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  1. SCF GAME 6 GDT: Red Wings 1 at Penguins 2

    anyone on here from the Chicago area and if so is anyone headed to Duffy's tonight?
  2. SCF GAME 6 GDT: Red Wings 1 at Penguins 2

    tuesday is normally my least favorite day of the week but knowing that the wings can wrap it up tonight has put me in an outstanding mood
  3. WCF GAME 4 GDT: Red Wings 2 at Penguins 4

    "Will Pittsburgh buck last season's trend and send these finals back to Detroit 2-2? Will Pavel Datsyuk skate to Detroit's rescue?" That from's front page today... I was unaware that by losing one road game in the finals that the Wings needed to be "rescued"
  4. Malkin - Zetterberg is a Nuisance

    couldnt have put it better
  5. Drinking game for tomorrow night!

    this made me drunk already and its 20 hours from puck drop, wonder whats going to happen when the coverage actually starts
  6. SCF GAME 2 GDT: Penguins 1 at Red Wings 3

    After last night my confidence is soaring... 3-0 Holmstrom, Hossa, Helm "What the H?"
  7. Khabibulin, Havlat: Out for Game 5

    both are out according to 670 the score in chicago
  8. Franzen takes Kane's mouthguard

    -10 for improper use of a mouthpiece Kane... and for the playoffs too!
  9. WCF GAME 4 GDT: Red Wings 6, at Blackhawks 1

    Too Eager...
  10. The best "insults" you've heard against the Wings

    i'm sort of new around here but here is mine... 2003 I am sitting at the United Center a few days after Christmas but before the new year with tickets I got as a gift. Took my old man, only Wings fan I actually knew before I went to college and the Wings were still thinking about the holidays or something and lost 3-0. Mind you the Hawks were in the midst of one of those magical 20-win seasons their fans have grown accustomed to seeing, their fans in the section in and around my old man and I start chanting "Fed-er-ov" as if losing him to free agency was supposed to make their 10 wins or whatever they had at that point in the season seem that much better. Plenty of other Wings fans around us quickly jumped in with their own chants of "The-o" for what was their "biggest free agent signing in a decade" just a year before, only to be chased out of town after his addiction to the gentleman's clubs. A few others were chanting the common "playoffs" and "Stanley Cup" I've gotten used to hearing whenever I see the Wings in Chicago. The amount of meatball/bandwagon fans in the Windy City makes my head hurt. Thank you Bill Wuertz for not allowing me to watch Hawks games on TV as a young child, the sports fan part of me really appreciates it now.
  11. 1/6 GDT: Red Wings 3, Blue Jackets 0

    I am suddenly more nervous for this one than I was back in '02 in game seven vs. Colorado...
  12. 1/6 GDT: Red Wings 3, Blue Jackets 0

    I'm new to this site so here goes my first shot at things... Wings 4 CBJ 2 Jump out early and allow a meaningless late goal or two