.
  4. WOW that HAS to be a makeup call for the missed hook 30 seconds prior...that ws just weak in comparison lol
  5. Haha read my post just before yours.
  6. there we go...i think this is a makeup for the one blatant HOOK the refs just missed
  7. WTF? dats hooked down ,no call
  8. He's always drunk too lol. Watch the intermission reports you'll see him swaying and slurring his speech....its funny. Love murph though.
  9. Yep, saw that. HAS to be a step up over how toskala and monster are playing. Though, with the leafs D i don't fault their goalies TOO much lol
  10. decent PK...howard was great.
  11. You would be correct sir lol. I'm 6'4 225. Still fast, but i can't even begin to keep up with darren.
  12. wow bad line mismatch out there right now. hence....the pk
  13. Yep, I just wish i could speak with him more. I've only gotten to meet him twice and once was for some pond hockey this winter. quite fun even though he manhandled me lol...and he's quite a bit smaller than I am.
  14. Well for those who don't know helm is a cousin of mine through marriage. I talked to him yesterday and he promised me a goal tonight haha. He also promised me the game puck if he could get it.