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  1. GDT

    I wouldn't be so sure. I would be downright scared if I were you. Not saying the Wings can't do it because if they play to their potential, they will most definitely do it. But the Ducks have had the Wings number more times then I'm sure you've all wanted, so I'm not so sure who will win this game.
  2. GDT

    I won't be here for long, unfortunately. I have work half an hour after the game starts so I will have to keep myself updated on the score with my phone. But I am definitely recording the game!
  3. GDT

    Good luck to the Wings tonight! I want the Quacks to DIE! But I am a tad nervous, not gonna lie. The Ducks have played well against the Wings. It'll be a close game.
  4. I definitely want the Canes to win but I just don't see it happening against the Bruins.
  5. I'm actually not sure who I would pick to win this series. Hard decision.
  6. Don't ruin this for me please!
  7. Well at least the Sharks aren't the only ones who majorly choked.
  8. Wow I actually predicted an accurate series! What a mental breakdown by the Devils..
  9. Yayy go Canes!!!
  10. I could never go against my team. I will forever be a Sharks fan no matter how many more times they fail. With that being said, I want the Wings to DISMANTLE the Ducks so just this once, I'll be cheering for the Wings. Well I'm sure you won't see a couple of those players back on the team next year, unfortunately. I love my team the way it is, it'll be really hard to see any of these players leave, but it has to be done. And yes, please do it for us! I would love to see the Ducks fans eat their own s***.
  11. I don't wanna hear anything about the Sharks on Versus! Make it stop.
  12. They're not airing the Canes/Devils game nationally? Psh...
  13. So did I.
  14. Thats how you make a comeback...
  15. Thank you sir Federov.