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  1. Maybe this is "unpatriotic" of me being American, but I was kinda pulling for Sweden to win the gold since all the Wings were named (in addition to how much I like how the Swedes run their country, I would definitely move there if I ever become willing to learn another language!).

    Don't get me wrong, I was still hoping for the US to pull it off, but I'm not really a "big" fan of any of the US players. I guess I'm just more emotionally attached to the Swedish Wings players than I am to invisible arbitrary lines drawn on the globe.

    You put my exact feelings into words. Guld för Sverige!

  2. Hi all,

    I'm thinking of going to the game vs the Lightning on 2/8/14 but have never been to the Forum and had a few questions for any of you who may have been there:

    1.) From Lightning fans I hear there is no bad seat, but any suggestions?

    2.) Can fans go near ice level to watch the warm ups even if their seat is not down there (like at the Joe)?

    3.) Any suggestions for parking?

    4.) Do you know where the Red Wings stay and is there a spot to catch them for autographs near the arena?

    5.) Any other suggestions for my visit?

    Thanks in advance!

  3. That's the first time in a loooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggg while that I actually enjoyed a shootout. Wish I could have seen this on Monday, but a win is great! If they somehow still let Patty go at the end of this season and keep Cleary, they're dumber than I thought.

    P.S. Really like Glendening more and more. I think he looks like Helm when he first came up.

  4. Well, I had the luck of being 5'4" surrounded by giants and right next to the stairs (on my right) with people constantly walking up and down. I'm pretty sure this is me, though, because I recognize my hat and eyebrows! :w00t:


  5. Ozzie is a little on the dry side but improving. Darren Elliot was the same when he started--very straight forward--and look how far he's come. He actually cracks a smile now and then. :tounge2: Seriously, though, I'd say just give him time. I do like how he talks up all the GR kids. The only thing that drives me nuts is that he says Franzen like Pierre McGuire does, and I hate being reminded of that dou*che more than is necessary, especially when I don't have to suffer through games on NBC. You'd think having worked with Franzen for that many years and having a locker a couple spots down from him, Ozzie'd be able to pronounce it correctly! Must be a Canadian thing?

  6. I am very pissed about the Cleary signing too because I love Tatar and really don't want to see him go anywhere else.

    Word around camp is that this was "a Babcock thing" to make sure Cleary was here. Don't know if it was more about locker room presence or what. Just irks the hell out of me either way.

    Plus, getting to see Tatar today in person, and having spoken to him a few times, he's just a really great kid who has a lot of potential.

  7. Regardless, Ozzie is just a seat filler until Pavel hangs up his skates & goes into broadcasting.

    If Pav comes on, Homer's going to join him. Can you imagine the combination Swenglish and Englissian that would be flying through the airwaves?

    I'm still mad that they let Murphy go (at least without being truthful to the viewers), but I will enjoy Ozzie's humor.

  8. I called this afternoon because it was showing sold out for 3/6. The lady I talked to at DRW said they were all sold right at 10am this morning. I don't know if they will have a second batch for tomorrow, but that would be great.