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  1. Apparently it really is good to be king. (From someone sitting here with a wage freeze this year.)
  2. Can't be real. Sid lives in Mario's basement. There's a window in the background. *grin*
  3. He's not allowed to stay up after 8:30, except on game nights.
  4. Just passin' through. Here's a little shot from last year's post-game festivities: TABLE DANCIN' DATSYUK.
  5. Begone, O flightless bird!
  7. It won't be on the weekend. All four have always been during the week. Plus the Red Bull Air Races are this weekend. Hart Plaza will be in use.
  8. Shake it off. Move on.
  9. Agree. 90 percent of the time we get better as the game goes on. They'll adjust a few things and come out steamin'
  10. Oh, boy! Crosby interview. Bathroom break. The water pressure in S.E. Michigan goes low because of all the toilets flushing at the same time.
  11. Detroit parades are usually during the week. Haven't heard any dates yet. Superstitious enough to not want to speculate!
  12. I have a "feeling" Beware the Penguin won't show up here tonight.
  13. And apparently about to stick around a while. "While nothing will be announced during the Stanley Cup final, unrestricted free agent Marian Hossa likely will be signing a long-term deal, believed to be seven years, to stay with the Red Wings . . ." SI Article