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  1. kissnmakeup

  2. I may get flamed for this...

    But I came across this article about Marian Hossa from October 2008 and found it coincidental considering how LA could be his next team. I'm just throwing this out there, not trying to jump to conclusions on why he is probably leaving Detroit.
  3. Thank you Matt

    Thanks Matt and the LGW Mods for making this such a great site for Red Wings and hockey fans! Also I love all the wallpapers you made for the season and the playoffs (especially the Marian Hossa one)
  4. So, Crosby has his cup..

    Enjoy your cup this summer Sid, like NC WINGS FAN stated the Pens are going to have a hell of a season with every team they face turning up their play for the Stanley Cup Champions. Also the Pens are gonna have that thing called the "cup hangover" from partying with Stanley for months, just like every team that wins it all does. And no Pittsburgh will never be Hockeytown, sorry See you next season.
  5. 1955 posts for game 7 STANLEY CUP WIN!

  6. 1955 posts for game 7 STANLEY CUP WIN!

    Let's finish off the pens so we can keep the cup in HockeyTown, where it belongs GO WINGS!!!
  7. Katrina Hancock

    We call her "Glamazon" in my house. I can't stand her either, she is almost at eye level with Ericsson!
  8. Here is my try at a photoshop I have to give thanks to the person who came up with the nickname "Zesus" for Hank, I love it!