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  1. Hossa #18 WTF?

    Because longtime Wings forward Kirk Maltby wears number 18 (which Hossa has worn his entire NHL career), Hossa will wear number 81 with Detroit according to : http://blog.mlive.com/snapshots/2008/07/th...n_hossa_no.html and of course: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mari%C3%A1n_Hossa
  2. Where's my boy, Darren Helm, at?

    Shut, I wanted actually reply to you in another thread but stumpled here, and it fits I seen you say Helm was the player that excited you when he touched the puck (something in those wordsish) I for one feel EXACTLY the same way about this kid. Seriously think he needs a shot at bigger role, and if given I believe he will turn into one dang amazing winged wheel for a long long time. ^.^ Just my thoughts on it, but you are a bit better at english then me, so it sounds nicer
  3. Hossa #18 WTF?

    It is a typo, he is wearing 81 for the wings if i recall correctly.
  4. Why is everyone against Sundin?

    No one would disagree with picking up Sundin after we did, hes amazing and if anyone disagrees they are not a real hockey fan.. Before that though, me, myself and I would rather keep Stuart then pick up Matts, but thats just me. (if cap could be kept.)
  5. Surprised.

    Dom with Espn Magazine: I'd play number two behind Ozzie anyday and leave the game feeling successfull. Looking a bit further in this, even the postgames with him but yeah, point is.. Dom being such a sport and having fun with his last finals, by throwing the #2 to ozzie during the group photo, I really love ozzie, but that had to be one of the coolest gestures ever. I suppose I should say, been lurking and looking at the forums for a good while, just not much of a topic starter. I know my depth of redwings love, and share it with quite a few here (been a fan since i was born ) Redings hockey has been a part of my family for longer then I'll ever live, and will live on for more. So sorry if this is my first post (had to address, seeing as some like to abuse new posters so they dont post again.) Anyways, What yall think about that ? Good gesture? or as my wife says (a MN wild fan) Inappropriate for it, (cup team pic) she says it needs to be more seroius... and I think, then.. if only then, they should be able to come out and be themselves with thier teamates.. Nothing is off limits after a stanley!! as I like to say. In the end, My question is : Stanley Cup Champs : Fun or Business ? Where is the line between accomplishment and Respect for the cup ? How would YOU feel if you where on the Cup champs team ? and can we as sports fans expect them to act to much different ? P.S. Sorry to all fellow fans for not being active on the forums, I'm more of a bar going sports lover, The forums thing is nice and new... much respect for the wings lovers here for holding faith this season even during that little hiccup during reg season, You know who you are