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  1. If they aren't at the AAC they will probably practice at one of the Dr. Pepper StarCenters. By the looks of it, they probably will practice today at home and fly later. Team Aircraft
  2. Die hopefully, along with the rest of the crap they spew.
  3. 1 year actually and he would still be an RFA.
  4. Let the smearing begin too.
  5. Hell no!
  6. Luc was signed and was actually playing. I don't think Chereapanov was ever signed
  7. That Cup gets around.... but it's real.
  8. Yeah he was there, left PHX about 1:30 local, got in to PIT just before 8 local.
  9. I don't think they ever made public the problem.
  10. Awesome!
  11. Hartnell and Timonen agreed to sign with Philly before they were traded, they signed the same day of the trade.
  12. Freaking sweet!!!!
  13. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!