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  1. Chelios at new Meijer in Battle Creek today 9/16 at 5pm

    I made it to the signing thanks to this thread. Had to skip a class but it was worth it.
  2. Pitt interest in Gaborik

    I don't see this happening but the Pens would have to give up a lot to make it happen, and then they would have to dump some guys to make room for his contract.
  3. Teams Nobody Cares About

    Raptors, Bruins, Vikings, Bengals, Rockies. and Rays definitely don't deserve to be on this list. Hell, you could make a case that the Jaguars, Orioles, Cardinals, Clippers, Lions, Giants, and Dolphins shouldn't even be on it.
  4. 09-10 Number Juggling

    Me either. Like someone told me in another thread, no one expected him to sign a one year deal with us so who knows what will happen. There's always a chance, especially if the cap rises by a few million or more.
  5. 09-10 Number Juggling

    Hossa is most likely gone after this season. It would be great if something could get worked out but its unlikely. Holland already offered him a multi-year deal that wouldn't put us in a bind and thats the same offer that Hossa will get after this year. Kenny will get Z and Mule taken care of and offer Hossa something based on what we have left. Since Hossa turned down the multi-year we offered him earlier it sounds like he wants to win a cup, put up huge numbers, and then go get paid an insane amount of money next year.
  6. Bowman named Senior Advisor to Blackhawks

    For all we know he just wants to work with his son for a year and then retire. He is getting up there in age. I guess there was some substance to the rumors about this happening last month. I'm not to worried about it though. His role with the Wings the past few years has been fairly minor. Some people are talking like its Holland that joined the Hawks.
  7. Filppula signs 5-Year, $15M contract

    I'm not sure he only wants to be here one year either, but is he willing to leave 2-5mil+ per year on the table to stay here? The guy has already made a ton of money so I hope so. I don't know. You make some good points. We'll just have to wait and see what happens with the cap I guess.
  8. Filppula signs 5-Year, $15M contract

    I wouldn't be surprised if Hossa did feel this way, and I'm not saying its completely impossible that he signs with us after next year. I just think its a long shot. A lot things have to take place for us to have a shot at it. He has to know that he could get offers anywhere from to 8mil to potentially even 10-12 a year from some teams out there and he has already turned down a multi-year deal from Holland that wouldn't jeopardize our future. I can't see Holland offering him anything other than that again next year. I could be wrong here but I think that we have around 15mil next year to re-sign Z, Franzen, Hossa, Sammy, Hudler, Lilja, and Kopecky. Thats assuming the cap doesn't go up. Even assuming that Z takes a paycut and plays for around 7mil that only leaves us 8mil to re-sign everyone else. Hossa could probably get more than that on the open market. Franzen could get potentially 4mil if he plays well next year anyway. And I don't think we should assume that the cap is going to go up 5mil and that some of our guys will take paycuts so we can fit Hossa in too. Even if the paycuts and the cap going up again happend we would still have to let a few guys go unless Hossa is willing to play for significantly less than what other teams will be offering him. Its not out of the question, like you said no one expected him to sign a one year deal with us this year, but I don't think we should get our hopes up.
  9. Filppula signs 5-Year, $15M contract

    Maybe that is the way Hossa feels, but I just don't see Kenny sacrificing guys like Franzen and maybe a few other guys just to get Hossa signed. The only way I think he gets signed is if he is willing to take a pay cut. I don't see the cap rising that much. He will get a similar offer to the multi-year deal we offered him before we signed him to the one-year deal. The fact that he turned that down makes me think that he is looking to get paid big after this year. I don't think Kenny will jeopardize the team's future or potentially put us in a bad situation to get him signed to a longterm big money contract.
  10. Filppula signs 5-Year, $15M contract

    Exactly Guys here shouldn't be getting their hopes up. Its highly unlikely that everything works out just right so that we have enough money to sign Hossa and not lose a ton of guys in the process. You guys remember those threads on the Pens boards after they didn't sign Hossa, and everyone here was criticizing them saying they should have seen it coming? I knew as soon as we signed him that when he left there would be the same type of dumbasses on here acting surprised and typing dumb s***.
  11. 2008-09 NHL Schedule Released

    Thanks I might have to skip a class then, just to be safe.
  12. 2008-09 NHL Schedule Released

    It looks like Ticketmaster is just taking deposits for season tickets right now.
  13. More proof ESPN doesn't even watch hockey

    I bet if the NHL had a deal in place with ESPN we wouldn't see nearly as much of that, if any at all. I don't think that they should win it over the Sox or Celtics, but the Giants? Sure they were a good team and pulled off a huge upset but I just don't see the Giants as a better football team than the Wings are a hockey team.
  14. 2008-09 NHL Schedule Released

    Does anyone know when tickets will go on sale? And around what time will the Stanley Cup banner be raised during the home opener? 7:30, 8:00? EDIT: Also, if I left Kalamazoo around five, could I get to Detroit around 7:30? Thanks, I've never made that trip before so I don't know.
  15. The Redwings 07-08 DVD

    I thought it was a little loud too. On some parts I had to crank the volume way up to hear everyone talking and then turn it back down because the music would get too loud when they weren't. Overall, though, I liked it.