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  1. Knuble Good Fit For Wings?

    Mike Knuble has a home in GR and said he would be more than happy to sign with the Wings on a Two-way deal. Giving the Red Wings a veteran forward to help teach the boys in GR how to be an NHL player and to be NHL ready. He also gives us another option in this shortened season that will more than likely see a couple of our forwards injured b/c of the game every two/three days. Provides rest for our top forwards and coverage for injuries. I think this would be a fantastic signing my Kenny Holland.
  2. The problem with Lidstrom is that he's not the leader that Stevie Y was. Yzerman took a steep pay cut in his salary for the Red Wings to sign players before he retired. That is the difference between a great leader and a selfish one. Lidstrom i absolutely love the man, great player, arguably one of the best defensemen to every play the game, but he needs to not be selfish. Take a page out of Stevie's book and take a pay-cut so the organization can succeed. I completely agree with you LeftWinger, Kenny needs to find a solution for the next ten years, like you said. We have been fortunate to have Lidstrom for 20 years, but now is the time that Kenny works with our cap sign players to help our future, b/c who knows how long Lidstrom will want to stay before he retires. He has made plenty of money throughout the years, now its time that since he'll be 43 next year to take a huge pay cut if he'd like to stay for one more year.
  3. Babcock's days are numbered?

    who ever started this thread is an absolute idiot, since scotty, babcock has been one of the better coaches this organization has had. Let's be honest no one thought this summer we would lose all of :Hossa, Conklin, Hudler, Kopecky, and Samuelsson. For a team to win you need chemistry and with what little chemistry that developed b/t our replacement players, and the hits we've taken from injury, its not the fault of the coaching staff, and Ken Holland knows that.
  4. Maltby back for one more year?

    this will most likely be maltby's last year, whether he decideds this or if ken holland does. don't get me wrong here i love all of the 97 cup boys...but for some, its time to just move on.
  5. Sundin to meet with Ducks' GM Burke

    Brian Burke is a complete joke of a GM, I don't understand why any player would take an offer from him seriously. I say stay away from the western teams if you want to play good hockey mats
  6. Oilers 3rd jerseys

    Those jerseys look amazing, they needed something to help lift the spirits in Edmonton, these jerseys will deffinately help!
  7. Abdelkader continues to impress...

    yea Abdelkader will be heading for GR if he doesn't make the Wings roster. The pro contract will bar him from returning to MSU to finish his senior year