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  1. octopusonice

  2. ESPN.com Sucks

    To me, the bigger frustration is that hockey coverage overall has declined. First we were reduced to watching VS, now you cannot get it if you have Direct TV. If that wasn't enough, my roomies have decided to get ultra-basic cable, so I'm pretty much limited to watching when NBC covers it, camping out in sports bars or watching over the net on my dinosaur computer. I think I share a lot of the same problems that everyone else has with ESPN. Heaven help you if you're not a Yankees/Red Sox fan during baseball season, but that's another rant for another day, and as I said earlier, I don't even get ESPN, so griping about them is wasted effort. It's definitely going to be a challenge to stay in the loop with hockey this season, but at least I have the internet.
  3. Chelios still looking for place to play

    What's the 'dick move'? I thought Chicago traded him to Detroit. If he left the Hawks for greener pastures and signed as a free agent with the Wings, I could see what you mean.
  4. DirecTV dropping Versus network

    The only way around this would be to have cable and Direct TV at your home--not cheap. I wish there was a way to get the channel a la carte, without having to buy a package. I thought some games were available online. Maybe this is the only alternative or would you be able to get it on NHL Center Ice?
  5. Personal Thoughts About "Hockeytown"

    If any area is considered a plausible alternative to Detroit as Hockeytown, it's certainly not Pittsburgh. I am willing to give them props for winning the Cup and turning around a franchise that was about to call in the moving vans, but from a cultural standpoint, football is what dominates that area. Western Pennsylvania/Eastern Ohio is a big-time football region. In fact, it's where American football originated. It goes back to the days of the Allegheny Athletic Association. Think of some the great players from that area like Joe Namath, Joe Montana, Jim Kelly, Dan Marino and Johnny Unitas, and that's just the quarterbacks! There's also the Pro Football Hall of Fame and the history and tradition of the Steelers, the terrible towels and the Steel Curtain. I'll give the Pens their due, but there's no way that a couple of Cup Finals appearances, with one Cup, trumps the influence of football on that region.
  6. Worst NHL Team Names, Logos, or Colors?

    >>>You can make the uni's more appealing but still use the colors. You're right. I didn't have a problem with the unis the Padres wore from 85-90. They used the white at home, gray for the road and the numbers were brown with orange trim. Nothing wrong with those. But please, no brown tops or an entire uni in mustard yellow. I don't want to get a headache watching the team play. >>>Anyhow, the original Sabres logo, the second (white buffalo head) logo, ANYTHING but the buffaslug! Yes. Agreed. The Buffalo with the two swords or the black and red with the buffalo head are better than the slug.
  7. Worst NHL Team Names, Logos, or Colors?

    The Padres have used navy blue since 1991, so it's not a new thing for them. They substituted the sand color for orange in 2004. Whatever color they have now is definitely an improvement over the Taco Bell unis they used to have with brown, orange and gold. Almost no one wants to see those again. Also, I would like to see them use the sand color as a trim color instead of making the enire road unis in that color.
  8. Predict The Wings Next Season

    As long as the Wings make it into the playoffs solidly (no 'backing in') they have a shot to win the Cup. This team still has a solid roster in spite of the loss of free agents. I'll take their playoff experience over anyone else's. The reality is that KH's hands were tied and there wasn't much he could do under the circumstances. To sign a big name person at a big name salary would have meant mortgaging the future. I would rather see the team risk not going as far in 2009-10 than to bet everything on the next season and be in salary cap hell for five years. After the 2009-10 season, it looks like some cap room will open up and KH will have more options. Hopefully the next cap stays about the same.
  9. Worst NHL Team Names, Logos, or Colors?

    The one that puzzles me the most is the Sharks. It's an interesting paradox. Yeah, I'm intimidated by the sharp teeth and the efficiency with which a shark kills its prey, but how are you going to win the friggin game with a broken hockey stick?
  10. Where's Bud Lynch?

    That's Rick Jeanneret, who has been doing Sabres games since the wheel was invented. edit: spelling
  11. Chelios out 3-6 weeks (tibia)

    Too bad this happened to Cheli. The forty-something in me was rooting for him. It does make things more interesting as far as rounding out the roster goes.
  12. Washington Caps Training Camp Pictures

    That's pretty neat that you got a chance to do that. I haven't seen any hockey teams in training camp, but I have seen the Chargers do their training camp a couple of times out here in San Diego.
  13. Number 44?

    He's in good company: Ernie Davis, Reggie Jackson, George Gervin, Henry Aaron all wore that number.
  14. Hurricanes 3rd jersey's released

    I'm OK with it, except for the numbers. It should be solid white with red outlines, so that it is easier to see from the nosebleeds.
  15. Everyones' favorite NHL team and why

    I would choose Montreal because of the tradition, but if Quebec secedes, they will have to change the logo to a Q.