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  1. Hossa to Kings?

    link: http://twitter.com/Trencin10
  2. Hossa to Kings?

    This was on Marian Gaborik's Twitter: "back at hotel. big news tomorrow. big news for LA fans. not for #10. MH is a good man." I'm not sure if that is Gaborik, but if it is, they are good friends... And if it isn't, delete this thread and I'll go lurk again for 7 more years before posting.
  3. Report: Hossa turns down Wings' offer

    For what it is worth: http://twitter.com/Trencin10 Maybe it isn't him though.
  4. Stanley Cup Champions Gear

    Don't know if this has been posted yet, but Yahoo has quite a few more options than the NHL site. http://yahoosports.teamfanshop.com/NHL_Hoc...troit_Red_Wings