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  1. PS

    Definitely looks like he's got the Angry Eyes on in that picture right there
  2. Agreed.
  3. I kinda think this here should've made it a more severe punishment since this would tell me it was more of an intent to injure then Ruutu just hitting someone doing his normal thing...
  4. Hmm, I go with Cannon. Tethered Ball or 4-Square
  5. Oh that depends, Onion Rings = yes, Normal Onion = No Staple or Paper Clip
  6. Pinky, narf Hot pocket or Pizza Roll
  7. Loud Parties, Can always join in! Crest or AquaFresh
  8. Plain, fancy is too high maintenance to keep up with. E=MC^2 or F=ma
  9. Negative, I am an early riser. Enjoy the mornings. The person below me needs a beer just like me, even though it is only 9 am. Work got stressful real fast for them too.
  10. Wizard, correct about the sheetrock and dry wall, they are different Laser, when you got a lot to print Laser just goes faster. Astin Martin or Ferrari
  11. I avoid reading the polls, or the hockey section there in general. I usually just go to ESPN for College Football on my work comp cause for some reason FoxSports crashes my internet browser on our network here... So my time there is at a minimal especially since they are on a USC rage EVEN when they lose. Or the whole Boise State is great when they play ABSOLUTELY NO ONE! ESPN is pretty much garbage for the most part, although some analysts they have on Sports center I give props to, like Schlereth, the guy is usually right and kinda goes against what most of the other 'panel' says unless he goes first then they just follow suite of what he says. There that was my mini rant.
  12. So I lived in Colorado during the really heated portion of the rivalry, hell I was at the very first Snowball game played, which was agains the Red Wings, Made my day, hockey came to Colorado again and I get to see the Wings at the first game, hot dog. But then it started, and I am sorry but all the irrational behavior from them regarding Forsberg was just so outlandish and ill thought that I just can't stand him. Was he good? Yes, but according to the Snowball fans, he was God's gift to mankind and the Hockey World, they couldn't recognize any other player in the league that might have also been good. So as far as I am concerned with this, bleh, I'm indifferent and could careless if he plays again or doesn't. Makes no difference to me. He doesn't seem to have that edge anymore that will make him a pivotal point on a team, a good addition yes if he can stay healthy but isn't gonna make or break anything IMO. And God Forbid if he comes to the wings, a little part of me would die due to my built up dislike for the guy. This would be the only case in which I do care.
  13. You know the Red Wing Steel Toed Cowboy boots. Ernie, seems like it would be way fun to get drunk with him. Also, you would never be short of ruber duckies, never know when those will come in handy! Relaxed Shorts and Flip Flops Bar or Dress Up Trendy Clubby Bar
  14. In the medical bed next to Hasslehoff.
  15. What about the Combo? Mitten with the glove line? I go with Mittens seeings they do best for skiing. Slip On or Lace Up work boots?